Daily Archives: March 20, 2017

What will replace Atwater Village’s Club Tee Gee? [correction]

ATWATER VILLAGE — The site of one of Atwater Village’s oldest bars — Club Tee Gee — is now up for lease a little more than one year after its owner died. An Eastsider reader noticed that a “For Lease” sign has been placed above the bar’s yellow neon sign in the 3200 block of Glendale Boulevard. Club Tee Gee has ... Read More »

How an East L.A. school received a boost from new state education ratings

EAST LOS ANGELES — The state’s new method to measure a school’s academic performance appears to be more generous than the old system in offering positive assessments of how a school is doing, reports The L.A. Times. Case in point is Brooklyn Avenue Elementary in East Los Angeles. The new California School Dashboard replaces the Academic Performance Index. Instead of API’s ... Read More »