Gelson’s on Hyperion celebrates revamp while Starbucks now serving next door


LOS FELIZ — Much attention was showered earlier this year on the opening of Silver Lake’s 365 by Whole Foods store.  But now, about a mile away on Hyperion Avenue, the shopping center on the border of Los Feliz and Silver Lake is showing off a remodeled Gelson’s market and a new Starbucks.

Last week, Gelson’s  held a series of  events to promote the upgraded store. Hourly grocery giveaways, a barbecue, sweepstakes and wine and beer tastings of what’s on tap at its new craft beer and wine bar are a sample of what’s in store. Additions include the coming of Wolfgang Puck Express (think pizza, sandwiches and salads), fresh squeezed juice and a cut fruit kiosk, a gourmet cheese kiosk, a service meat case and energy efficient cases.

Just in time for the Gelson’s revamp comes its new neighbor, Starbucks. The Eastsider initially reported in September on the construction of a new Starbucks in the building next to Gelson’s. It’s up and running now, convenient for those Starbucks-aholics who need that extra caffeine boost before their grocery shopping experience at the revamped Gelson’s or across the street at Trader Joe’s.

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  1. The chains are coming! Starbucks! Jersey’s Mikes! They should look at what happen to another chain, Z Pizza, and get a clue that Silver Lake/Los Feliz don’t want chains! Come to think of it another chain, Pizza Hut, recently closed in the area too!

    • Now if only we could get rid of the Del Taco on Sunset, or the hideous abomination that is the KFC/Taco Bell combo (Kentaco Bell?) on Glendale.

      • Bring back Pioneer Chicken!!

        • Pioneer Chicken is a chain. Guess you’re new to LA.

          • Pioneer WAS a chain! Key word WAS. The Pioneer brand was sold to Popeyes. The last five Pioneer Chicken restaurants- Bell Gardens, East LA on Soto, (those are the only two left) the one on Olympic, Echo Park and Sunset were each independently owned and operated!!

      • that kfc/taco bell has been here much longer than majority of the eastsiders visitors ..more a-holes that move here because it’s hip..more crappy places will eventually be here..can’t wait to see what turns up where lucy’s used to be

        • I have heard rumors that Starbucks is coming back where Lucy’s used to be, but in order to pay the $7 per square foot rent (as opposed to the $2 per square foot they were paying before ), they will have $8 coffees that you get to see dripping in front of you.

        • Good news, I’ve heard from a reliable source that Kentaco Bell’s lease is expiring soon and they are not planning to renew it!

      • Why stop at Kentaco Bell… Glendale is nasty, McDonalds, Jack n Box, Burger King, Autozone, Vons, 7Eleven.

        Our own sliver of suburbia complete with expansive parking lots and huge set backs, with all the conveniences you never wanted!

      • You need to get yourself a Del taco chicken taco stat. Hold the sauce though.

        • No thanks, I’d prefer not to get diabetes from eating that god awful GMO swill they pass off as food to unsuspecting poor people.

      • That Del Taco is a neighborhood treasure – always clean and friendly, and of course there’s the chicken soft taco with the “secret” sauce…can’t go wrong.

  2. I’m born and raised in Silver Lake, I don’t mind chains. You an out of towner? How about you move back out.? I don’t want hipsters from Wisconsin!

    • Unfortunately for you, the majority of current Silver Lake residents have a different opinion on chains; an opinion rooted in expectations of healthy eating, humanitarian responsibility, and in support of local businesses.

      The one draw back to providing patrons with real food (as opposed to some food-like substance from a lab in Missouri) is cost, and if that’s your concern, there’s a trader joes across the street that serves fresh, healthful and filling salads for $4

    • You must be from out of town! Jersey Mike’s which replaced Z Pizza, used to be Hard Times Pizza! Yes, they moved to Echo Park, but they around for a long time! The Starbucks used to be a Chinese restaurant. The Del Taco on Sunset used to be one of the last Pioneer Chicken! The Little Caesars Pizza on Echo Park also used to be a Pioneer Chicken. Sure you can say Pioneer was once a chain. But when those two closed down, the Pioneer chain was brought out a long time ago! Chains are coming in at the expense of long time businesses!

      • I don’t think there is something inherently wrong with a chain just because it’s a chain. Obviously, I don’t want to see more food chains that serve “food” that is mostly preservatives, food coloring, and soy, but if a responsibly managed, high quality chain moves into the neighborhood, I think it would be fine! After all, a lot of chains were once single locations that thrived due to great management and high quality food – think “Lemonade”, “Real Food Daily”, or “Guisados”.

  3. I’d much rather live in Wisconsin than this shit hole.

  4. Gotta love FIRST WORLD problems…

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