Dear Neighbor: Move your car!

ECHO PARK — A note taped to the windshield of a car parked on a street off of Scott Avenue.

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  1. You can very easily report abandoned cars to the city online

    Any vehicle that has been parked on a city street or highway for 72 hours or more can be reported as an abandoned vehicle. (Parking in alleys is illegal at all times.)

    Vehicles without an engine, wheels, or some other part necessary for safely driving the vehicle are subject to immediate impounding.

    Report abandoned vehicle

    Online http://wmq.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/la/complaintform.jsp?complainttype=1
    1 (800) ABANDON (222-6366)
    Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    After Hours leave voice mail for return call next business day.
    Required information

    Vehicle location (street address, block #, cross street, zip code)
    License Plate
    Vehicle Make
    Vehicle Color

  2. LOL, glad I don’t live near this busybody… get a life!

  3. Six pieces of tape and five exclamation points for one sign? Does this person not know we’re in an outrage drought?

  4. What about junk cars that are falling apart in peoples’ diveways with flat tires? If they haven’t been driven for years are they subject to any sort of violation?

    • Not if they are parked in private property.

    • Really – you have a problem with what your neighbor does in his own driveway? How can that possibly be your business?

      • Because I prefer to not live next to a makeshift junkyard. How can my desire to not live next to crap-hoarding neighbors be any of your business?

        Thx Lakeview.

    • Yes it’s a LADBS code violation. Even if it’s on private property.

      • That is correct. However, in practice, it’s nearly impossible to get the city to enforce this code. A friend of mine in Echo Park has been trying to get the city to do something about the two abandoned and rusting junkers in his neighbor’s driveway for years. Years. The city admits it’s a violation and they’ll be right out … and they never show up, never ticket, never cite. These vehicles are extremely visible and bring down the neighborhood – the neighbor is basically running his own junkyard (don’t get me started on the abandoned washing machine, dryer and other junk that’s piled up around the cars). Very frustrating.

  5. You can report abandoned vehicles all you want, parking enforcement won’t come, if you do eventually show up, they rarely ticket.
    They only enforce parking on vehicles that look like they can pay. That’s what happens when you partner with private industry and turn a public service into a money making venture.
    LADOT and Xerox State and Local Solutions focus resources on revenue raising, not serving of constituents or care of neighborhoods.
    The DOT site has how to report, and the 72 hour rule, but no protocol on how long they will take to respond, because abandoned vehicles are last on the list, and produce no revenue, only outlay of resources.

    • If one is not homeless, undocumented or poor the city really doesn’t give a sh*t about you. Quality of life? Forget about it. Pensions not potholes! Can’t pay/ignnored your parking ticket? You’re off the hook! One would think the city government is a non profit solely for the indigent and undocumented. It’s really out of balance.

  6. If the car is registered, insured, and moved a few feet every three days, it’s all good in the hood. I agree with Corner Soul, however. “Get a life!”- hater.

  7. i lived at the intersection of scott and mohawk for nearly 6 years now and abandoned cars are a huge issue for us. city came around about 3 years ago and made ppl move or towed their cars and it did wonders for the parking. as the rest of the neighborhood moves to permit parking only its only gonna get worse for us.

    whoever left this note, you are a hero.
    someone who actually lives here.

  8. Once again, here are a bunch of people DEFENDING detritus in our neighborhoods. I personally don’t want broken down cars on the street because it’s basically a large piece of garbage…just a bunch of losers with hood mentality running down the east side and forcing other people to deal with their problems (or unwillingness to deal with their problems – these guys will tow it for free http://losangeles.wheelsforwishes.org/).

    • Losers? Hood mentality? What an insult, first of all, a lot of us that were born and raised here, do not have “hood “mentality’s , whatever that means . Second of all this is not the Eastside for those of us that grew up in Echo Park , the east side is actually East Los Angeles , east of the river . No matter what a stupid la weekly map says , that’s just what l.a natives know the boundaries of east la were . it’s only the east side to transplants and people that make up names like “Atwater “village ” or Echo Park “hills” … Moving here was be such a great idea until you realized it’s a old established neighborhood and it’s never going to be Beverly Hills ( thank god!) , it’s still the most amazing place to be in L.A… signed , Echo Park and not hood since 1962 !

      • You are correct – In fact, it used to be a nice neighborhood before it became THE HOOD, hence the “Hood Mentality” statement. In fact, how can you know you don’t have “hood mentality” if you don’t even know what it means???

        Anyway, pick up your trash and stop throwing it on the street and move your broken down car and everything will be just fine. Everything doesn’t have to be Beverly Hills to be clean.

  9. Some people pay businesses to store their cars while they are out of town. The “businesses” (maybe it’s just “a guy”) find quiet streets with no permitting to leave the cars for free storage. Owners probably don’t know this is what’s going on. Some of these biz will at least move the cars after three days. Not all, tho’. As PPs have said, report it if it’s a problem.

  10. That sign is passive aggressive weak sauce, probably written by somebody who cries for safe spaces. Get to know your neighbors and quit being a puss.

    • Ah, OK. That really added something to the debate. Thanks.

      • It actually does, leaving notes on peoples cars without any knowledge of what that person may be going through or dealing with makes whoever wrote this a complete dipshit. Reach out to neighbors and talk rather than leaving notes like an infantile cry baby who is afraid of confrontation. They may be recently disabled sick, out of town for a dying relative, dealing with a mental disorder, or unable to repair the car. It is no debate , if you leave notes without knowing what the deal is you are jerk off.

        • Citizen X, I’ll definitely hand it to you – you are the ultimate idealist. After all, everyone is going through something, but from a governing standpoint, it’s simply not practical in an extremely populated city/society to consider every single personal situation. If that were the case, I suspect that most speeding tickets, break-in, or even assaults could be justified by some current or past story (situation) – I’m running late for work…I need money for food…he pushed me first and my father used to beat me. And there is the simple fact that some people don’t always tell the truth…

    • Meridee Thompson

      I have a neighbor with different aesthetics than I. He has said if there are any problems ever please come talk. They have had the house for 19 years but only moved into it (looked abandoned)4 years ago. All but the side of the house facing our back patio was refreshed. The side towards us is 1940’s brown paint blistered plywood and rot. He drives a beat to shit little truck to work. As far as he is concerned there isn’t a problem with any of this. So I planted some tall plants between us. My advice, if you can, edit your view.

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