Vandalism against Boyle Heights galleries being investigated as possible hate crimes


One of the new Boyle Heights art galleries

BOYLE HEIGHTS –– The LAPD has opened a hate crime investigation after several new Boyle Heights galleries have been the targets of vandalism amid anti-gentrification protests, reports The L.A. Times. The words “Fuck White Art” were spray painted across one gallery last month shortly after anti-gentrification protesters marched through the area, taunting gallery visitors and demanding that the art spaces move out.

“We don’t know who actually did [the vandalism], but because it actually made a reference to anti-white art or anti-white, it’s basically saying that it’s a hate crime based on that,” Det. John Parra of the LAPD’s Hollenbeck station told the Times. There were at least three cases of vandalism that are being investigated.

The LAPD’s Hollenbeck Division held a meeting last week with gallery owners as they try to come up with a plan to deal with the vandalism and tensions.

Read more in the L.A. Times.

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  1. It’d be nice if gentrification were classified as a “hate crime”.

    • Technically it’s classified as “Capitalism”.

      • Here are the definitions for those of you who want to be informed:

        Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

        Gentrification: the buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses.

        Hate Crime: a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

    • A beard care supply shop on every corner.

    • Art = White?

      This is craziness bordering on self-loathing. Just check out “Los Four,” the seminal group of Latino artist who made careers in art and were closely associated with East LA. see:ihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki…

      Everyone’s goal should be to save the good of Boyle Heights (cultural, social and economic) while improving on the bad (gangs, violence, drug distribution and the Mexican Mafia.) I encourage the protesters to catch up on the diverse history of the area. For instance, artists have long worked in the factories near the housing projects and Boyle Heights has housed a variety of cultures and races. Stop with the race baiting and learn how affect policies or become powerful social entrepreneurs.

  2. It’s a good thing this is being investigated as such. Hate is hate.

  3. Teenage taggers going through a phase still gotta learn. Even if they’ve been momentarily brainwashed by a few “revolutionary” pamphlets. Aaah, I remember those days of naive idealism.

  4. Finally this type of behavior is being seen for what is, racism! All enhanced criminal penalties should apply for those “well-intentioned” anti-gentrification advocates!

  5. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the Community College Marxists responsible.

  6. Good! These “Defend Boyle Heights” people are criminals. Look up their facebook page, read comments. They specifically state they do not want dialogue with anyone, they advocate hate and violence and any means necessary to “stop gentrification”. These are the people who use violence, graffiti, trash and crime as tools to “fight against gentrification”. Everyone will be glad to see them arrested and eventually booted out of the neighborhood.

  7. Imagine if these hate-filled racist vandals put as much energy into doing something about the gangs and crime in their neighborhood. Apparently they don’t care about rapists and murderers in their midst, as long as it means their rents will stay low. But now, artists… gotta drive ’em out!

    • @hlpresident isn’t that the job of the cops to get rid of gangs? Oh I forgot. Cops are the only people with jos who aren’t expected to do their job

      • Cops can only do so much without citizens willing to call them, report crimes, and be witnesses against gang bangers. The one great thing about evil white gentrifiers is that they aren’t afraid to call the cops.

  8. The great irony is they have helped accelerate rather than slow gentrification by giving everyone the excuse that they are a problem now (hate crimes will do that). Sympathy will be less than before because of this. But you know yolo protests FTW,

  9. Newcomers are mad

  10. Bottom feeders hate when their soil is upturned. Shine the light bright. Can’t compete, so must eliminate those that have goals and education and dreams. How I pity these little minds. Keeping your brothers and sisters down is a sin. You have evil in your heart. This goes further than raising rents. Twisted twisted twisted.

  11. I feel like we are going down a slippery slope and we might not like the outcome . I personally blame developers for the current housing crisis. I don’t think young people opening shops where there was closed business or empty store fronts are the enemy and I don’t care what color they are. I do care about developers coming to my neighborhood or city and buying up all the housing stock then kicking people out and converting them to condos or fixing building and then raising rent to an outrageous amount Thouse are the people we should be screaming at or better yet we should actually vote! There’s a few props that will affect housing Let’s see how many of us will vote! But at the end it is easier to complain and accuse than to actually get involved and work towards passing legislation , it takes time but that’s how you change things. Telling who can and can’t live in our neighborhood puts us in the same space as those bigots we are always talking about and who gets to decide who gets to live here? I know as a homo I would have not been welcomed when we moved here 16 yrs ago , luckily I didn’t have to ask permission .

    • Development is not the problem, exclusionary zoning is.

      Developers built nearly every building in this city. The reason most new housing is luxury is we’ve made it overly complicated to build anything else (without subsidies.)

      Fix the zoning so its possible (and profitable) for smaller developers to build housing again in this city, and you’ll fix the housing crisis.

      Spray painting buildings and yelling at white people for opening art galleries is just idiotic… and a big distraction from the problem at hand.

    • Hey I just wanted to expand a little on your blame on developers for the housing crisis. I don’t pretend to know everything on the subject but here’s what I’ve found out so far. Developers definitely exacerbate and accelerate the situation, but rising costs of LA are not exclusive to any specific area and not to LA in general either. Many major cities and even foreign cities are experiencing an increase in property value and cost of living. It’s not just a symptom of greedy developers. Almost all areas in LA have seen major improvements in the last 10 years. Improvements raises value. It also attracts new comers to visit or live in LA and makes it rise even more. To expect for this rise of cost across the city to skip and exclude specific underdeveloped areas as the people protesting viscerally express is unfortunately unrealistic. As LA housing cost soars, middle class people will look into reasonably priced homes to start their family or business, which is definitely not available anywhere in the westside anymore. Hence gentrification. There is also another culprit: homeowners that are selling their properties far above their appraisal that force buyers/flippers to raise the rent/property value to make the investment worth it. And even another culprit: low interest rates. So, is it the developers fault? Yes, and no. It’s bigger than that but developers are opportunists getting their cut as the inevitable plays out. In no way this is meant to dismiss how much they suck BTW.

    • I have been involved in some small-scale development project in Los Angeles. My experience is that the City of Los Angeles in its effort to “gets its pound of flesh” (a city plan checker used that exact language) from the developer actually make housing more expensive. And for small scale, socially minded developers, it is impossible to tackle anything of substance because the city takes 18-24 to issue permits. This means that the only people building larger projects are large scale, well funded developers with the resources to work through the regulatory environment – and guess what, all those fees and carrying costs need to be recovered which means they are added to the final sale price. If the city would make building easier and less costly, more competition could enter the market and prices may actually stabilize or even decline.

      Here is an excerpt from today’s Wall Street Journal on the topic:

      “One of the hallmarks of the housing recovery has been the historically low level of new-home construction, particularly at lower price points attainable for first-time buyers. Although a wide range of factors are at play, from slow wage growth to higher regulatory costs, builders say the FHA limits in many markets are shutting out potential buyers.”

      “The challenge is particularly acute in California, which has the nation’s highest upfront fees for new construction, according to housing-research firm Zelman & Associates. Fees to pay for roads, sewers, schools and other infrastructure in California markets average between $40,000 and $72,000 per home, according to the firm’s research, compared with an average of $2,600 in Houston.”

  12. Defend Boyle Heights is just a Trump group in Latino clothing.

    Latinos make up half of the population of Los Angeles, if anything there is Latinofication of LA not Gentrification that is going on.

    DBH are thugs not activists.

    • I don’t think this is a race isssue – Caucasian vs. Latino. In fact I would like to believe that most (if not all) educated latinos would condemned their actions because of their strong racial undertones. I personally see these people as the Latino equivalent of white trash rednecks. They are too uneducated and have so little life experience outside their little inner-city bubble to understand the complexities of our society. Their position actually parallels the populist, nationalistic views we are seeing across the world by the most uneducated in society. I suspect that they are also the most selfish, self serving, and hypocritical in the city – first to condemn capitalism and the rights it brings, but quick to embrace the many virtues it’s has provided to society – imported food from all over the world, affordable technology (such as the smart phones they use to post their hateful propaganda), and courts that uphold individual rights so they can abuse the legal system and sue their landlord in a futile attempt to achieve a selfish motive that will only benefit them and not the rest of society.

  13. Chusma acting like chusma.

  14. Lol….capitalism, deliverer of rights. I thoughts rights were something common citizens had to fight for like Rosa Parks and MLK?

    • Capitalism doesn’t deliver rights, but it has made the computer you are using more attainable and it allows you to sue your landlord for selfish gain. If you are still confused of the definition, please see above.

      I don’t see any parallel between the hate speech being spread by this small uneducated, uninformed group in Boyle Heights and the rights that Rosa Parks or MLK were fighting fore. They were fighting to be included in society – equal rights for all, regardless of race. You and your hate speech comrades are fighting to stop change, just like many of the nationalistic groups that want to keep foreigners out of this country, just on a smaller scale. You are going to lose the fight and the tenant lawsuit, but in the mean time, you are going to waste taxpayer resources and stoke racial tension. But as an American, you have the right to free speech and your opinion.

  15. Rey, Cornersoul, Galvez and Pacr, thanks for taking your time to help enlighten readers about the process of trying to develop and build in Los Angeles. Hoping not to sound too naive, but would the place to start be with the council members of each district, pushing them individually and collectively to effect changes in permitting?

    The long drawn-out process must also make it more difficult for smaller developers to remain in the competition as their income is lower than the big corporate developers and between applying and finishing the process they and their families have to eat.

    • I honestly don’t know.

      Supposedly the city is working on updating the zoning, but I’ve been hearing about that for years (and they still claim to be decades off!) Perhaps City Hall needs to hire more people at the planning department?

      It’d also probably help to get YIMBY’s (yes in my backyard) to show up at NC and planning meetings and proudly, loudly disagree with the vocal minority of baby boomers and out of touch homeowners who seem to oppose virtually anything being built in this city.

      Politicians tend to go along with the constituencies that raises the biggest stink on issues (so they can ensure reelection.) And there’s a lot bigger upside to infill development from the city’s perspective (more tax revenue for vital city services without having to raise everyone’s taxes.)

      Squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

  16. Whoaa hold your horses…”you and your…..” easy with the labels jawbones. Just cuz im critical of capitalism doesnt mean i partake in hate speech or am a communist, if thats what you meant by comrades. Here are some more definitions….

    Rights: 1.) that which is morally correct, just, or honorable.
    2.) a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. ( these definitions dont seem to involve capitalism much)

    Communism: a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. (Sharing the wealth and resources, what a crazy idea!)

  17. In Boyle Heights there are thousands and thousands of people experienced in construction. There is a tradition of expanding the original house to accommodate growing families and we have a city friendly to mansionization but hostile to working families building affordable additions. The housing affordability issue could be solved by liberalizing the building and zoning code to allow 2nd units on a property. The Latino community knows how to build them but the regulatory framework makes it incredibly expensive.
    Borrowing from the immigration struggle we need a campaign of “Legalize it” for affordable buildings.
    Instead we see a “build a wall/keep them out” type campaign.
    It’s not going to work for housing like it’s not going to work for immigration.

    • Hear, Hear!

    • No way. I’ve already had two houses in LA with terrible shoddy additions added on by previous home owners. The code violations where insane, they where fire hazards waiting to burn down. Please do not encourage people to make more crappy home additions! People, get permits, and hire professionals.

  18. If we are going to talk about Gentrification what do we call it when BOYLE HEIGHTS used to be a all Jewish neighborhood when it was developed into a community! What is now Caesar S Chavez street used to be called Brooklyn Ave. Do we call it reverse Gentrification? Help I’m confused wait this used to be Mexico oh wait they stole it from the Native Americans!!! Check your facts children, can’t we all just get along? times are tough everyone suffers have you noticed the homeless population growth of all colors and ethnicity LA needs help, Do something instead of talkin shit behind a witty screen name!

    • Typically white-washed revision of history that only highlights the intentional exclusion of “others”. Otherwise, Boyle Heights was NEVER “all jewish” and Mexicans have ALWAYS resided in Boyle Heights (formerly known as “Paredon Blanco”) that didn’t even become residential until the turn of the last century s and according to housing covenants that funneled ALL “others” into neighborhoods like Boyle Heights that were considered unappealing to the original L.A. gentry. Btw, catholic, spanish-speaking settlers from Mexico’s interior settled and founded “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula”. Moreover, Mexicans are not only descended from the original euroepan conquerors and settlers but also the originators of civilization and high culture in the Americas. The primary reason Boyle Heights has retained its Mexican identity is because Mexicans never stopped arriving in large numbers due to the simple fact that the Mexican border is a mere 135 miles south. Ultimately, Mexicans not only founded Boyle Heights, they’ve resided in this neighborhood since the very beginning and remained while others left and THAT is the true, accurate, and unbiased history of L.A. barrios like Boyle Heights.

  19. Marino is right. Legalize immigrants. Unionize them where they can get the training they need (if needed) to polish their skills and witness social progress.

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