Protesters take to the streets – and tunnels – in the wake of Trump presidential victory

Photo courtesy Madalyn Choate

Photo courtesy Madalyn Rofer-Choate

An estimated 8,000 people marched from MacArthur Park to Downtown L.A. today to protest Donald J. Trump’s election as president. Angeleno Heights resident Madalyn Rofer-Choate and her family were among the demonstrators. She snapped this shot as they passed through the 3rd Street tunnel.

The LAPD said no arrests had been reported as of about noon. About 1,100 demonstrators remained Downtown as of about 3 pm, the police said on Twitter.

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  1. Nice shot, however I can certainly do without the protestors who are carrying flags of other countries, as Mexico, while they demonstrate (not shown here)

    • Why? Other countries’ flags are flown all over the US, in front of gov’t buildings, etc. I honestly want to know what your problem is.

    • While you were arm chair “nice shotting” and your only concern is a Mexican flag , you might want to know we were there , and there were Brazilian, French , Canadian, rainbow flags ,and every other country you can think of.

      There were also people in wheelchairs, missing limbs , canes, old , young , children , all ages , sizes shapes , EVERY nationality and causes.

      And while your only concern was a Mexican flag you can’t bare to look at, ours were women’s rights, LGBT, trans rights , black lives, environmental, Native American rights , electoral college concerns , etc.. oh and let’s see , hmmm what else ? Oh yeah some guy named Trump .

      Why don’t you get out there and voice real concerns like we did as opposed to sitting behind your computer writing ” nice shot”….

      • Yet only one flag always seems to get burned during these protests. Since you are so concerned with Everyone’s flag, I’m sure you would be the first one out there trying to put out the flames if you saw an American one being burned – because united nations and all.

        • seeing the American flag burn brings me more pain than i can express with words. I am the daughter and wife of immigrants and consider myself VERY luckily to be in the USA. I also know burning the flag is a 1st amendment right.
          And during the rally I waved a California flag.

    • Why? I don’t understand. I am sure people from lots of countries have reason to protest or express their dislike of Trump?

      • Because a huge part of why Trump won was that the people felt so strongly about the needs of Mexicans, Syrians, Europe, etc were being addressed to the detriment of America, that they elected a sexist idiot. The optics are horrible, but yes, carry whatever you want, that is your right. Just don’t be surprised when you are perpetuating the negative, out of touch view of Californians that the rest of the country holds.

  2. Yes, it does show unity – which is badly needed right now.

  3. These morons should be protesting Hillary and the DNC for aggressively sabotaging the candidate Sanders who could have won.

    Also where were these protesters when Obama deported 2.5 million illegals? What a bunch of hypocrites.

    Finally we get rid of the establishment and have a president who actually wants to improve the inner cities and secure the borders. Nothing wrong with that. Grow up people. .Trump isn’t a racist or homophobe.

  4. I can’t help but see the completely outrageous and unreasonable parallel between how Texas acted during the Obama presidency and how California is acting toward the prospect of a Trump presidency – totalitarian fear, state succession, etc. If we as a country are going to get past the divisiveness that we have experienced over the past eight years, don’t you think it would set a good example if the people that back the party that supposedly champions equality, compassion, reasonableness, peace, etc. demonstrate those traits?

    I lost a lot of respect for the people that opposed President Obama from day one without even considering the possibility that he could do anything positive. And although I didn’t vote for Trump nor do I personally think he is qualified to be President, he won through the democratic process. I want what is best for this county and since Donald Trump is going to be the President for the next four years, I am going to focus on his victory speech promise to unite a divided America.

    Seriously, we can’t fight hate with hate!!!

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