Echo Park retail and residential project in the works after Sunset storefronts sell for $9.5 million

ECHO PARK — A 200-foot-long stretch of Sunset Boulevard storefronts — including A Grocery Warehouse, a longtime Asian market — will be transformed into a mixed-use retail and residential development after the property sold for $9.5 million.

Champion Real Estate Company said it will renovate and reuse the “dilapidated” buildings to create loft-style residences and a ” trendy food court-style collection of the latest eateries and restaurants” called the BrickWorks.

The project continues the ongoing gentrification of Sunset, where long-time discount stores,  restaurants and shops that catered to working-class customers have closed amid a surge in rents. A few blocks west at Sunset near Alvarado, another major project, Mohawk Collective, is preparing to open with new restaurants and shops in renovated buildings.

“Combined with its location just blocks from Dodger Stadium, BrickWorks will provide trendsetting food and beverage focused retail to an underserved sub market,” said Garrett Champion in a statement.

BrickWorks will be spread over an approximately 36,000-square-foot site that includes a two-story commercial building, parking lot and the market near Portia Street. (The corner building that includes Little Joy Jr. bar is not part of the sale).

A Grocery Warehouse — its narrow aisles stocked with Asian produce, foods and merchandise — will close but it’s not clear when. “The entire site is currently owner occupied and will be completely vacated,” said the developer’s spokesperson.

CurbedLA says that the loft-style housing would be constructed on the parking lot but the company spokesperson said that plan has not been confirmed.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. I really need to start looking for a new neighborhood. This is getting ridiculous. Echo park is going to be completely unrecognizable.

  2. Could this be where the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella locates?

  3. there goes the neighborhood… again

  4. F*** THIS! The only local asian grocery is closing??? I loved A-mart. This is sooooo sad. Developers ruining everything good.

  5. Also….loft-style housing and “trend-setting food and beverage.” BARF.

  6. As an Asian, I would like an awesome Japanese market.

    • Marukai in DTLA is a really great Japanese market. They have sashimi grade fish to make all your own sushi / sashimi at home. Going there today actually.

  7. @Kristen maybe you should ask the store/property owners why they decided to sell. Sounds to me like they appreciate the opportunity to retire rich more than they like selling Asian groceries to white millenials.

    • The people who owned the market did not own the land. And what does “white” have anything to do with- and where is Procipio to call you out on race baiting? Oh yeah, now I remember it only flows one way…

  8. But if an Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella locates in Echo Park as is rumored it would be a shop that everyone in the neighborhood would have reason to frequent. The asian market serves a niche need and frankly doesn’t fit with the more upscale Echo Park.

  9. I’ve lived in Echo Park for nearly 20 years, I thought it was abandoned. Never went in there. I’ll still miss it driving through Sunset though.

  10. I went in there at least once a week maybe more. I got all my produce there as well as meats and seafood. Lots of usefull kitchen items. The prices were soo good there. Easy parking. Nice people working there. Walking distance. if I wasn’t getting too much stuff. Cant blame the owners for selling at that price. But it is the developers that have the cash to do what they want. Buy out anyone includung our city council.

  11. I’m so pleased that something I don’t use will be replaced by something I probably won’t use. I hope an Olive Garden moves in.

  12. Just get something built and not let it sit vacant for 5 years.

  13. canaryinthecoalmine

    Everyone used to shop at that market before the trust-funder invasion. It used to have the best produce and freshest meat. It was NOT a “niche market” it had everything. The “upscale” people invaded the area and decided it wasn’t good enough for them because it wasn’t a Whole Foods or a Lassen’s- why? because they are snobs.
    The market went downhill when they weren’t getting the business they used to.
    I shopped there for years. It made it so a person could afford the feed their family delicious food without breaking the bank. But Echo Park doesn’t need it anymore because when you use your parents credit cards you can afford to pay $9.99 a pound for asparagus at Lassen’s.

    • Oh for chrissake, are you serious? “Trust funder invasion”? Are you part of the Trump alternate facts universe?

    • If you are feeding your family from some budget grocery depot peddling GMO cheapo processed food, you are probably giving your family cancer. Please consider spending more on your food for the well being of your family and consider that cheap does not equal good.

      • canaryinthecoalmine

        We are fine. Was shopping there since the mid 90’s. Everyone is healthy. Californians are so paranoid. You live in one of the most polluted city’s on earth and are worried about GMO’s. lolz

    • The meat and fish counter in A-1 was a ringing endorsement for veganism. Terrifying.

    • Hahahahahahhahahhahahha. Trust fund invasion.. hahaahaha. Riiight..

  14. Ugh. Does anyone who lives in Echo Park actually want this (that’s not a developer?). And what are the chances these lofts are the least bit affordable? Now I am beginning to regret voting against Measure S.

    • Considering like half of Echo Park belongs to rich white people now, I’m pretty sure they can all afford it. My neighbors just bought a 1 bedroom house for almost a million dollars. Have you not been outside lately?

  15. ill take the “dilapidated” strip over the the $1M lofts and $2+K studios that nobody wants.

  16. I used to go to this Market a few times a month when I was staying with my girlfriend(now wife). They had the best deals on produce in the area and you could always find interesting food items to try. It sucks to see local staples like this store go, because the other grocery store are too damn expensive for regular folks. Thankfully, we moved out of the area before it lost most of it’s charm. We live a little farther east, but at least there are asian markets around to shop at.

  17. M. R. Livingston

    How long until they have so fundamentally changed the character of the neighborhood that it no longer attracts people?

  18. Please someone save this gem before developers destroy the neighborhood!
    LOL, only in LA: keep our streets as crappy looking as possible.

    Some lovely pics of what so desperately needs to be saved:


  19. It’s a loss for the neighborhood IMO because it has been the only place within walking distance to buy fresh Thai eggplants, Thai peppercorn. lemongrass, kefir lime leaves, shiso, and variety of mushrooms for my pan Asian cooking at home. I will miss the convenience.

  20. Echo Park was over when Pioneer left. And yes you all got duped by voting No on S. Garcetti doesn’t give a rats ass about you, He loves developers and pandering to the homeless that make LA look like a schizophrenic garbage dump.

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