Trump supporters and opponents spend a Sunday afternoon in Highland Park


HIGHLAND PARK —  Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump staged a “Viva Trump” rally Sunday afternoon in Sycamore Grove Park.  Speakers ranging from Republican party delegates to Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady of Brady Bunch fame, addressed the audience from the park’s bandstand. Meanwhile, Trump supporters and opponents faced off in the park with signs, banners and American and Mexican flags. Police were also present. Matt Hartman was there to photograph the scene.

Photo by Matt Hartman

Photo by Matt Hartman

Photo by Matt Hartman

Photo by Matt Hartman

Trump rally in Highland Park

Photo by Matt Hartman

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  1. Drove by this on Sunday morning. The only thing more surprising than the “Viva Trump” banner was the fact that 25 whole people turned out for it.

  2. These are some severely confused people

  3. It’s amazing the capacity for people to vote against their own self interest because of misdirected hate and pure stupidity.

  4. Woah…Trump has the support of Chachi AND Cindy Brady? Gee, maybe I should re-think my vote!

  5. So what if you want to vote Trump, or against him by voting for Her (no one could possibly say with a straight face that she is their number one choice). Within my family there is division, it’t not going to stop us from getting together at Thanksgiving and passing around those nasty marshmallowy yams. You don’t have to agree, but dang, you don’t have to go all torches and pitchforks on the other side.

  6. Thank god for Wikileaks. Ask yourself this question If you are convinced you are speaking the truth, why are you so afraid to listen to someone’s else’s truth? Last year I witness Voter fraud . The New Democratic Party is not the same as it used to be. It’s now the party of it’s our way and that’s it period.

    • HRC, warts and all, is still infinitely more qualified for the job than Mr. Trump. Worst case scenario, she’s impeached in her first year, and Tim Kaine becomes president.

  7. I will be so happy when this election is all finished .

    • So am I; so much hate and division!! What in the heck is happening to the country? Peace, economic reconstruction of our nation and unity of its citizens through and uncorrupted democratic process is what I hope and pray for!

  8. For future reference, waving a Mexican flag in a Trump supporter’s face is not going to get them to change their mind.

    • Yep, the Mexican flag seems like a mis-step on many levels.

      • It grabs the gringo’s attention and it surely gets under their skin. Its amazing how Anglos go ape when they see that beautiful Mexican flag fly but yet keep their mouths shut when they see a white supremacist skinhead wave a Nazi flag, a true disgrace to all Americans. If you want to complain about a flag complain about a Nazi flag flown by your white supremacist skinhead brothers. Viva USA y Mexico!!!!!!!

        • You are in America, not in Mexico. If you want go south the border. I am Latina and I love this country and I would not wave a Mexican flag. I am proud of my roots of being Indian that is a native American indian. I would not wave a Mexican flag. If you really want to make a point go and vote. But remember they are also European candidates not mexican. The one that we know for many years Hillary does not care about Mexicans she only tricks us to vote for her than like Obama she will probably send ICE to pick up illegals and send them to Mexico. Obama sent millions to Mexico. People never talk about Hillary past, only to be against Trump. He has never been in office therefore we don’t know how he will do. So the choices are hard I just better vote for a third party. Whoever we vote for let’s love the flag in the country that has given us everything I feel Mexico has not given me anything or my people my families from Mexico are all here they hated the poverty in Mexico. We love the American flag for what it stands for.

        • Interesting how you compare the Mexican flag to the Nazi flag. It sounds like you have a limited understand of just about everything.

          First off, I have NEVER personally seen a Nazi flag in Los Angeles (or anywhere for that matter although I’m sure they exist). But, I have seen numerous Mexican flags. That being said, for us “Gringos”, Mexican nationals confrontationally waving the Mexican flag in America begs the questions, If you love Mexico and hate America, why are you in America (notice I said MEXICAN NATIONALS)? Are you here to simply exploit America for money?

          On a more personal note, I actually appreciate the cultural diversity in Los Angeles – specifically Hispanic culture (even the Mexican flags hanging from the front porch) and I would never want to see it go away, but there is definitely a small group of Hispanics that throw out an anti-white vibe. It personally bothers me, but I try to remind myself that they do not represent the Hispanic community as a whole. Just as us Gringos have our white trash rednecks, I see these few as the Hispanic equivalent.

        • Oh come on, no one keeps quiet when they see a Nazi flag fly. Quite the opposite -, the wavers of those flags usually get pounded. The Mexican flag is beautiful, especially when waived in Mexico. Here in the USA, we fly the red, white and blue. My mother was born in Mexico so don’t pin the “gringo” label on me for thinking it disrespectful to use the Mexican flag as an F U to make a political statement. I’m sick of these “us” vs “them” arguments. My family did not leave Mexico to come to Mexico – they came to the USA and did very well thank you very much.

      • The threat that the beautiful Mexican flag represents to these yahoos is an extremely gratifying spectacle and if waving a Mexican flag in their faces makes them uncomfortable, it is the ideal form of American protest.

  9. Awesome… FYI- ‘Hispanics for Trump 2016’ is a great FB group for all people of color and ethnicity. We have all lost friends and family for standing up for what we believe this country needs so badly right now. Trump loves America. The group also doubles as a support group. The Hispanic/Latino Trump movement is HUGE. The MSM is lying to Americans about Trump and covering up Hillary’s numerous federal felonies that she has been involved in for decades. Do your own research at Wikileaks on FB and the Wikileaks website. The information is all there for everyone to read. Don’t believe the polls. Hillary’s poll numbers are falling faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in a trailer park. Trump has held more than 80 rallies with minimum attendance of 10,000 supporters everywhere he goes and more in line who can’t get in due to fire code. He held a rally just a day or two ago with 30,000+ supporters. BTW – I am half Mexican, born and raised in Highland Park just like generations before me.

  10. What’s up with those delusional Chinese Americans for Trump? I’m not a fan of Hilary, but Trump and his supporters are surely just as anti-Asian as they are anti-Latino and anti-Black. I’m guessing they are freshly naturalized citizens who have no historical context on how Asians were also racially discriminated against in America.

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