Two pedestrians killed in Echo Park crash; updated @ 1:57 pm

ECHO PARK —  Two women were killed this morning after they were struck by a vehicle at Sunset Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue, according to the L.A. Fire Department.

The two female pedestrians were declared dead at the scene of the crash that took place at about 9:25 a.m.  Two other persons, a third pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle, were transported to a hospital, according to the LAFD.

The single vehicle also struck a street light and fire hydrant. A photo posted on Instagram showed a geyser of water at the corner of Rosemont and Sunset Boulevard.

Update @1:57 pm: The driver of a silver Mustang was heading eastbound on Sunset when he tried to pass a vehicle and apparently lost control, according to preliminary information provided by Jonathan Tom, acting commanding officer of the LAPD Central Traffic Division.  The Mustang swerved on to the sidewalk at the southwest corner of Sunset and Rosemont, where it struck struck a lamppost, sheared off a fire hydrant and hit three female pedestrians standing near a bus stop.

The two victims who died, described as female Asians who are believed to have lived nearby, were thrown more than 25 feet across Rosemont, where their bodies lay under a tent as the investigation continued.  The third victim, a Latina who is in stable condition, was pulled out from underneath the vehicle by police officers, Tom said.

The driver, a male Asian, was trapped in the vehicle until he was extricated by firefighters. He survived the crash and was transported to a hospital.

It does not appear that the driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs, Tom said.  Witnesses told police that it seemed like the motorist was driving a “little too fast” but Tom said he had no information about the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash.

“At this point this looks like a tragic accident” but investigators have not yet made a final determination, Tom said.

Update @ 11:21 am: Sunset remains closed between Alvarado and Coronado as police conduct their investigation. A silver Mustang  is up on the sidewalk at the scene of the crash at the southwest corner of Sunset and Rosemont.


Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. These pictures are beyond harrowing. What is it going to take to get people to stop driving recklessly? Obviously dead bodies aren’t discouraging thoughtless driving. SLOW DOWN everyone – what is so hard about that.

    • Agreed, and pay attention to surrounding cars, pedestrians.

      Condolences to the families and friends of these women, and thank you to the Los Angeles Fire and Police Department responders.

    • It doesn’t say he was driving recklessly. Sometimes people have accidents. What they could do like I have seen in other countries is have short guardrails along the sidewalks on busy streets. My friend was dragged 50ft by a car years ago also on Sunset Blvd.

      I feel very sad for those ladies. RIP

    • People are not going to slow down of their own good will;that’s not how human nature works. It’s up to city planners and we citizens to demand & design safe, slower streets that provide safety for all, not just cars.

  2. Tragic accident my ass. None of the information presented points to anything except reckless, idiotic driving. How does trying to pass a car end you up on the sidewalk? Was he trying to use the bike lane or something? Who on earth swerves onto a sidewalk?

    • Wonder if he was attempting to pass on right?

    • The area of Sunset where the accident occurred has a bend; mixed with excessive vehicle speed, and the distraction of trying to pass another vehicle, I can see how this accident could have happened. A devastating event for the people involved and their families.

  3. I wonder what “a little too fast” translates to in non-Angeleno… 50? 60?

    The way most people drive in this city, I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen hourly.

  4. This happens when the six figure income traffic planners spend more time creating traffic calming and road diet measures on our streets than making the traffic flow. Sunset Blvd. Is a nightmare to drive down most the time even on a Saturday to the point my Google map advises me to avoid Sunset Blvd. and take the shortcut up Coronado terr. Just to get to the 2 freeway north. This means the signals are useless to make a left on Alvarado and Glendale Blvd. Because they back up. No wonder drivers are upset and drive recklessly. Road rage is created by these DOT city engineers who can’t make simple adjustments to the traffic lights to make the traffic flow. How hard is it for them to do their job? The blood is on their hands!

    • Traffic calming reduces collisions while contributing to a steady flow. Studies show that. It is grotesque that you would use the deaths of these women from a collision to knock traffic calming.

      • Traffic calming has increased collisions on our side street.

      • Yes the traffic is very steady driving eastbound on Rowena ave. to northbound Fletcher Dr. every day after 5PM I enjoy watching the lights change 3 times per intersection while waiting to make a left turn. It’s very steady driving up Hyperion blvd as well. If traffic calming’s goal is to make traffic go so slow (steady) that no one could be injured creeping along at 2 MPH then they have accomplished their goal.

        • You mean there’s traffic congestion during rush hour in the second largest city in America?

          Mind blown.

          You do realize that city streets still have to function at the neighborhood level the other 23 hours of the day, right? Foot traffic, local commerce, children on their way to school, etc. It’s not always about your convenience. People have to live on these blocks.

    • Exhibit A.

    • Way to fight the power, with reckless driving! Yeah! Blows against the empire!

  5. this is what it sounds like when a bunch of busy bodies sound off with ZERO facts. Unless one of you all was a witness, then why are you speculating on anything ?

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