Suspected gang members toss shotgun out window during pursuit in Highland Park


HIGHLAND PARK — Two men were taken into custody Thursday night after they tossed a loaded shotgun out of a vehicle during a short police pursuit .

The suspects caught the attention of gang enforcement officers around 8 p.m. after driving recklessly, said Lt. Ryan Schatz with LAPD’s Northeast Division.

During a pursuit that lasted just a few minutes, the suspected Avenues gang members tossed a loaded shotgun out of the window, said Schatz.

The suspects pulled over near the intersection of Via Marisol and Avenue 57 and were taken into custody.

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. Enjoy jail, scumbags!

  2. cypressparl locos13

    man, these guys ain’t just tagging huh. loaded shotgun… beware hipster night joggers

  3. Great job! Book ’em Danno!

  4. Careful out there hipsters they are looking for you

  5. Being an ex gangbanger we all know gangsters target other gangsters only.

  6. It is pathetic that these anti-gentrification nuts are so terrified of the middle class people moving in that they actually root for lowlife scumbag gang violence

  7. Riding around with a loaded gun does not sound like they got priced out, watch out for the stray bullets newcomers

    • Hey, they had to move everything they own, which is apparently a hoopty and a loaded gun. And they couldn’t even do that right. I’m sure they’ll love San Bernardino…lots of culture out there.

      I think the rest of us gentrifiers will be just fine.

    • I am scared…. not..
      Young Latinas, watch out for bullets if you disrespect those little trigger happy youngsters…

  8. watch out, we got a keyboard gangster over here

  9. You guys should tell the gangbangers to grow up I think they will listen to you

  10. Highland Park in the mid 90’s was a hard place to grow up,
    I lived my teenage life,Having fun with the homies…Now I guess HLP is being taken over by white ppl,Or ppl who have money to pay over 2000 a month for rent…
    All I want to say is that,The town u rich basards live in was once a Latin community,Not like u ppl comin to invade what we build so hard to have our Mexican culture stay and grow in our neighborhood and that is Highland Park?All u have to do is goggle the history,And u will see how far back the neighborhood of AVE 57 goes?

    • LA’s first suburb was not originally a latin community. Like so many, we came and settled in Highland Park. And, I’d like to believe that we “Latinos” were welcomed by the residents who were here before us!

      Dopey – it might be a good idea for you to know that “Once upon a time the residents in Highland Park were not predominately latino.” Yes, I agree we brought our rich latino culture to the community. Our new neighbors are happily enjoying the food; such as, huaraches at El Huarache Azteca to the lengua and carnitas at the legendary La Estrella truck, you can sample every corner of Mexico here at every price point and never have a bad meal. (The goldfish bowl-sized margaritas at El Sombrero ain’t bad, either.)

      WELCOME, WELCOME – Everyone who wish to call Highland Park home.

    • Stupid, clueless and provincial is no way to go through life son. Highland Park BC (before Cholos) was home to people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds before it became a Latino enclave. If you’d set your Time Machine back a little further than the Zoot Suit era, you might learn a thing or two.

    • *Google. Learn how to spell mensa

    • My people settled Boyle Heights before yours. Same with Highland Park. Doesn’t mean we own the land, or the community, and the same applies to you.

  11. 25,982 (45.1%) of residents are foreign born, high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county. Mexico (55.3%) and El Salvador (12.0%) are the most common foreign places of birth.

    There are 2,705 families headed by single parents. The rate is 21.1%, high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county.

    The percentage of never married males is among the county’s highest.

    The percentage of residents 25 and older with less than a high school diploma is high for the county.

    La Dopey, don’t be a hater. Get educated. HLP is changing quick and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

  12. all these comments have nothing to do with the fact that these guys were on their way to do a drive-by and thank God the cops stopped it from happening. instead of sounding territorial and prejudiced against each other, work together to make your neighborhood a safer and cleaner neighborhood. everyone in L.A. should work together to make it illegal to form gangs and tagging crews. you never know when a member of your family may very well become a victim of of a drive-by. so instead of bashing hipsters and anyone else who decides to make HP their home, thank your local PD for preventing gang violence at least this time!!!

    • Thank you. Well said. It is shameful that these militant anti-gentrification nuts actually prefer gang violence over middle class people returning to the neighborhood.

  13. La Dopey: I remember going to school when whites constituted 60% of the population in Highland Park, and we as Mexican Americans made up 30% and 10% other. This is between 1977-83 at garvanza middle school and Burbank jr high, and felt welcomed by all. So as you say learn a little HL’P history.

  14. Ironic that Mondo Medina’s veiled threats have become “white noise”.

  15. Threats lol okay it’s not my fault gangsters are doing drive bus. Don’t catch a stray bullet when you are drinking your 10 dollar latte

    • Proper grammar and spelling please! You are gonna chase yourself out with such poor skills.

    • Nobody sells a $10 latte. Maybe $5 maximum. Sorry you’re too poor to afford that. But I bet you pay $100+ a month for your cable bill for your stupid Dodgers meathead sports package.

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