Butcher shop and deli coming to Figueroa

New butcher shop opening in former Frank's Camera building

New butcher shop opening in former Frank’s Camera building


Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK  —  One of the former owners of Figueroa Produce, an independent grocery that closed several years ago, is planning to open an old world-style butcher shop and deli.

Ruben Perez and Jeff Perez, childhood friends who grew up in Highland Park, have spent the last three years working on the concept for Chops Meat & Fish, which is scheduled to open next March in the former Frank’s camera store building in the 5700 block of Figueroa Street (other tenants include a barbershop-restaurant).

“Since (Figueroa Produce) closed, we always had the passion of opening a similar store, but we focused our concept to a full service butcher shop,” said Highland Park native Ruben Perez.

The 1,400-square-foot butcher shop will not only offer select cuts of meat but also poultry, fish, game and sustainable seafood. It will also have a deli and a marketplace section with frozen foods, pasture-raised dairy, and other  products.

Ruben Perez and his family are familiar with the Northeast L.A. grocery business. He and partners opened Figueroa Produce on York Boulevard  with the goal of offering wholesome food at affordable prices. But the store, which opened in 2008 as the economy fell into recession, struggled and finally closed in 2013 (the space is now occupied by a Big 5 sporting goods store). His son, Andrew, operates  Organix,  a grocery and vegan deli in Eagle Rock.

Competition is tough for most small grocery stores, but Perez believes customers will drive to Chops Meat & Fish for the warm, family atmosphere.

“They will come not only for its quality meats, but for the exceptional customer service that other competing markets don’t have.”

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  1. Great news!!!!This will be a success!!!

  2. Figueroa Produce didn’t fail because of the recession, Here’s hoping for better from Chops.

  3. Yep Skeeter. Here’s hoping they are a little more aware of their customers this time around…

  4. Yeah!!! I love Ruben and Jeff!! Fig Produce was SO missed. And, btw, it didn’t fail due to the recession…not at all. It failed because the Orange County landlord was greedy and jacked up the rent to astronomical proportions…hence it space stayed empty for years after they left.
    They are such a wonderful family, and contributors to the neighborhood. This is amazing news!!!

  5. Let’s hope they will carry vegetarian and vegan options like Fig Produce did. I really like the selection of food and sandwiches at Organix but their service has left quite a bit to be desired. Hoping this new joint will improve upon that too.

  6. Yes that is what we are saying , and what a lot of people have said when Fig Pro went out of business is that the service sucked. Especially for local owners. And now Organix (by the same people) is getting that same rap.

    Hopefullly they understand that this is what is hurting their businesses.

  7. I don’t see the need for a butcher shop with the existing supermarkets and many of the new residents are vegan

    • Supermarket meat is not as good as butcher shop meat and at times they don’t even have the cut you want . people who work at the market and are called butchers don’t really know about cuts or the quality or anything like that .

    • What does it matter that the new comers dont eat meat? Did you forget that this town is not theirs only? Reality check, nothing is meant to accommodate them. If you dont like it, stick to what you do.

  8. Isn’t opening a butcher shop these days in these parts like opening a video rental shop? I certainly don’t know very many meat eaters and all of the people I know under the age of 18 are vegetarian or vegan eaters.

    • We didnt 3 need coffe shops in each block on fig eithet, nor did we did half of these shops on york either…but they’re there. Do you know any locals that have lived heres before 2011? Doesnt seem like it.

  9. I agree with the above comments. Northeast LA is full of vegans, and doesn’t contain one strictly vegan restaurant. If I wanted to make a million bucks opening a place that sells food in that area, it would be a vegan restaurant, not a butcher shop.

  10. Wow let’s see how many more grab bag assumptions we can make about the dietary habits of highland park’s newest citizens! Some of you clearly don’t dine out often in silverlake, eagle rock or echo park.

  11. Mando’s new “nela” handle hasn’t vacated his lack of proper sentence construction or grammar. See dome things do stay the same…..”heres”

  12. 100% welcome addition to Highland Park!!! As a 25+ year resident of highland park my husband and I are beyond excited. We own our home, we work in the community and love all the new and BETTER changes to this neighborhood. We love our new neighbors and old ones, and welcome all new businesses.

  13. Fiq produce was great I been living in highland park for 27 years some eat meat fish as I recall no one had the same quality I am so happy Ruben bringing back one of the best things that ever happened to hp their the ones that brought the food trucks here now you see them all over the place

  14. I eat meat!! I’ve lived here since the 60’s. I Welcome all new businesses and I’ve been waiting for you all to come for years. Glad your coming and I know you will all improve our old town Highland Park. If all these people are vegans then someone open a vegan restaurant. I do think there was one and it went out of business and I never saw a line out the door either. We need our own Trader Joe’s too!!

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