Section of Elliott Smith memorial wall removed for new Silver Lake restaurant

New window replaced part of Elliott Smith wall shrine | Photo by Eastsider reader

SILVER LAKE — If you are an Elliott Smith fan, brace yourself the next time you go past the unofficial memorial to the late singer.  About half of the wall sign featured on the cover of Smith’s Figure 8 album has been removed to install a window for a new restaurant now taking shape inside the Sunset Boulevard building.

“They have ruined the Elliott Smith memorial,” said an Eastsider reader who snapped a photo of the wall. “My neighborhood is change for the worse. What is going on here?”

The swirling red and black “S” was not painted with Smith in mind. It was  painted by the owners of Solutions Audio Speaker Repair to draw attention to the Silver Lake repair shop.  But the sign became associated with Smith after it appeared on the cover of his 2000 album.  The same sign later became a shrine to Smith, who lived in Echo Park at the time of his death in 2003.

The part of the sign that was removed will be installed inside the new new restaurant, Bar Angeles, which itself is named after one of Smith’s songs, said Eater L.A.

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  1. Oh, straight diss. That’s one step away from pissing on someone’s grave.

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    Talk about disrespect!

  3. I seriously will never go to this place, and they deserve to rot in hell for trying to capitalize on Elliott’s name like this.

  4. Everyone calm down……. that mural has been repainted and looks nothing like the original anyway. The only constant is change.

  5. I work not even a block away from this place and aside from going in there when it was a electronic repair place to have my VCR repaired…..yes repaired that’s how long ago it was, I had no idea what all that graffiti was on the window.
    Now that its going to be a restaurant, Great!
    For all you concerned citizens who feel that this is news, look across the street at what used to be a great donut shop, closed for well over a year because the landlord raised the rent so high that a simple open 24 hours donut shop cant stay in business. I understand the rent is in access of 8K a month.

    • No one cares about some old donut shop. This mural represents not just fine art and culture of Silver Lake / Echo Park, it represents a great artist who lived and died here. Now they want to capitalize on his name to turn a quick profit at this bar. Screw these guys for real.

      • That was Tang’s, which always had the chess players, and did have awesome donuts, 24 hours a day. I loved that place.

    • R Patton, swallow your spit.

  6. I’ve lived nearby for 8 years and have seen countless people scrawl messages on the mural and then nice people refresh and repaint the mural so others may enjoy it.

    Yet, this mural is not on public property. The mural was adopted/coopted by Smith and his fans. The space is owned by the audio shop next door and the owner is free to do whatever they want with it, including leasing the space to a restaurant. And now the restaurant is trying to figure out how to open a place for the neighborhood (and having a window that will help its business). Nobody getting into the restaurant business is expecting a quick profit—the margins are always razor thin, and getting thinner with the positive rise of minimum wages. ( Here’s some background on the place: http://la.eater.com/2016/11/2/13499668/bar-angeles-silver-lake-winter-construction-plywood )

    If everyone cared about the mural so much they should’ve figured out someway to raise money and save it in the past years or when this restaurant was announced in November 2015. But no one did. They could’ve gone through the city to designate it as a place with historical significance. But no one did. If this was so culturally significant to fans and our neighborhood, steps would’ve been taken. But no steps were taken.

    I welcome this restaurant and hope for it to further activate the street by not just being another windowless space along Sunset.

    • This mural WAS a local landmark to Smith. Internationally known. What a shame.

      • True, but you’re totally missing the point of Bloo’s post. “Yet, this mural is not on public property. The mural was adopted/coopted by Smith and his fans. The space is owned by the audio shop next door and the owner is free to do whatever they want with it, including leasing the space to a restaurant. ”

        Move on! With the Trumpocalypse going on we have bigger fish to fry…….

  7. Go away developers

    Who is this Elliot Smith guy anyways… Jeez. What has he done? I would much rather have a restaurant where I can talk and talk and talk and talk about my same old bs boring life. I mean I now live in Silver Lake, Im SOMEONE! I mean development is much superior than preserving our history and art. I mean music…who listens to that crap anyways?


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