“It’s practically dead out here” — East L.A. merchants say Trump has been bad for business

EAST LOS ANGELES — LA Weekly has looked at Donald Trump’s impact on the economy of this heavily immigrant neighborhood, and the news is not good.

One predictable victim of Trump’s policies is the travel industry.  With the fear among immigrants — documented as well as undocumented — that they may be barred from the United States if they ever travel outside of it, business is down at many travel agencies. “The measures [Trump] is taking is causing people to hold onto their money,” said Moises Avila, who told the Weekly he’s seen a drop-off in his business, the America Travel Agency at the corner of Whittier Boulevard and LaVerne Avenue.

Other kinds of businesses along Whittier Boulevard – East L.A.’s most well-known shopping strip — also told The Weekly that they’ve been suffering.  Some of the slowdown has been due to protests such as the recent “A Day Without Immigrants.” But, Saturday crowds have shrunk, stores are closing earlier than usual, and  some vendors say that their business is half — or less — what it was before the election.

“It’s practically dead out here,” one Whittier Boulevard clothing store employee told the Weekly. “There’s hardly anyone on the street. It’s been like this for weeks.”

Read more in the L.A. Weekly.

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  1. RAIN!! Hello, it’s been raining every weekend!!

  2. Maybe the reason you don’t have any customers is because you are a travel agency and nobody even remembers that those exist

  3. Having empty streets in an area where immigrants usually walk and shop indicates that many are illegal and responding to crackdown and potential deportation. Immigrants need to come to the U.S. legally, then they will not feel a need to hide.

  4. more fake news, it’s been raining and the interviews were done during the day without immigrants protest so of course there will be fewer people. and unlike a responsible journalist, no counterpoint of view was even attempted

  5. TheEntireCountryisGentrifying

    The customers have migrated to other areas that are more tolerant of other races. Anti Gentrification in Boyle Heights/East La has scared people from wanting to visit. although it wasn’t the entire neighborhhood protest in against the gentrification people still take notice. Next time this stuff happens pay attention and be strong to oppose this behavior because it does more harm than good.
    Anti-gentrification calls for keeping a community the same. Ironic considering the community is mostly from foreign countries and many want to keep the US as a whole the same. Way to show empathy and build support and. Ow it’s keeping people away

  6. I have not noticed signs of gentrification nor anti gentrification protest in East LA. But I would definitely welcome MinFran over and treat her to a tasty bionico from an illegal street vendor. Come on ditch the Gelato bar and try something new! Its a yogurt parfait! And for goodness sake stop worrying about immigrants. I bet if trump said fruit vendors worked for isis youd believe him huh

    • I was born, raised, and have lived in Los Angeles for over seventy years…not exactly a gentrifier. And no thanks to food from illegal street vendors. Voted for Hillary Clinton, not Trump.

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