Silver Lake trades pizza for parking


Former Silver Lake Pizza Hut

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE —  Is Trader Joe’s expanding into the former Pizza Hut on Hyperion Avenue? Readers were asking after a Trader Joe’s sign went up above the now vacant pizza take-out, which shares a parking lot with the Silver Lake TJ’s.  But it looks like nothing new is moving into that empty building. Instead, a permit has been applied to demolish the former Pizza Hut.  A Trader Joe’s spokeswoman said  the building will be replaced by about 7 spaces for the Silver Lake store’s perpetually packed parking lot.

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  1. Yeah, Enough bad pizza – more parking at TJ.

  2. perpetuating car dependency by providing more parking isn’t the solution, but that pizza hut is forgettable, if this has to happen, I’m glad it’s at the expense of some corporate fast food chain…

  3. What we really need is a Silver Lake DASH bus line with a stop right outside Trader Joes/Gelsons, and Whole Foods. No tears over the evicted Pizza Hut…who was ordering that nasty crap anyway when you have Tomato Pie and Crispy Crust?

    • you obviously don’t understand that a lot of people can’t afford tomato pie..right? i mean..that’s the only pizza i’ll eat here..but most people can’t afford 15-20 dollars for a pie

      • Crispy crust is like $12 for a medium which is pretty big. Or you can walk in trader joes and buy a frozen pizza for $5. I stand by the claim that Pizza Hut is crap food for people who don’t bother to try something better.

      • You live in LA now. Stop saying ‘PIE’ when talking about PIZZA.

        • But it’s called Tomato Pie! I think TJ’s should find another location, that parking lot gives me anxiety just looking at it. Their parking lots are sucky pretty much everywhere except Hollywood.

      • Gosh I don’t think it tastes good at all.

  4. They paved Pizza Hut and put up a parking lot.

  5. Normally I’m against more parking lots, as they’re ugly and add little of value, but Pizza Hut is awful, poisoning our population with cheap garbage food. They will not be missed.

  6. Not everyone lives within walking distance, nor is capable of walking with groceries up steep, winding, hillside streets without sidewalks. 7 parking spaces are not a lot but badly needed!

  7. For those of you concerned about expensive pizza………Costco (on Los Feliz Blvd) has fabulous pizza at their outdoor food court. $1.50 a slice, or $9.99 for a large pizza – cheese, pepperoni or combo. You don’t have to be a Costco member to buy there.

    • Becky with the good hair

      Hey Sandy, it’s 1.99 per slice. $2.17 with tax. (not that i eat it much! heehee)

      • Becky – you and your good hair are absolutely correct. Also the very large (18″, I believe) whole pizza is $9.95, sans tax. Now I can go eat my slice of Pepperoni to which I add sliced olives and red serrano chili pepper from my garden! 🙂

  8. I can load $60-70 worth of Trader Joe’s groceries on my scooter as I happily zip in and out of the parking lot. Seriously wish I would see more people on scooters.

  9. Hey guess what?! The TJs parking lot will still be a shit show! Build it and they will come, all this does is create more demand for parking! I’d love to know how much TJs paid for 7 parking spaces LOL. Pass that cost onto your shitty frozen pizza and bags of kale.

  10. Sergio Lamborghini

    STUPID IDEA. We dont need more fucking parking, that just makes it more of a traffic magnet for cars to the area.

  11. Why not demolish the Pizza Hut and provide parking for 60-70 bikes instead of 7 cars? That’d say a lot more about TJ’s commitment to providing alternatives to driving.

  12. Kinda crazy to tear down a perfectly functional building for 7 parking spots… seems like they could make a lot more money renting that space to another business, given the location and neighborhood demographics.

    I wonder if there’s more to this? Perhaps a redevelopment of the entire property is in the works (i.e. multistory mixed-use w/ subterranean parking… assuming the zoning is in order.)

  13. I sincerely hope this brings an end to the 3 or so HEROIN addicts that have set up their own living quarters outside Pizza Hut since it’s closure. Not to mention that bum (yes I said BUM) Dave in the wheelchair who continues to return and beg no matter how many times he has been cleaned up. I walk to TJ’s – that whole sidewalk needs to be powered sprayed from these guys. It is gross and a health hazard. Dave routinely digs through the trash bins outside of TJ’s to find used tissues to wipe his ass with, and then leaves the soiled tissues on the sidewalk. I’ve also seen him openly masturbate. STOP SUPPORTING THESE BUMS!!!!

  14. More parking lots would not be needed in this area if everyone who lived within walking distance would walk instead of drive. Skip the 1-2 hour yoga session and throw your shopping bags over your shoulder. You’ll have the time, you’ll save money, you’ll enjoy the neighborhood more…

    By the way, David is not a Heroin addict. He’s disfigured from two separate hit and runs and he’s a pot head if he can get it. I’ll continue to WALK to TJ’s and I’ll continue to give my SUPPORT to the local BUMS, excuse me, HOMELESS.

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