Praying mantis finds a fan in Silver Lake

Silver Lake Mantis | Bern French

Silver Lake praying mantis | Bern French

SILVER LAKE — A few weeks back we posted a photo of a Monarch butterfly that was raised by Sandy Driscoll in her Silver Lake backyard.  Turns out Sandy is not the only Silver Lake resident who likes to nurture insects.  Bern French (who shared the photo above) is a fan of the praying mantis, which French finds interesting and, as a side benefit, eats all sorts of “bad” insects. Each year, French places a dozen or more praying mantis eggs casings around his property. “Now and again I see one as an adult and looking for a mate.

“I’m from the East Coast, where they are found all over and were the only pets us city kids could keep in an apartment,” French said in an email.  “They live only one year, but each year I find a few that were born here from the ones I hatched. Plus, they are big and often friendly enough to hold.”

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  1. Praying Mantises are wonderful! I actually see quite a few of them in my backyard and they’re such fascinating creatures.

    I’ve liked them ever since I was 10 year old and living in Columbus, OH. I found a cocoon and brought it home. To humor me, my Mother put it on top of the refrigerator and subsequently forgot about it. A few weeks later, she came into the kitchen and saw hundreds of baby praying mantises all over the room – in drawers, cabinets, everywhere! I was overjoyed. My Mother was not. My Dad called a friend who worked for the Columbus Dispatch (newspaper). They sent a photographer to our home and published a story the next day.

    I guess in some ways we don’t change much over the years. I’m still enjoying the birds, butterflies and insects.

  2. I had one hanging out on my front doorframe just a few nights ago. They are a marvel to look at up close.

  3. Back when we were all on dialup, a mantis flew in my window by the LA River.
    I used this weird ‘google’ thing to ask what mantis’s ate.
    I fed the little critter with tiny slices of ham cold cuts and it turned its little head and looked at me, gave me the creeps.
    I put mantis back on the window sill and it flew away.
    I have loved praying mantises and googles ever since!

  4. great photo!

  5. I had one in my yard last week

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