Fatal crash on 2 Freeway; city collects $13 million in Airbnb hotel tax

Eastside Scene: Los Burritos, Echo Park | Martin Cox

MOrning Report

  • One person was killed this morning in a crash on the southbound 2 Freeway near the York Boulevard exit in the Glassell Park area. Officials have declared a SigAlert on the southbound 2 Freeway at the 134 and the westbound 134 Freeway to the north and southbound 2 Freeway, said Officer Dion Conley with the CHP. There was no information about what caused the crash, which was reported at about 5 a.m.
  • The city collected $13 million in hotel taxes from AirBNB in only five months as a proposal to restrict short-term rentals awaits review by the City Council. KPCC

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— Jesus Sanchez, Publisher

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  1. If the city made $14 million in 5 months and a good portion is going to fight the homeless, with limited stays, this may be better than we imagined. In addition, the tourists are frequenting our local businesses and putting us on the map even more than we already are. They key here is in the allotment of time for renting out to make sure people are actually living in these homes and just renting out, not buying to solely to rent out.

  2. Now that the greedy politicians see they will still get the tax money, airbnb will be here to stay and likely mostly unrestricted and/or not regulated. It is a win for Airbnb and proof that in a capitalist society, the $ always wins.

    • Guess what, you live in a capitalistic society – people have to have jobs to pay for the stuff that they want. If you would prefer a communist society, perhaps you can petition to be included in one of the last few strongholds and the government will force you to work with the threat of prison, but then you will get a guaranteed place to live and all those wonderful communist amenities without the fear of all those greedy capitalists.

      But what I think you are really saying is that you should get your cake and eat it too…You are entitled to live in Los Angeles (an extremely expensive city), work part-time at your leisure, enjoy capitalist amenities such as your computer and smart phone and reap the benefits of government subsidized housing. The problem with your equation is that although you will personally gain, someone else will lose making you the selfish beneficiary of THEIR hard work. Perhaps you should consider leaving Los Angeles for a more affordable parts of the country, solving your own problem rather than merely complaining that someone else (government) is not solving it for you.

      • I am pro Airbnb and capitalism. I’ve made a very comfortable living investing in rental properties in LA. Some may take the position that my rental income has been inflated by the shortage of housing caused by Airbnb. I’m also anti-rent control because price fixing never works and the unintended consequences are fierce. Not sure how you gathered from my comment that I am pro communism haha. You may be a little too defensive.

  3. Love it how the city says airbnb is illegal yet gladly takes all the taxes from it.

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