Developer moving forward with 4-story Colorado Boulevard apartment building

Eagle Rock Sizzer

EAGLE ROCK –– A developer is moving ahead with plans to build a 36-unit apartment building with ground-floor commercial space on the site of the Eagle Rock Sizzler.

Colorado Equities has applied for permission from the Planning Department to build a project at 2530 Colorado Boulevard  that is seeking exceptions from current zoning to build a project that is larger and taller than would normally be allowed. In this case, the project would rise 4 stories or 61.5- feet high at its tallest, according to a summary. In return for the exceptions, the builder would include 3 apartments for tenants with very low incomes. The remainder of the units would be rented at market rates.

In addition to residences, the building would include 86 parking spaces and more than 6,000 square-feet of commercial space.

A public hearing will be scheduled to review the developer’s requests.

The project has been in the works for about two years.

eagle rock sizzler map

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  1. In other words, 3 units for very low income tenants that would be illegal to build if Measure S passes. Might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but it starts to add up fast when you’re talking about hundreds, possibly thousands of similar projects around LA where these below market units will no longer pencil out.

    • hear, hear — NO on S!

    • Measure S would not prevent this project since the 2007 Colorado Blvd specific plan allows for buildings 55 feet in height on that lot. 4 stories would easily be under that so no variance needed by the developer.

      Only projects requiring variances would be on hold for 2 yrs under S, while the city updates its zoning plans, from the 90s,

      The Colorado Specific Plan is exactly what S hopes to replicate throughout the city, smart development with transparent public input. Instead of the willy nilly spot zoning, with no infrastructure to support it, and no benefit to anyone but the developers.

      • You should read the story

        The story says 61.5 feet dude that’s over the 55 foot mark you mentioned…

      • @lol no this wouldn’t be allowed as it requires a zone amendment, did you read the short, digestible article? It couldn’t have been more than a couple hundred words..

        “Colorado Equities has applied for permission from the Planning Department to build a project at 2530 Colorado Boulevard that is seeking exceptions from current zoning to build a project”


        • Meant to read “should” instead of “would”.
          I read it, my point is they could build a 4 story project, adhering to current zoning.
          This is a clear example of developers’ complacency, even in generous building zones to do whatever they want regardless of community wants, needs and laws.

          Measure S would force them to build within the limits the community set. Contrary to the chicken littles, developers are not going to close up shop if S passes, they’re going to follow the zoning set, and work to influence a favorable general plan. At least citizens will be invited to the table this time when that happens.

          • The point I was trying to make is they will have zero incentive to set aside 3 units for very low income tenants, not that they won’t still build a smaller market rate project.

            I agree the zoning needs to be updated more often, so everyone in the community is on the same page. But the same people pushing S are the ones who sue and block the city’s efforts on that front.

            They don’t really want the city to follow through on that process, because it will undoubtedly mean more infill density… market demand for new housing in this city is unrelenting and we have nowhere to grow but up.

  2. Sizzler is single use, low FAR, over parked and unsustainable. BYE! get Suburbia out of our city.

    I look forward to seeing the design schemes for the proposed project.

  3. Community is dead and gone , the developers and people who only care About their property values is the new order.

  4. Who approves these monsters???! Huizar???! The Orange monster across the street is horrible. Eagle Rock is losing its charm & mountain views to these “developments”.

  5. Why not 18 low income and 18 market value?

  6. Are the number of allotted parking spaces extreme, or reasonable? Allowing two spaces per apartment would require 72 spaces, but the builder is allowing 86.

    • Additional guest parking is required when you exceed a certain amount of units. It is extremely expensive to build enclosed parking and it is part of what makes it impossible to build low income housing in Los Angeles without some sort of subsidy.

  7. What about my beloved chicken wings and clam chowder?

  8. Marilyn Koehn, If you know how a 50% low income and 50% market rate project can be developed in Los Angeles without outside subsidy I beg you to please for the sake of our common good become a developer yourself or at the very least share your ideas publicly. Just about anyone will agree that Los Angeles desperately needs more low income housing. The problem is with the cost of land, labor, city permit fees, burdensome retrograde city parking requirements, and carrying costs for the years long permitting process a project of any size goes through before ground can be broken it is near to actually IMPOSSIBLE to build new low income housing unless the construction is in some way subsidized. The flexibility that Measure S misguidedly tries to halt is actually a good thing. The flexibility does such things as allow developers build fewer parking spaces in transit zones in trade for providing some low income units or an extra story to allow more market rate units to offset the cost of providing some low income units.

  9. Eagle Rock does not need this structure. This is a perfect example of a speculation real esate investment market driven by REITs. Are we becoming China?
    The orage monstrosity accross tbe street isnt even being utilized. The developers insisted Eagle Rock needed that piece of S@#t!!
    This is why we need a new general plan in LA promoting smart growth.
    Yes on S!!

  10. Where is the projected driveway going to be located ? they will probably cause traffic jams when resident exit trying to cross Colorado mid block to go west, being that thereb is already cars backed up approaching the mall?

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