Santa on Sunset: Scenes from the Echo Park Community Parade


Lining up for the parade | Mary-Austin Klein

ECHO PARK –– Residents lined both sides of Sunset Boulevard today to watch a long line of school drill teams, bands, classic cars and Santa make their way through the heart of the neighborhood during the Echo Park Community Parade.

Not everyone who came down to Sunset to celebrate the holidays. Some parade goers said that a small group of demonstrators were protesting gentrification and the displacement of artists. One man was seen being apprehended by police as he yelled “Echo Park hates homeless people” near Sunset and Echo Park Avenue.

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Photo by Martin Cox

Photo by Martin Cox

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Photo by Katrina Alexy

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  1. Here is another video of the cops arresting this guy for no reason at all


    • Wow. Way to show the Holiday spirit and respect for free speech, LAPD.

      • it's bob we-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy

        He wasn’t permitted to march the parade route. If he would have stayed on the sidewalk, LAPD wouldn’t have arrested him. Follow the rules everybody, that’s how a society stays functioning.

  2. Thanks for posting all the colorful pictures! Love the Cool Cars, and also the down-shot of the band with orange plumes on their hats.

  3. This wasn’t a protest it was a Christmas parade to take your children to, In this day and age if you are going to pull such a stunt where crowds of people are you should expect nothing less from police who are there to keep everyone safe.

    • The purple painted homeless advocate/protester did nothing wrong but walk along the right side of the parade with a sign that stated somethings like “stop the displacement of the homeless”, he was harmless, not being vocal, just holding the sign up. The purple dude should have acquiesced to the redirection of the police after the po-po arrived but unfortunately Purple wouldn’t budget. This caused slight a delay in the parade but what was really uncalled for was when the Spanish speaking guy that was sharing the MC duties said “Should we run him over?” into the microphone as Purple was getting into the power struggle. Honestly, I feel they should have just let Purps’ walk a block or so, he was harmless and he had a peaceful valid point.

  4. Given the fact that there are homeless encampments strewn about Echo Park, I can not agree with the statement “Echo Park hates homeless people”. Maybe the opposite “Echo Park loves homeless people” wouldn’t be true either, but certainly if you compare the median income of Echo Park with the median income of Beverly Hills then count the encampments in Beverly Hills; a different conclusion might be made. Maybe “Echo Park tolerates homeless people” might be more accurate and something to which I could agree. Given the circumstances that is probably as good as he should expect from any society.

  5. Not all homeless people are junkies but let’s face facts. On several occasions, while driving down Glendale, I have seen people shooting up. I saw someone pooing in the loading dock of Von’s around noon, I was at Lassens when an employee found a guy in the bathroom with a needle in his arm, so yeah we have a problem. Last night I was at Von’s to grab water and a guy pissed himself in the dairy aisle. I did not go to the parade but I see it everyday. I feel like reverse protesting, as these people do not want help. They are voluntary outcasts. My sister just spent one year working on a doc for homeless artists and my consensus stands . If you like them so much maybe you should give them a bed

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