Female shot in Highland Park; woman dies from injuries [updated]

HIGHLAND PARK — Police have sealed off a section of Highland Park this morning after a female was shot near Avenue 56 and Monte Vista Street.

The condition of the victim, who was taken to a hospital, is unknown, according to LAPD spokesman Aareon Jefferson.  Police have established a perimeter as they search for a suspect or suspects, he said. The shooting was reported shortly before 11 am.

No further information was available.  One reader said the shooting was a drive-by but that could not be confirmed.

Update on Thursday, Dec. 29: The victim has been identified as 23-year-old  Jessica Andrea Rocha of Los Angeles, said the county coroner.

Update on Thursday, Dec. 29:  Detective Sid Rodriguez at the Northeast Division said they are looking for  two male Latino suspects in their early 20.

Update at 8:54 pm: The woman has died from her injuries, police said. Police have not released her age or name but Sgt. Douglas Bowler with the LAPD Northeast Division said she was shot after she was engaged in a conversation with a group of men, one of whom pulled out a weapon and fired. The suspects remain at large.

@HighlandPark HLP says the victim was the mother of a four year-old son.

Updated at 2:30 pm: The victim is in critical condition, said Jefferson. Suspects are still at large.

Thanks to the Highland Park reader who notified us of this shooting.

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  1. Highland Park is really dangerous right now

    • For loser homies.

    • You are so pathetic with your rooting for gang violence like you think you are going to scare away people from moving in? Sorry buddy, but your trashy dream world of gang violence graffiti illegal dumping stray dogs and ghetto life is slipping away from you fast.

    • Rofl, nice try again. Last summer there were 3 murders and a bunch of people dying from DUIs remember? Since then we had more coffee shops open and a bunch of hipster restaurants. Just accept it like everyone else. Don’t waste your time.

  2. Ah, the roaches are out and about they run like the scum cowards they are. Not to tough are they or else they would stick around for the gang in blue the LAPD. or just stick around for a mob to take care of them.

  3. I’ve lived in Highland Park for many years. I walk and take the train and I’m not sure why you say it’s very dangerous now. Yes, there was a tragic incident here on Monte Vista.
    No, it’s not dangerous. Like any city, keep your head up, don’t walk don’t dark alleys, use common sense, and don’t believe propaganda about how overly dangerous the city is.

    • It’s his thing…just ignore him.

    • He’s saying that because it’s a cynical psychopathic ploy to “chase hipsters out”. He thinks by posting on this site about how dangerous highland park is he can scare away middle class people and convince them highland park is still a gang infested warzone shit hole. He is terrified of middle class people and wants to live in a graffiti ghetto hellhole. He likes to imply that newcomers deserve to catch a stray bullet. Just another racist morbidly ignorant internet troll loser.

      • If your comments actually represent these so called “newcomers” or “Hipsters” in NELA, he might have a point!

      • Really? Racist?
        1) $12 tacos and $2,000 a month for a single is not middle class.
        2) who said anything about race?
        3) anyone who pays$65 for 80s mom jeans should not be allowed to roam the streets
        4) why are you idiots so quick to say you’re not leaving a gang infested shit hole yet you complain that its a gang infested shit hole
        5) its still a gang infested shit hole.
        6) every time i five through the area i laugh at you idiots.

      • Oh… and its not newcomers that are the problem. Its obnoxious ones that use formal english in non formal conversation to try and sound mkre educated and unnecesarily pay a shitload of money for the same b.s. weve been buying for 1/3 of the price until u came. And your stupid parklet gangs with pasty overdressed children. The whole thing is obnoxious.

  4. Where is batman when we need him? He is the hero that this city deserves.

  5. More gentrification please. Especially Monte Vista.

  6. can we ip ban chasethemout for his constant fearmongering?

  7. Slipping away Roflmao okay, go walk your dog

  8. The person that died was a wonderful beautiful woman to slander a murder period is heartless its sad how society looks at the environment before the person if this was in a high class neighborhood would be more tragic its sad she was well loved and miss by many

  9. My sincerest condolences to the son, family and friends of this beloved woman. “I believe every act of violence is also a message that needs to be understood. Violence should not be answered just by greater violence but by real understanding. We must ask: ‘Where is the violence coming from? What is its meaning?” quoted from Jean Vanier

  10. Ah, nothing says “courage” like shooting an unarmed woman in the face and then running away. These pinhead gangster idiots are total cowards. Can’t wait until the last of them is gentrified out of the neighborhood.

  11. Chasetheracistsoutofhlp

    Funny all I said was Hlp is dangerous and you newcomers get all bent out of shape, smh

    • A young mother was killed . Have some respect.

      You act like you care about the community with your anti gentrification posts. You don’t care about your people, just yourself. Pathetic.

  12. Hey guys, I come from a magical place called “Oakland”. A place where hipsters and tech billionaires pay millions of dollars to live next to crack heads and gangsters. Look it up if you don’t believe me. My point is, crime doesn’t scare away people with money. It never has, never will. If you have artisinal shops and bars, they will keep coming.

    • Equity. Don’t forget equity. No homeowner who sunk their life saving into a property here is going to walk away. Come murder, mayhem or more road diets, people are staying put.

      • All the people I know who moved to Highland Park didn’t seem to care about safety too much. They actually like the “Edginess”. It’s a selling feature now. Safe cushy suburbs are seen as boring and pase, better for older people to live in.

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