Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Independent Music Conference debuting in Silver Lake!

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Conference founder Mike Ziemer

Concert promoter and artist manager, Mike Ziemer, is bringing his first ever Independent Music Industry Conference to Silver Lake on January 12th and 13th. Unlike most other conferences that you may see in the music world, this one is a place where college students, interns, music industry professionals just getting their start, and long time industry mentors come together. The conference exists to break down the walls of intimidation that often keep younger people from seeking advice and guidance from industry professionals who have years of experience and advice to offer. The conference includes panels, guest speakers, and evening networking events.

Ziemer explained the difficulty in being a young music industry entrepreneur and what he hopes to change with conferences like this. When I first got my start in music, it was hard to find mentors that could take the time to really offer me solid advice and guidance. When it came to problem solving, everything was trial and error and with this conference, I want to knock down the walls of intimidation that keep future industry leaders from seeking advice from current industry leaders.”


Ziemer also mentioned how he doesn’t want people to feel like their location is keeping them from their dream, “It’s important for younger industry leaders to understand that they can thrive in music as a record label, manager, promoter, or anything regardless of their location. Events like this conference should be used to network, bring inspiration, and leave attendees headed home full of ideas to improve their local music community.”

The conference will have speakers from all different areas of the music industry including record labels, managers, touring crew, booking agents, promoters, PR companies, ticketing agencies, and more. Confirmed for the event are representatives from APA Agency, Hopeless Records, Equal Vision Records, Ticketfly, Catalyst PR, So What?! Music Festival, Extreme Thing, Anger Management, Pin Up Productions, Evolve Music Management, Hope For The Day, Haulix, Alternative Press, Printed Threads, Royal Division Management, Third String Productions, Continental Concerts, AJM Management, Good Fight Entertainment, Graphic Nature, Third String Records, and more.

To break down the walls of traditional music conferences that take place at hotels, convention centers, and inside of giant conference rooms, Ziemer decided to bring his conference to a multi-use space in Silver Lake. “I feel like the space itself and the area of Silver Lake is much more conducive to the creative way of thinking we want everyone to have when it comes to this conference. Making it a more free flowing discussion and open networking event is important to us. Also, the area has so many great bars and restaurants that we want to encourage people to visit.”

While this is only the first year for the IMI Conference, Ziemer already hopes to bring the conference to different states and return to Los Angeles again in 2018. “There’s been a lot of challenges putting together a first year conference, but thanks to the support of our ticketing company Ticketfly and our friends at Printed Threads, we’ve been able to put together a conference we feel confident in and one that more people will want to attend each year as we grow. It’s not always easy to get people to see your vision right off the bat, but we’ve had so much support with this it’s been very encouraging.”

If you are interested in attending the Independent Music Industry Conference this January, you can find out all the information at their website, IMIconference.com. Student discounts, military discounts, and local resident discounts are available by contacting the conference directly.

For any and all questions regarding the conference you can reach out to:

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