Eastside foodies await ‘thrilling restaurant openings’ in Echo Park and Highland Park

Cosa Buona is preparing to open in Pizza Buona’s original location

Two of this year’s most “thrilling restaurant openings” are on the Eastside, LA Weekly reports.

There’s the unnamed Highland Park project from the Everson Royce Bar team. Springing from their success with Everson Royce Bar in the Arts District, business partners Randy Clement and Matt Molina are now putting their focus on Italian food – not surprising given Molina’s background at Osteria Mozza.

We can only speculate what’s to come. But Clement and Molina told the Weekly that their new venture it will be “an Italian eatery on Figueroa whose concept is under development.” We’re assuming this new restaurant will open up in the 5900 block of Figueroa, where Clement and partners have been working on opening a large restaurant-wine-coffee complex for several years now.

Meanwhile, in Echo Park, Cosa Buona also made the list of highly anticipated restaurant openings. This project comes care of Zack Pollack, who already has Alimento in Silver Lake. But the Weekly says Cosa Buena will be more casual. Pollack’s new restaurant will fill  the old location of Pizza Buona, and will offer pizza, comfort food and Italian-American classics.

New Italian restaurant planned for FIgueroa

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  1. Please when will this wine store/restaurant/concept open? I love Emerson Royce and Silver Lake wine, but don’t go much as I live near HLP. They have been promising it for 3+ years.

    To quote the LA Weekly article, “Please, Lord, bring a decent wine store to Highland Park. Thank you, amen.”

  2. Been waiting on that wine/pizza joint next door for more than a minute. I’m curious to know what’s holding it back for this much time. Money or red tape?

  3. Gotta Say: Cosa Buona can go directly to the crapper. Flush. Opportunist Much? The original Pizza Buona crafted food and community since ’59 – and this funded, unoriginal dude is going to lift from the NAME and the MENU of people who built their life around serving this side of town their impassioned, quality eats? NOPE. Will NEVER step foot inside – nor will those I reach in my work. THANKFUL that the good family that is the original Pizza Buona is now BACK, and only one block away, down Alvarado. It is a pared down space – versus what they were used to, but the same AMAZING food is still richly flavored with INTEGRITY. Too harsh? Then go an opposite direction, new guy, and don’t lift what others created. Buona: means Good & Fair. Fair is defined as: “without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.” Just sayin.’

    • Thanks for staying away, more room for people who appreciate the finer things.

      • Lol… Thanks for going there and spending all your money on over-priced food in the guise of “finer things” while the rest of us go get the real thing around the corner.

    • Agreed. Cosa Buona is owned by the same people who gained notoriety by charging their patrons for frigging tap water, at Alimento. As excited as I get about new restaurants, I’ll definitely be skipping that one.

    • Omg i didn’t know it was down Alvarado! I love that place so glad to know its still around

  4. Pizza Buona was an awful greasy glumpy trashy pie, Echo Parque’s arterial health vastly improved after that archaic place closed down.
    Hate the game not the player. If it was good they would have thrived, look at Pizzanista success in what used to be a empty part of the art district. They have great marketing and an even better slice.

  5. Sweet, it’s going to be so great not to have that ugly debilitated eye sore right on the corner sunset. It’s the last building to not be gentrified / cleaned up. Looking forward to seeing the completed transformation!

    As to the old pizza buona moving around the corner… well, I feel bad for them. If you’ve driven through Alvarado in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that a gigantic condo development has sprung up right next door, called “The Lofts on Alvarado” literally dwarfing their building… won’t be long now until their rent gets raised again…

  6. #Yuppiesbecarful
    You have been warned.

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