Echo Park shooting turns out to be a movie shoot

ECHO PARK — If you were one of the Echo Park residents who wondered what all that shooting was about on Saturday night, this video clip may explain it. Wendy A. took this video on Lake Shore Avenue, which had been closed off south of Scott Avenue for the filming of what was is apparently Will Smith’s upcoming Netflix film, Bright.

The brief clip starts off with lots of gunfire and then the police pursuit of a vehicle down the narrow, hilly street.

While many residents were not happy about the simulated gunfire associated with the filming, Wendy said it was no big deal. “I thought it was pretty cool,” she said in a Facebook message. “They redid the same scene more than 6 times, and I really didn’t mind the noise it was pretty interesting to just watch.”

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. I don’t agree with Wendy and I know many residents around our area were very unhappy with midnight and early-morning noise caused by this film shoot. Babies were awakened, animals were frightened, and people were kept awake. I understand the need to allow filming to keep the industry and economy going, but filmers and those issuing permits should use their heads and take the filming out of residential neighborhoods at night.

    It would be interesting to know how widely the noise was heard, as Echo Park does indeed echo, and sounds are carried very widely.

    • Well said MinFran. There is a huge discussion about this on NextDoor. Many people were affected and damage was done to someone’s house by their dog who went berzerk.

      • I’m very confused by this story. If you live near Glendale blvd then you should be accustomed to loud noises literally 24/7. There are car crashes, helicopters, gang violence, homeless people yelling obscenities, and all sorts of weird stuff. So why do these people leave their dogs outside chained up in their yard, then complain when the dog gets spooked? Dogs should be kept indoors. It’s inhumane treatment to keep them locked out. If you have a dog with anxiety, and you keep them outside in an area as crazy and loud as this… that is asking for trouble… SO DUMB! And them to try and throw these film makers under the bus for damage caused to your house by you mistreating your own dog and keeping him locked out… well, I just don’t know what to say. Of course this must be a new resident and not someone who understands the area very well. I wonder if it was this resident that was responsible for the death threats the production received following this incident? Clearly we are dealing with some very entitled and delusional newcomers here.

        • Where is it reported that the dog was kept outside? We live nearly 1.5 miles from the shoot and our indoor cats were frightened and ran into hiding.

    • I live near Hoover and Bellevue and I definitely heard the firework booms. I wasn’t worried one bit since I’m a pyro myself 🙂

  2. We live 1.4 miles from lowermost south end of Lake Shore and the shots were very loud here. We thought they were large fireworks explosions until reading Eastsider.

  3. Lakeshore resident

    This scene back then was real life before this hipster growth,i grew up in that lakeshore area my whole life with real violence,automatic guns shot on the regular,theres been louder noises than that,if the noise and fireworks bug you move out again cause baseball season gonna start again and no one got time to worry about your kids when its dodger season

  4. It was irresponsible for production to film this without advising more people inthe area.. This neighborhood is always on alert due to shootings that still happen despite the gentrification that has taken place in the last decade. A mere 3 blocks away a young man was recently shot to death. I found it difficult to sleep that night and my animals were terrified.

  5. All residents in this area received flyers notifying them that this production would be filming here, and using mortar shells and firing guns. I’m a resident there and received a flyer. As for poor animals and babies being woken up… who the hell cares seriously. Why live in the heart of a major city if noise bothers you? Move out to the suburbs if you have kids and dogs and can’t stand noise.

    • We received no flyers and the noise was clearly heard in our neighborhood, 1.5 miles from the filming. You obviously care nothing about other people’s attempts to maintain at least a decent quality of life, and I find your comments ignorant and insulting.

      • Welcome to LA. You live in the heart of the city, get used to noise. It’s not going to stop for you.

        • Welcome to LA? I was born and raised here and have lived here the majority of my many years, much much longer than you, I’m quite sure.

          And Echo Park is not the heart of the city–that would be downtown where loud and quite relentless noise is definitely expected.

          • You do realize Echo Park is 5 minutes from downtown right? Maybe you spent all your time indoors and never went outside to notice. This is seriously the loudest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. People have parties, merriment, film shoots go on, people shoot fireworks, and it’s all great. You should keep trying to change that though, I enjoy watching people waste their time.

  6. This shoot was really annoying. Parking was blocked off around Glendale / Montana / Sunset / Park Drive from Friday till Tuesday — huge neighborhood inconvenience over a weekend. The noise was alarming and I received zero notice, though I live blocks from the site of shooting. Thanks location managers on this production for lack of advance warning to our neighborhood. Bet you couldn’t pull this off in Brentwood or Sherman Oaks, eh? Thanks for coming to take advantage of the community in Echo Park.

    • its not polite to speak unfavorably about TheFreshPrince of BelAir or any production which is graced by his participation.

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