Councilman Cedillo defends record; Assemblyman wants to stop 710 Freeway tunnel; Cal State L.A. receives grant for bio-science boot camp

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  • A state assemblyman has introduced legislation that would prevent the building of freeway tunnel under El Sereno, Pasadena and South Pasadena to close the 710 Freeway gap. The tunnel is one of several options Caltrans is considering to complete the long-delayed project. Daily News
  • Cal State L.A. and its partners have been awarded a $500,000 federal matching grant for a “boot camp” to train bioscience entrepreneurs and their startup companies. LA BioSpace, an industry incubator, is expected to open during the 2017-18 academic year on the El Sereno campus. L.A. Business Journal
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  1. 3 out of 4 T.O.D. (MacArthur Park TOD Phase I, Blossom Plaza in Chinatown, Marmion Way Apartments in Cypress Park) Cedillo refers to were started before he assumed office. Why is he trying to take credit for them?

    “Mayor Garcetti worked closely with State Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León to secure $25 million in state funding toward the City’s purchase and development of the G2 parcel.”
    Cedillo is trying to take credit for that too?

    I just can’t with this dude.

  2. Cedillo is desperate…Bye bye dude! You did nothing for CD1!

  3. Nice letterhead, Cedillo. Fun fact: he can’t use city letterhead/seal in his campaigning efforts. Just like he can’t use the CD1 mailing list to campaign*. But he’s doing both.

    Municipal Code section 49.5.5b

    “No City official or employee of an agency shall engage in campaign-related activities such as fundraising, the development of electronic or written materials, or research, for a campaign for any elective office of ballot measure during the hours for which he or she is receiving pay to engage in City business or using City facilities, equipment, supplies or other City resources.”

    * see http://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/los-angeles/12424-gil-cedillo-s-campaign-ship-sailing-into-rough-waters

  4. Sore Loser Cedillo! He’s trying to grasp onto anything he can. Even though he says this:
    “I introduced several amendments to strengthen Mobility Plan 2035 all of which were adopted by the City Council. These substantive amendments ensured fairness, social equity, environmental justice, meaningful community participation in implementation, and prioritized the safety of our most vulnerable senior and children pedestrians”

    he actually tried to REMOVE streets in his district from the plan. Sore Loser Cedillo even whined to the NY Times about it:

    “The reality is that Southern California is built around the automobile,” said Gil Cedillo, one of two Council members to vote against the plan. “We’re going to make more traffic and create even greater congestion. I don’t know how anybody votes for that.”

    He said few of the constituents in his lower-income district would use the bike lanes, while everyone would suffer as traffic worsened.

    “It’s a very elitist policy,” he said.

    He just goes around whining and never takes action to actually improve anything himself.

  5. Yeah, the 710 Tunnel Project is a bad idea. It will just create more pollution in the area, trucks and cars spewing more hazardous fine particles into the neighborhoods around there. The only ones in support of the project is Big China(AKA Alhambra)and surrounding communities. They need to focus more on syncing up lights and add more bridges over the train tracks along Mission Ave.

    • Not to mention we’d be throwing billions into a project that would shave seconds off regional commutes… and people wonder why our existing roads and bridges are crumbling!

  6. Cedillo is a hero for standing up to the elitist bike lobby.

    • LOL… I know, right?

      Usually the suits at City Hall just clear their calendars whenever the all powerful “bike lobby” makes an appearance at 1st and Spring.

      Nobody can say for certain just how far their tentacles reach, but with campaign donations reaching into the low 4 figures, they’re clearly a political juggernaut, and not to be trifled with.

      Roadkill Gill should be commended for courageously risking his career, and livelihood, challenging the “third-rail” of LA politics.

      Such a maverick!


  8. So let me get this straight – on a night where there are ICE raids going on in District 1, Gil Cedillo is (unethically) using the resources of his office to write campaign letters. Gil is supposed to be protecting the most vulnerable, not politicking to save his own skin. Gil’s gotta go.

  9. Like Trump, easier to tell the lie knowing few people will fact check him until its too late and he is locked in for another term. L-O-S-E-R!

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