Argument at checkout ends with gunfire outside Echo Park Vons


ECHO PARK — Shots were fired Monday night following an argument near the checkout lines of the Vons market in Echo Park.

The argument between two shoppers began before 8 p.m. in front of the cash registers.  One of the persons headed outside, followed by the other, according to a reader who lives near the store at Alvarado and Montana streets.

Once outside, the argument turned into a physical altercation, said Sgt. Jaime Cortez with the LAPD’s Northeast Division. A third person, who was not involved in the fight, fired several rounds in the direction of the market, said Cortez. No one was hit.

Inside the store, scared shoppers  were told to “get down” for their safety as the gunfire was heard,  said the Eastsider reader, who passed along the account from a housemate.

Police believe the shooter and one of the suspects in the altercation got in a Nissan pickup and drove off.

Thanks to an Eastsider reader for tipping us off this story.

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. They have the nicest employees at this location, hope everyone is ok. But on a side note, what’s up with people parking directly in the front of the store in the blue lines (no parking) area recently? That 50ft walk too far you?

    • LA doesn’t have an agency that is only responsible for issuing handicap parking tickets! The LA meter maids main concern is people not feeding the meter and ticketing and towing cars during rush hour. LA really should crack down on illegal handicap parking!

    • Parking has become hectic in that section. They park next to the fence and most of them enter the wrong way. The lines need to be painted more clearly and the arrows. It’s so annoying that I started parking on the other section because I have had some close fender benders because they come in the wrong way.

    • “But on a side note, what’s up with people parking directly in the front of the store in the blue lines (no parking) area recently?”

      Recently? Lived here for 2 decades, there’s ALWAYS been someone double parked in the handicap (blue) areas in front of Vons. Why? Because people in this neighborhood are a bunch of fat, lazy, selfish f&$%ks who don’t want to walk more than 10ft to get their bag of Flaming Cheetos.

      • 2 decades ? I’ve lived here all my life way more then 2 decades and I’m not fat or lazy or eat hot cheetoes so don’t generalize .

  2. Glad no one was hurt. But whatever caused the argument, the checkout lines are always so long at this Vons that it’s not so surprising that tensions could flare.

  3. Vons a multi million dollar company for the prices they charge they can’t pay security guards what a shame .

    • They do have security.

      • i lived in echo park for many years and the security guard that worked at this vons used to ‘hide” and snooze in different areas of the market. i almost tripped over his feet one day.

    • There’s nothing an unnamed security guard would be able to do in that situation.

      • They should issue them names right away!

        • Agreed! How can you issue them a paycheck? How do they call in sick? I have so many questions about these unnamed security guards. Plus, since they’re operating with complete anonymity, can they really be trusted? They should form a union or something and get the basic rights that other workers are afforded.

  4. I hope this is a wake-up call for Von’s. As someone who is there several times a week, I’m not surprised that something like this happened. The parking lot is frightening after dark. And I won’t get into the long lines and cashiers who, while frequently friendly (not always; it varies), are slower than the slowest cashier you’ve ever seen. Management, too. And if you need help — say you have a return that needs a manager, or a question about a product, or just need to know what aisle a product is in — you’re SOL. It’s ridiculous.

    • You pretty much described the situation at every supermarket, starbucks, mcdonalds, etc in the city.
      Piss poor management and the slowest workers imaginable.

  5. It’s not the workers’ fault. Management has cut back in hours/staffing in order to increase profits.

  6. Maybe it’s the fault of idiot lowlifes who get into fights over arguments at a grocery store…

  7. Still lots of trashy low class people left in echo park. You won’t see this happen at gelsons in silver lake.

    • No one goes to gelsons because it’s a ripoff.

    • My parents moved here in 1952 own a business here and raised 4 amazing children here .
      Stop insulting us who have lived here all our lives by referring to long time Echo Park residents as low class and trashy .
      There are problems in every area of this city , it’s a huge city , and Silver Lake has issues as well , like a high profile unsolved murder still open .
      Echo Park has always been great , I’m glad you have discovered the magic we’ve lived and have enjoyed all of our lives .
      But you’re statement is offensive to the level of “make America great again ”
      Echo Park has been and will always be great , aside from the idiots that cause problems of course , but not all of us here are contained to the stereotype you have imagined .

      • I am offended by the ease with which you are offended. It is insulting. Therefore you must stop being offended, because my right of not being offended is being trampled on. And if one person is offended by something, ipso facto, it must stop. Ta daa. Problem solved. I am a genius.

        • But I did enjoy the line about his/her parents raising four amazing children, haha. Am assuming he’she is including self. Or maybe the parents had five kids — writer excluded from amazingess!

  8. Ever drive behind this Vons? Notice the dozens of drugged and drunk squatters camped on the public sidewalk? Notice their trash and feces all over the place, in the bushes and under the trees? Things have gotten considerably worse in Echo Park and Silverlake over the past 7 or 8 years. I think it has something to do with gangs charging “rent” and selling drugs to the vagabonds in broken down RVs and the deranged homeless mental patients that our hospitals drop on the street to fend for themselves. The gangster scum and homeless drug addicts are ruining this part of LA…again. Wake up.

  9. You people are acting like this is the 20th time it’s happened this week. There’s no predicting or ways to eradicate the behavior and decisions a human being will make on a daily basis. This could have literally happened anywhere in the united states, as I’m sure it did in other places that day. There’s nothing ignorant about reminding everyone that you live in Los Angeles, one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world. It comes with the territory. It’s basically just math. Laws of nature. Pretty unstoppable forces. Giving security a gun isn’t going to help. Writing letters to management isn’t going to change anything. Chasing out homeless people who had zero to do with this isn’t a solution. Neither Echo Park, lazy parking or Vons as an entity helped create the situation or provide a breeding ground for it grow out of. It’s simply two people wrongly crossing each other’s path that day. It happens. Literally impossible to stop. Unless one of you has a time machine, then we can start talking about “fixing” this “problem”.

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