Target sets its sights on Glassell Park [updated]

Former Fresh & Easy store in Glassell Park

Storefront ReportGLASSELL PARK — The former Fresh & Easy store on Eagle Rock Boulevard has been vacant and fenced off ever since the chain shut down at the end of last year. But now it looks like the empty building is going to be remade into a Target, according to city records.

The discount retailer is seeking approval of “minor exterior changes to rebrand the building as a Target store,” says the summary of a filing with the Planning Department.  No other details were provided.

The Eastsider has contacted Target and consultants representing the company for more information about what the giant retailer has in mind for the property, which is only about a mile from the Target store at Eagle Rock Plaza and about two miles from the Target at the Glendale Galleria.  The company has been opening smaller, “flexible-format” stores in dense urban areas, including outlets planned for Burbank, Koreatown and one near USC, but it’s not clear if that’s what Target has planned for the Glassell Park location.

The idea of a discount store opening at the site will not go over well with the more than 300 people who signed a petition organized by the Glassell Park Improvement Association. That petition, which was presented earlier this year to Councilman Jose Huizar and Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, supported the opening of a “quality food” store at the location but opposed thrift and discount stores. “We agree that tenants such as these would diminish, rather than improve, our area,” said the petition.

Update:  Target spokeswoman Kristy Welker said that the company “is looking at a space on Eagle Rock Boulevard” but is “unable to share additional information at this time.”

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  1. 1.9 miles from the Target in Eagle Rock (on Colorado Blvd.). Seems redundant.

  2. This doesn’t make any sense with another one so close…I was hoping for an Aldi.

  3. They should put a walmart theirs a target already.

  4. We need HEALTHY FOOD. There’s a Target nearby already and one in Pasadena. This is nuts. Why don’t corporations get it? The Whole Froods 365 is booming in Slverlake and it would be booming in Glassel Park. Why there isn’t a Trader Joes there, I have no idea. We all drive to Eagle Rock or South Pas……oh wait….it’s still pretty brown in Glassel Park so Trader Joes won’t be calling!!! News Flash- people of color shop at Trader Joes and buy health food.

    • There is a brand new Sprouts practically around the corner. Trader Joe’s, El Super, Super A etc. Seems what we really need in this area is a big. brand new gym/fitness club. The area is underserved!

    • I’m all for a Trader Joe’s there. Perfect location. The one in Eagle Rock is packed! I’m sure it would do well.

    • Location is too big for Trader Joe’s and there’s already 5 TJ’s within a 5 mile radius. DTLA needs a TJ’s more than Glassell Park does.

      • There are much larger Trader Joe’s stores. Check out Glendale’s on Glenoaks and Pasadena’s in Hastings Ranch on Rosemead.

    • SPROUTS?! have you seriously not been yet? Its the BEST!

      A nice Gym would be pretty cool! Especially if they had a pool 😉

    • What do u mean brown in glassell park?

  5. This is a surprise, but I’m sure someone at Target analyzed this and determined there will be demand. At this point, I’m just glad something is coming.

    The Fresh & Easy only took up around 15k sq ft of the 32k sq ft building. http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/16030248/4211-Eagle-Rock-Blvd-Los-Angeles-CA/

    “While typical Target locations are approximately 135,000 square feet (12,500 m2), the majority of “flexible format” CityTarget stores are roughly 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2)…TargetExpress stores hover around 14,000 square feet (1,300 m2) to 21,000 square feet (2,000 m2).” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_Corporation

  6. I’d love to see Eataly locate there. I’d drive out to Glassell Park for that! I do think people don’t realize how many successful working artists have studios in Glassell Park (although anyone who has been to Habitat
    Coffee will see it full of the same people in the same Margielia and Comme outfits one sees monthly at the gallery openings) and thus how viable an upscale market would be.

  7. This is a BUMMER. What about a Trader Joe’s or a 365??? Ugh!!

  8. I just want them to finish the dang one they already started in Hollywood

    • Yes. If Target would agree to required changes to the building I think they would quickly make up money spent. Staff and out-patients from Kaiser and Children’s (Sunset and ~Western) would seem to be potential customers in addition to locals who want to shop Target but not drive to the Santa Monica and La Brea store.

      • Agreed. For those of us who live in the Silver Lake / Echo Park area, that target would be the closest location. But I wonder if it’ll ever get done at this rate.

  9. Agree with James. Just because it’s not what the people want, doesn’t mean they haven’t done their research. Target has tailored these TargetExpress locations to “city dwellers and college students.” In this case, Occidental College? They already opened one earlier this year near CSULB.

  10. 100 tiny houses, a tiny market, a tiny coffee shop and a tiny Ramen joint for when you don’t want to cook on your tiny stove. We can call it Tiny Town.

  11. PEOPLE, people, people. What this lot really needs most is a PARK.

  12. Concerned resident

    Since we’re on the topic of what to build, PLEASE build anything and everything!!!! A bank a whole foods, Ralph’s, Equinox gel sons, Wendy’s, slapfish,corner bakery Cheesecake Factory I don’t caree , neighborhood needs to change asap!

  13. When did Target go back to being a discount retailer?

  14. Just some perspective for people complaining about how close this Target would be to the Glendale and Eagle Rock Targets. In the city of Fullerton, population about 150K, there are three Targets within 5 miles of each other. That doesn’t include Target in two nearby cities- Brea (Pop. 40K) or La Habra (Pop-65K). So for a population of about 260K, there are FIVE Targets within a 10 mile radius!! Those are full sized Target, not express or downsized. Just a guess but the combined population of Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Glassell Park is just slightly more than that!!

    But, people are complaining that this “express/downsized” Target is overkill for the neighborhood????

  15. My vote is for tiny town or Gym. A huge climbing/yoga/physical therapy/traditional gym would KILL in this location. I wish I worked in that biz cause there is a HUGE opp in this part of town for something like that.

  16. I’ve been to the Target at Eagle Rock Plaza once. I drive on Colorado Blvd a lot from Glendale to Highland Park or Eagle Rock Blvd…but don’t stop at the Plaza. I used to go when it had more stores that interested me (I even went to the movies there) but when the first big anchor stores closed I lost interest. I usually prefer the Pasadena Target if I need one…
    But this article made me wonder also why they might open one so close to the mall location. So I looked up all the other shops, services and stores there.
    A friend went to Seafood City and told me not to bother, he prefers 99 Ranch or LAX-C. He goes to therapy where Sears used to have their automotive sales and services so he’s checked out the mall a couple of times. We often meet for lunch after one of his appointments. He told me not to bother looking up any restaurants there, nothing he’d want.
    There are about five insurance or financial assistance businesses. Two vitamin sales places. One eyebrow threading place. One nail place, one hair cutting salon, a jeweler (been there ages I think), a store that makes personalized items (ditto). One dollar bookstore. A massage place (good reviews on yelp). Chuck E Cheese, at least five Filipino food based places, two mobile phone stores, one phone accessory store (maybe one of those carts, didn’t check).
    Pinoy videos, hot dog cart, pretzel cart…… Anna’s Linen’s closed…can’t find info on some of the other places they list as being in business at the Plaza. There’s a trade school place, medical billing, I think.
    I’m not saying there isn’t a demand for a Filipino-centric shopping mall, I just wonder if Target isn’t considering its options and maybe thinking of closing the mall store and opening elsewhere.
    The overhead for a mall location is higher and a store owner has fewer options as to how physical access and parking is handled.
    The plaza does have large parking areas but they’re not always convenient with so few actual mall entrances.
    I don’t know how much foot traffic for Target and Macy’s the other mall tenants generate. And vice-versa.
    Whoever owns the Plaza may be considering doing something else with the land…maybe build apartments/condos
    with retail places on the ground floor. It’s a huge, almost 2,300 parking spaces now…

    To the west is the SR-2 freeway, behind it on the hill are houses and apartments. Across Colorado there are businesses and behind those more housing.

    If LA needs more rental housing I think the space the Plaza occupies would be more practical and require less sacrifice by the neighbors.

    And if I owned such property and was thinking about doing something else with it, I’d let one of my major successful tenants know what was being considered so they could make other plans if they wanted. I don’t know about Macy’s. I never shop there. They may have been a big name back east but when they came west I didn’t see anything that I liked any better than stores I already supported.
    In August Macy’s said they planned to close 100 stores…10% which is pretty scary. Could be they’d be happy to have to leave the Plaza.
    Maybe the Plaza store has already been designated for closure and Target would want to bail from the location because of that….
    And for all the small businesses in the Plaza, there are a whole lot of empty store fronts both on Colorado and in mini-malls just off Colorado in Glendale…

    So those are my thoughts about Target and a possible new location (of course they wouldn’t say anything about closing a store!)…..
    and the possible new location would make them more accessible to the York Blvd people…and easy access from
    Cypress & Glassell Park as well as Highland Park via York or El Paso…

    now I’ll just have to wait and see how wrong I am…and why

  17. A local official in Eagle Rock told us that Target is looking at the possibility of opening a City Target size store, but with mostly/only food. This would be interesting, but I would hope they would try to compete with 365 more than anything.
    I agree with the petition by the Glassell Park Improvement Association that the area does not need another discount grocery store.
    And no, we do not need a gym.

  18. Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s!

  19. . Trader Joe’s. 365. Trader Joe’s/ restaurant in same location.

  20. Lazy Acres Natural Food Store

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