Highland Park mural needs a $20,000 touch-up

HIGHLAND PARK — One of the biggest murals in the neighborhood help, according to LA Weekly.

Mexico Tenochtitlan: A Sequence of Time and Culture at the corner of Avenue 61 and North Figueroa Street — the 100-foot by 20-foot saga of Chicano history — has been tagged about about two dozen times in the past two years, according to Anthony Ortega, co-founder of Quetzalcoatl Mural Project, the artist collective that finished the mural in 1996. One tagging last year spanned half the width of the mural, the Weekly said.

Even after a clean-up and rededication about a year ago, Ortega, who travels on a week from his home in the Inland Empire to inspect the mural,  told the Weekly his group needs at least $20,000 to bring the mural back to its original condition.

Ortega told the paper he worked for a while with someone from Councilman Gil Cedillo’s office to get a grant from the Department for Cultural Affairs. But as of now, no application seems to be on file.

In addition to touching up the paint and adding anti-graffiti glaze, Ortega said he wants to bring the mural up to date, perhaps including depictions of environmental issues and gentrification.

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  1. Are the hipsters tagging this wonderful mural?!!
    Those damn white hipsters….not respecting the culture of the neighborhood they live in…
    Because surely those little shitheads gang members fools are not the ones tagging a mural honoring their culture and ancestry…

    • Taggers are definitely pieces of crap. But the ones that destroyed this mural the last time around are not Latinos as you assumed. They are try-hards, what you may call a “non-hispanic”, going over every respected commissioned mural in the area. Even the Bo Tree building art was ruined. These are the same assholes that painted over the Native American mural below the Southwest Museum. I keep track of these haters names and found out who some where. I hate those guys. For you to single them out as disrespecting the “cultural” art work is a bunch of bull. In Echo Park, the “Quinceanera” mural on the walls of the Senor Fish Tacos was also defaced by a group of “non-his-panics”. Sorry, but you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. As for me, the defacing of out murals pisses me off and I am doing something about it. Keep hating but you are waaay off.

      • Your in denial.

      • SPOON, Your story is incredible. As in, not credible nor believable. You want us to believe that no Latino tags these murals?

        That’s about as believable as the exaggerated narrative of that dumb movie “Hidden Figures”. Liberals and their constant over correcting just to make a point.

        • I’m not in denial boys and girls. I have personally sought out these bastards. They are not who you think them to be. Hold up! I hear “Hidden Figures” is a solid movie. Pay attention next time to the four letter tagged names. Look them up on line. Go to Instagram. You will find their assosciatons and pictures of them. They ain’t His-panics. They are are non-his-panics. I’m on to them. And these assholes are going to answer to their actions. No “denial” it’s actually my determination to find specific taggers. Again, The biggest offenders are NOT his-panics.- your “panic”, are not the culprits, bro.

          • Give us some proof. Not your babbling.

          • One of the (latino) gangs tagged in their gang letters into the artist’s signatures on the mural. So that right there blows your theory out of the water. It’s been since painted over, but you can see it on the google street view archives.

            But at the end of the day, I really don’t care about the ethnicity of the taggers.

            Let’s be real, taggers by their very nature have zero respect for anything, including themselves. And to think that there’s some kind of unspoken code of respect among taggers is ridiculous.

  2. Seems pointless to spend twenty thousand to restore something that the taggers will just vandalize again. Also kind of funny that the artist – an Inland Empire dweller – who travels by car (pollution contributing) from a neighborhood he moved into (Gente-fication), to a neighborhood he moved out of, wants to update the mural by depicting “environmental and Gentrification” scenes! Gentrifying and polluting while you’re trying to make a political statement against the very same things – I want to see him paint THAT mural.

  3. My cousin and a few other people painted this….
    Its a shame people cant respect ..
    Dont see y they dont go tagging there mothers house

  4. Time to go, why waste money. Just paint it white. It’s too much and the taggers don’t care what’s painted on the wall they just like to deface public property, making their neighborhoods look like crap. I’m sure if their parents owned some property they wouldn’t want someone to come and paint their stupid gang name on their house or building. And besides nobody cares about their gang names. There needs to be a paint crew that goes around the neighborhood every single day and paints over that mess. As soon as it goes up, it comes down!! Don’t give them bragging rights just paint it over the next morning.

  5. 20k for a dude who does not live in the community. Overpriced.

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