Street vending plan moves ahead; the impact of Ghost Ship fire on underground art scene; coyotes on Piedmont Avenue

Today's Photo: Silver Lake | Dan Gershon

Today’s Photo: Silver Lake | Dan Gershon

MOrning Report

  • A plan to legalize street vending that was approved by a City Council committee would limit vendors to two per each side of a block, require adjacent businesses owners to approve their presence and allow neighborhoods to seek greater restrictions. The plan goes to the full City Council for review next spring. KPCC
  • The crackdown on unpermitted event and living spaces in the wake of the deadly Ghost Ship fire in Oakland is going to have a major impact on the underground artists who perform and live in those spaces,  said Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records.   “It’s going to damage a lot of people who don’t fit your normal paradigm.” KPCC
  • Pet Owners Beware: Coyotes roaming on Piedmont Avenue in Highland Park. Eastside 911

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  4. The Friendly Ghost

    Check out what happened to your signs.
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