You have never driven around a roundabout? The Canadians have some advice

CYPRESS PARK —  The city’s first major roundabout or traffic circle is near completion near the junction of Figueroa Street, San Fernando Road and Riverside Drive. The idea behind the 100-foot roundabout is to improve traffic flow and safety without the use of traffic signals , according to engineers. But since big roundabouts are new to most L.A. drivers,  the L.A. Department of Transportation has recommended watching an educational video created by the Region of Peel in suburban of  Toronto for handling a traffic circle and avoiding “unsafe conditions.”

Some highlights of How to Drive In a Roundabout:

  • Yield to traffic inside the roundabout before entering
  • Yield to traffic exiting the roundabout
  • Try not to change lanes in the roundabout
  • Bicyclists should follow the same rules
  • Pedestrians should wait for a “safe gap” in traffic before crossing

When will you be able to practice these roundabout rules?  City officials will only say “very soon.”

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  1. LAPD needs to ticket people who have no clue on how to use a roundabout, including bicyclists!!

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    This seems like an interesting intersection… Lets see how long it takes before someone is involved in an accident on a roundabout here.

    • One only need look at the number and frequency of collisions at nearby intersections to see that if collisions do happen here (there is ample evidence and history with roundabouts, though not in LA because they don’t really exist) it won’t be more or different than what is already happening at signals.

      Yes it is different, but why does that automatically mean that something bad is going to happen or that it isn’t going to work?

  3. Total waste of time and energy plus wear/tear and enforcement….Have worked with many in historic British dominated areas Malaysia-Pakistan-Kuwait-Oman, Jordan and Egypt… Some even try to signalize them which become even worst…they can be color coded which helps some but as a merge/give-way they are for low traffic volumes and knowledgeable drivers… We tried to save one in Dubai and after a year finally put in the lights and ome free right turns….that is ALL…signals are better and do not reqquire the quick..millisecond decisions…….would like to ee a pin board after a year…..

    • So this is a bad idea and wast of energy (not sure what kind of energy you mean, but if you mean electric power, this will actually save energy since there are no signals), yet you go on to say “some even try to signalize them, which become even worst,” and then go on to say “signals are better and do not require quick millisecond decisions.”

      First of all, signalization can’t be worst and better – which is it? Secondly, I don’t know where you drive or live, but the suggestion that intersections don’t require millisecond decisions is not accurate nor born by the collision comparisons at places like roundabouts and intersections in comparable environments. Driving anywhere, particularly intersections in LA, requires constant quick millisecond decisions. We need to improve our streets with a focus on safety and trying this is preferable to status quo, IMO.

  4. They have them all over Colorado too, no-one has any issues navigating them there.

  5. there’s one by the Indian Casino along I-10 west of Palm Springs, and drivers are completely ignorant as to how to navigate it. on the other hand, I grew up in Kansas City and there was one along a heavily trafficked artery, and it worked quite well. does this mean that Kansas City drivers are more intelligent than L.A. drivers? no comment…….

    • “does this mean that Kansas City drivers are more intelligent than L.A. drivers?”

      Hah! I’ve never been to Missouri, but LA drivers set the bar pretty damn low.

  6. I’m pretty sure there’s already one in Highland Park, intersection of Ave. 59 and Echo St…

  7. U-turns ought a be easy – and fun. Looking forward to the first high-speed pursuit through the round-a-bout too.

  8. This isn’t goibg to work. People still can’t ubderstand how a STOP sign works! Especially in this area…yet alone YIELD.

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