“Today I Feel Numb” – Eastside leaders weigh in on Trump victory and election results


Photo by Katrina Alexy

There’s a lot to talk about today in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential race and the countless propositions that were approved or rejected by voters. Here is how some elected officials and and community leaders responded to the outcome of Tuesday’s voting.

Josef Bray-Ali, cycling advocate and Council District 1 candidate

“What happened last night has been as powerful and life-changing for me as the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the reelection of George W. Bush. The trauma so many of us are dealing with is only the beginning. There are serious challenges a Trump presidency will bring to Los Angeles. The way we fight against such dysfunctional ideology is to organize locally. Take a look down the ballot and see what we’ve achieved: transit funding through Measure M, housing and services for the homeless through Measure HHH, affordable housing with Measure JJJ, funding for parks with Measure A, and another chapter in saga of ending the war on drugs with Measure 54. What I have found through my activism is that I’ve never been happier than when I’m worn out from doing something to make the city a better place. Our narrative moving forward, fighting for our autonomy as a city and a state, has to be one free of the rhetoric and failed methods of pay-to-play politicians.”

Shepard Fairey, artist and owner of Subliminal Projects gallery, Echo Park

“I’m horrified that we are now saddled with the results of apathy and ignorance. Clearly, we have a lot of work to do to make America smart again! We need to do everything we can to educate ourselves and others and push back against the culture of Trump. I’m feeling depressed but not demotivated. This is a wake-up call, and reminder that rust never sleeps, and cancer always grows. Let’s look in our hearts and do everything we can to reject idiocracy, embrace our common humanity and the common good, and push for informed empowerment and GOOD ideas within our democracy!”

Kathy Gallegos, Director and Founder of Avenue 50 Studio, Highland Park

“I believe a President is like a father figure: he must lead by example. Trump is not a unifier of all Americans. His presidency will cause more racial strife, bigotry, and a ‘me first’ mentality. I’m thinking about what his presidency will mean for the 1% – More corruption and theft of our money by Wall Street financiers? A cutback of services for people at the bottom of the ladder? We’re moving into a chaotic time period. All of us have to maintain our cool and organize.”

Jose Huizar, 14th District Councilmember and co-author of Proposition HHH

“The citizens of Los Angeles recognize that homelessness is the moral dilemma of our generation and have entrusted in us to provide the housing HHH allows, along with the related services needed, to take a major step forward in addressing homelessness in the City of Los Angeles. It is now up to us to deliver on the promise of HHH and change the paradigm of homelessness for thousands of Angelenos from a feeling of hopelessness, pain and despair, to one of hope, joy and the opportunity for a better life.”

Trump rally in Highland Park | Matt Hartman

Amy Inouye, neighborhood activist and owner of Future Studio Gallery, Highland Park

“Today I feel numb, living inside some kind of force field that is muffling sensation and sound. Not a good feeling. Art people are used to feeling like outsiders, but this is on a completely incomprehensible level. California is an oasis (my friend Leslie suggested we consider seceding); Los Angeles will hopefully forge its own sort of progressive way with community-minded parks, transit, homeless support, even marijuana. We had an art show once called “We Love L.A. Please Make It Better”—hope springs eternal. Meanwhile, for some reason, mundane tasks seemed like a good way to accomplish something, anything, positive—so  Krystine, a friend of mine, and I went out and cleaned some parking meters and parking stations in Highland Park today. I will probably just keep cleaning for a while … ”

Mitch O’Farrell, 13th District Councilmember

“Although the outcome of the Presidential election may have far-reaching consequences, I have never been more proud to call California and Los Angeles my home as we voted for progress across the state and locally. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the City Council to ensure the voter mandates provide relief to our homeless and affordable housing crisis, improve our transportation infrastructure, and create more park space to benefit future generations of Angelenos.”

Adam Schiff, Congressman, California’s 28th District

“After one of the most bitterly contested Presidential races in history, we have one of the most unexpected results in history, and Donald Trump will soon become President of the United States. As a supporter of Secretary Clinton, this was a painful, even heartbreaking conclusion, but that is the way democracy works. We have a peaceful transition of power, and for those of us that got knocked down, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and live to fight another day.”

Lined up to vote in Elysian Heights | Jim Schneeweis

Lined up to vote in Elysian Heights | Jim Schneeweis

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  1. We survived 8 years of Bush, not without disastrous world wide repercussions- here we go again. (Hopefully not)

  2. “I think a president is like a father figure…”

    I think is thinking such as that of Kathy Gallegos that diminishes women and encourages those who feel women cannot or should not lead in positions of power.

  3. This is when it’s good to have a few local bars.

  4. Since Trump launched his campaign I was reminded of the similarly ugly rhetoric Wilson successfully (but only temporarily) employed in Cali 20 years ago. That was followed by Schwarzenegger who also leveraged his profile of not being a career politician, was a straight-shooter, and a successful Hollywood celebrity with ambiguous conservative credentials to assume the position of governor of California. Both agendas failed and as a result, we emerged a stronger society and state. I hope and imagine that 10-15 years from now, the same will be true of our country. Whether or not California remains a member of that country remains to be seen. I’m having a hard time reconciling Trump being California’s president(?!?).

  5. Here’s a link to the cover of The Daily Telegraph in Australia. Be sure and read the comments, too. https://twitter.com/wrongdorey/status/796296211997175814/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

  6. Becky with the good hair

    The political environ much like many things in life is a pendulum.

    We need to come together and give him a chance. America first.

    • Give him a chance, the way they gave Obama a chance? Not. A. Chance.

      Have you ever been successful engaging with a stupid person? There is no working with people who refuse to (at the very least) vow to be decent. This whole cabinet (however they compile it) will be nothing but odious farts at all we hold dear.

      • Now wait a minute. Not thrilled with the outcome, but, short of armed rebellion or assassination, , there is nothing anyone can do to change the fact that Donald Trump is president. Blocking traffic while waving the Mexican flag and throwing rocks is not going to do anything but prove to people that they made the correct decision. To assume you won’t “successfully engage” with “stupid” people is not a very positive position. Aside from anger that he is president and that he will start mass deportations – which he can’t, I haven’t seen a reasonable response from the people taking to the streets – or unity for the matter because there is a lot anti-white sentiment among the more militant of the crowd. Perhaps the best way to insure that Trump will not make good on the more odious of his promises, the opposition should sit down long enough to figure out what it wants to accomplish and figure out how to be united. The message can’t be “I hate Trump and I’m going to destroy stuff because I didn’t get my way” like it has been thus far.

        • First of all, in THIS country, I can wave any flag that I want. Including a Martian one. What’s the big threat or offense, anyway? Meanwhile, targeting not only a specific American ethnic group but also it’s country of origin for threats, insults, and punitive action can ONLY result in disruptive protest that makes others uncomfortable. The immediate potential of mass deportations alone demands protest and disruption of business as usual. After all, it’s our family, friends, and loved ones who are under immediate threat. Including “Dreamers”, which only punctuates the social status that this president asserts for even the worthiest of “Mexicans” in this country. You pile that on top of this buffoon’s glaring character-flaws, dubious scruples and professional business ethics, and magical-thinking about everything from taxes, education, to the environment, and Damn-Right this country should be compelled to pump-its-brakes and consider the potential consequences of which blocking traffic and waving harmless flags will be the least.

          • Becky with the good hair

            If that is your goal, you will not accomplish it by disrupting the lives of the people who were on your side from the start. Wave your flag, throw rocks, block freeways. All about as effective as a comment on this blog.

            It’s a little late (and ineffective) to exert so much energy on a moot point. Let’s start focusing on something we can ACTUALLY accomplish.

          • “consider the potential consequences of which blocking traffic and waving harmless flags will be the least”. ? Wow – good thing prop 63 passed. I highly recommend you take full advantage of prop 64 and chill out.

      • Give him a chance? This is equal to what the German’s said when Hitler was elected. That turned out well.

        • Becky with the good hair

          Well, my statement wasn’t much of a request nor plea but a declaration. We don’t really have a choice that will change the fact that he will be president.

  7. Trumps victory has confirmed what I have been saying all along! I do not have to pay taxes or go to church or even be nice to people.I can rip off any one I like and if I get away with it I can be the big boss.
    Game on america I have been taken to trump school get ready.

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