Gold Line trains collide with vehicles twice in one day in Highland Park

Wednesday evening crash | Photo by Paul C.

HIGHLAND PARK — A Gold Line train collided with a car tonight only a few hours and two blocks away from an earlier train-vs-car crash that took place this afternoon.

The most recent crash happened at about 6:20 p.m. near Marmion Way and Avenue 54, said Eastsider reader Paul C., who took a photo of a damaged train car and a small blue wagon. A person in the wagon complained of pain but it was not clear if medical treatment would be required, according to City News Service.

Rail service was running up to 15 minutes late as southbound trains shared the same track in Highland Park, Metro said on Twitter.  The agency said that trains had begun resuming normal service by 8 p.m.

Earlier in the day, Metro  halted Gold Line rail service  between the Highland Park and Mount Washington stations after a car and train collided at about 1 pm near Avenue 52 and Marmion Way.  No one was injured on the train but a person in the car, which was wedged against a post and the train, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, said City News Service.

Metro ran shuttle bus service to transport Gold Line passengers for more than two hours before service returned to normal after 3 pm. But less than four later, the second crash took place.

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  1. A few months ago my wife saw a truck get hit by the train at the Ave 45 crossing. The barrier came down for her northbound but not on the other side the truck was able to turn onto the tracks with no barrier. Luckily it just clipped the back of the truck and spun it around, didn’t seem to be a deadly crash. What’s going on with the crossings or signals?

    • Sounds like the car could pretty clearly see the lights and barriers coming down on at least one side.

      never try to beat the train.

    • Since you state that the barrier came down on one side, I would blame the driver for ignoring the bells and barrier that did go down, personally. It isn’t like the train and tracks came out of nowhere .

      Also, there are many more vehicle vs. vehicle collisions everyday that typically result in more injury/death. I’d be more concerned about what’s going on with drivers/people than the the train crossings or signals.

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    Waiting about 30-60 seconds can save your life… it’s not worth it to beat the train and it doesn’t take that long for it to pass!

  3. Nobody ends up stuck on the tracks, or worse colliding with the train by accident… there’s all sorts of lights, bells and whistles that go off. We just have a lot of bad drivers in this city, and local streets that are engineered to reinforce and encourage reckless habits behind the wheel.

  4. At Marmion Way and Ave.54 there is nothing but a box that flashes a picture of a train. No bells, whistles, barriers. The same is true at other crossings along that stretch. There’s two elementary schools on the next bock over. Don’t know why no one’s made an issue about this.

    • No one has made an issue of school children crossing the Gold Line tracks because it is cars crashing with trains and not pedestrians. For a pedestrian to be hit they would have to cross a red light in front of a slowed train that is easily seen while walking. When the “Train” box flashes a warning of a coming train the lights are red. Bad driving decisions are the cause of car wrecks with trains .

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