Brooklyn Bagel clears hurdle to reopen Beverly Boulevard bakery

Storefront ReportHISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN — Brooklyn Bagel has taken a big step toward reopening its Beverly Boulevard bakery but expect some changes when it gets back in business, according to Eater LA.

The bakery closed its bakery and store in Filipinotown in May 2015 after an exterior wall collapsed and the building was declared unsafe by city inspectors. While wholesale production for Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has continued elsewhere, the promise of reopening the Beverly location has long been in the wind.

Now, after negotiating with the building’s owner for more than a year, the bakery’s owner, Vanik Elchibegian, has taken control of the building, according to Eater LA.

Next, he just needs permission from the city as he seeks to rebuild.  But when it reopens, the once spare bakery will have “a more cafe-like experience.”  Said Eater:

Don’t worry, this won’t become a new minimalist coffee haven for hip kids moving into the area; expect the same old school charm and feel as ever before. Elchibegian even says he’s kept original photos of the first owners and other trinkets from the place to add some charm, and has already purchased a few rotating deck ovens to bring back in once the city gives the all clear.”

According to an ambitious timeline from Elchibegian, the Beverly location could reopen by Memorial Day weekend, LA Eater said.

Brooklyn Bagel, founded in 1953 by Seymour Friedman, moved to the  2200 block of Beverly in 1965, according to the company website.

Brooklyn Bagel, after a wall collapsed in May 2015

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  1. Hope they start making good bagels…

  2. “Don’t worry, this won’t become a new minimalist coffee haven for hip kids moving into the area”

    I’ll show up anyway just to make you guys uncomfortable

  3. Thank goodness! We miss you, Brooklyn Bagel!!!

  4. My favorite bagels! This is great news. Their small coffee, under a buck (I think the medium is too?), paired with the most delicious bagels is my ideal minimalist coffee haven! I don’t really care what their interiors look like or become– so long as the quality of the bagels stay intact.

  5. Eassider Loves Money More Than People

    “Don’t worry, this won’t become a new minimalist coffee haven for hip kids moving into the area:” says the author of this article. This statement is classist, agist and divisive. I see plenty of your advertisers cater to this group who you seem to distain. So you will take the money but condemn this group of people. Thats pathetic. Eastside hits a new low of disrespecting its readers, dividing its community all while exposing its own lack of dignity and respect for itself.

    • You might want to re-read that, @elmmap. That was a quote from Eater LA, not TheEastsider. Personally, I cannot wait to stop by for my fav…….a Jalapeno Cheese Bagel! I’m so thrilled to know that BBB will soon be open again!

    • You seem pretty pathetic yourself, for some reason looking for an axe to grind against TheEastsider (not Eastside, BTW). TheEastsider is almost the only source of local news for those of us in Echo Park and surrounds, and the editor, Jesus Sanchez, and staff work hard in order to provide it; the reader is never “disrespected.”

      So take your poor attitude and complaint to Eater LA.


        If we “can’t get along” over something so simple as a bagel, what chance do we have, folks? Add a little cream cheese and mellow out!

    • Highland Park Sucks

      Even if it was an Eastsider quote (which it isn’t), who cares??? I kinda like the world better when everyone wasn’t so [email protected] hypersensitive about everything…trying to shame everyone and everything into submission.

      Let people have their opinions. If you don’t like it, engage in productive conversation or just stop visiting the site, after all, no one is forcing you to read this blog—maybe it’s time we all take a little responsibility for ourselves 😉

  6. Well, the old setup didn’t have any charm; it was a bagel warehouse with grumpy ladies bagging your bagels.
    And I loved it.
    But if it is slightly more friendly, I won’t mind either.

  7. So happy they are reopening! They have the best bagels and prices! I hope they both stay the same!

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