Highland Park shooting victim identified

HIGHLAND PARK — The woman who was fatally shot Wednesday morning at the corner of Avenue 56 and Monte Vista Street has been identified as 23-year-old Jessica Andrea Rocha of Los Angeles, said Elissa Fleak with the county coroner.

Rocha, identified as Jessica Rocha-Betancourt on an online fundraiser, was gunned down at 11 am after she was engaged in a conversation with a group of men, one of whom pulled out a weapon and fired, according to early police reports.

Detective Sid Rodriguez at the Northeast Division said they are looking for  two male Latino suspects in their early 20s.

@HighlandPark HLP says the victim was the mother of a four year-old son.

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  1. No comments!?!?!
    No gentrification abuse!?!

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    Or just don’t talk to anyone if you are alone then?

  3. Is this her most current picture? You just can’t trust what picture family members put up these days. 2 gang members just don’t go up to a female and shoot them. There has to be more to this story.

    • Yes.. of course..like those 2 young ladies that got murdered in Deb”s park last year.. they knew their killers. One kid was one of the girl ex or current boyfriend..
      This lady most likely got murdered most likely by a trigger happy “gangster” that she knew.. it’s madness how those kids can take life that easily…

  4. Of course their is more to the story. Jessica hung out with GangBangers. She was trying to clean up amd was in a program doing better but she was out on a break. I know she normally hangs in that area when she parties. From what I heard 2 gang members possibly from another gang passed by her and they had words. A witness said Jessica was acting high and out of control and being very loud when the gunman turned around and walked up to het and shot her with the gun against her chest. The 2 men ran towards the train and got in a car a fled the scene. I know that a witness saw them get in the car but not sure if she reported it. I feel bad for her family but Jessica was involved with Highland Park gang. Its a shame that she refused to listen to the people that loved her and pleaded with Jessica not to associate with Gangs…

    • It is a sad story and way too familiar…

    • You’re a friend of Jessica? Really? On hear bashing her? She was my baby cousin. Whether she was in to something or not she is gone. Now my family is having to deal with this. A pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. So you and everyone else that has something to say go to hell. And you, you have your name as friend of Jessica? You’re not her friend. 2nd, don’t ever speak on behalf of my family. How dare you people go on here and say these things. You think we’re not suffering enough?

      • I understand your suffering but things like this can be prevented amd it starts where?? The truth hurts and no one likes to take responsibility and it should not take a tragedy like this for people to open their eyes. Children that join gangs normally are missing something. Thats what you should be angry about, not me speaking the truth. I do not have the type of mentality to tell anyone to go to hell, I can only pray that someday you dont have so much anger and hate in your heart and God can fill the rage with Love and Kindness and that someday you will pass that on to others.What woukd you rather I say? OMG I feel so bad that 1 gang member shot another gang member. That is what happens when you join a gang. I feel bad for the people she left behind and I feel bad for all the innocent people that gangs kill by accident with a stray bullet.

        • Well stated Friendofjessica!!! It shouldn’t take a tragedy such as this senseless act of violence for everyone to know that opportunities await everyone through love, kindness, and education!

          Sadly, yesterday late afternoon, many young gang members stood at the murder site.
          And, I agree that they have right to mourn their way…but, truthfully, in my opinion their actions at the site could and would be misinterpreted by the rival gang members.

          To all young and old gang members, wanna-a-be or soon-to-be…think carefully of why you do what you do? What are the benefits? Has it changed your life compared to those who came before you? Where are those homies? Do they have anything to show for the gang lifestyle? Who suffered because of the gang lifestyle? Did your family mourn you or others? Did they really get the respect that they are looking for? Are your homies really your family? Will you be able to give your children a better life? Will they have all the things you lacked in your own life?

          I am confident in saying, spend time with your children and families. Get involved in your children’s education. Visit their teachers. Demand better education. Sign them up for organized sport and extra curricular activities. READ, READ, READ to them! Show your children that there are opportunities. Seek out mentors who can help guide you, your children, and family to a better life.

          You have one life to live! Please, please live it with love in your heart, with a drive for knowledge,with a determination to overcome obstacles and a goal to reach for the stars and accomplish your goals!

          Best – Hoping 2017 will be a safe, prosperous New Year’s for everyone in Highland Park!

      • I hope your family finds peace and that the people who did this are caught. Hopefully, someone will come forward with information leading to arrests. Encourage those who were with her that night to tell all they know to the police. No detail is too small to leave out. Good luck.

      • Margarito Martinez

        There were two eye witnesses…
        The victim was not being loud or acting high. She was dressed normally, and was acting normally.
        She did nothing to cause her death.

    • All u people need to grow up and mind your own. It’s people like you who will never allow us the change to turn our lives around. Most of us can only try to change but Jessica was actually able to do so successfully for her son. So instead of downtalking my homegirl like u choose to do get all ur damn facts straight then tell her story like it is. Because maybe if everyone actually treating everyone as they should more “gangmembers” would have jobs and positive rolls in our community. But being looked at as if you don’t belong here when we grew up here is unexplainable. Speaking from someone who is trying to better myself as well. It’s the hardest stuggle trying to turn ur life around like Jessica did. And nobody will ever understand it that unless you’ve lived it urself. Rest in paradise Jessica I love you my girl! You’ll always be missed!

      • U need to grow up and don’t blame others for the gang life you fantasize about. Those fools that killed that young girl went back home that night to their mothers, sisters or wives…people talk and i am sure some people know who did it..and long as the families protect those fools, this will keep on happening…
        Really? You blame people for not giving gang member a job or a chance in life!?!! Those fools don’t want a job… they want to play wild Wild West and shoot a girl at close range because..!?!?! This mentality that is perpetuated from generation to generation is the problem.. your mothers and fathers and family allowing this culture IS the problem… not normal folks not giving a chance to gang meme era… you are your destiny.. you can change your path if you want to…

    • These guy set the true meaning of ,”punks” how would they like to see this happen to there mom or sister.the cops will find them you can bet they will and im sure they will sit in prison crying thinking of why they did it.well it didnt have to go down like that.but you two punks will burn in hell i promise you.and maybe you can save us tax payers money and shoot yourself.thats a fare deal if you ask me.

  5. I knew geegee n from the momment i met her found her to be solid she was on a new path any friends of her would have seen that regardless she have the coming she was about her son and recovery she wanted to get on her feet she was just trying to find herself in life yea she partied but we all do n im not saying things to make her look less then but she was not active anymore anyone that knew her knew she missed her old life but was more bout completing the program she wanted more life n the person that did this is foul clearly she was on a change but i guess there is no respect in these streets REST IN PARADISE GEEGEE IMMA MISS U GOOFBALL U WHERE ONE OF THE REALIST IM GLAD WE MET HOLD A SPOT FOR ME

  6. I think the point here is that no matter what kind of lifestyle someone leads that no one has the right to murder them ( gang affiliated or not ). This was a beautiful girls whos life was taken. She was a mother , and had a family and friends. She is in heaven and it is the people who loved her and knew her that will now suffer. Hopefully everyone can let the family grieve and remember the most redeeming qualities . Pray for her and the family.

    • ?!?!?! The gang/thug lifestyle someone chooses is precisely the point. Once again we see that people don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who choose to join groups that terrorize and exploit communities. I wish there was as much hand-wringing about gangs as there is about gentrification. The sooner the gang plague is gone the better!

  7. IMO gang sympathizers/enablers are just as bad as gang members!

  8. Gang members don’t target non gangmembers. More often than not it’s a rival gang. For those newcomers moving to HLP , as long as you are not a gang banger and don’t dress like one, you will be fine.

    Thug life is no good. Stay in school and put yourself and family first.

  9. Why do people still join gangs? So dumb.

  10. @calvin you have solved the puzzle , you are right as long as you dont dress like one no one will harm you ive seen gang members help out other people who at the moment are getting harrassed or something is happening , they go out for there rivals not just random people,people hold grudges for all we know when she was doing bad she did something to one of those fellas and it so happen when she got her life straight someone saw her and rembered what she did

  11. Exactly! Highlamd Park is very safe for Non Gang Members and unfortunately once you join there is only 1 way out. So stay the hell out of gangs. I heard that finally someone came forward and she told the Police who did it. The coward is currently being sought after by the authorities.
    Sad to say but when he gets caught Highland Park will at least have 2 more off the streets that are useless members of our community. Its sad that 1 of them had to die but you all know what your signing up for when you join a piece of sh&* gang….. You live by the sword you will die by the sword. Go to school, join the military, or get a job all you wanna a bees. Things like this happen on a regular basis so unless you want to either be shot or spend the rest of your life locked up with your homies I would think twice before even associating when a low life gang banger. Its not cool? actually just the opppsite!!

  12. She was from hlp and she did claim it and she paid the price for it and it’s funny how people start with there my kid was a good person never hurt anyone and all that but in reality u didnt know ur kid it’s stupid but fuck it shes gone and there is nothing anyone can do to bring her back u can cry u can bitch u can say u dont know her so dont talk or u dont this u dont that …I can speak for my self I’ve been in a similar situation and I thank God I’m still here but she was still claiming her hood and she paid with her life and it’s hard to change ur life style especially if ur still around ur hood thatz why I moved and I see this and say stupid people dont want to get it if ur from a hood u have to be from it and if u want out u have to move and start clean and no contact with ur pass that’s what helped me and made me a better person but it still dont clean me off of everything I did but ey atlease I’m free and I’m alive now for this girl u get what u ask for and who ever dont like what I said stop reading it and skip my comment. I dont know this girl or the people that did it but from my experience no one is gonna tell u anything if ur really out of ur neighbor hood and u move to where no one knows u and I leave it at that

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