Fear of Trump and deportation in Boyle Heights; saying goodbye to El Arco Iris; Cesar Chavez Day closures

Eastside Scene: Shady spot on the Silver Lake Reservoir path | Dan Gershon

Morning Report

  • The L.A. Times looks at the fear and anxiety that Donald Trump’s presidency and immigration crackdown have generated among the immigrants of Boyle Heights.
  • The upcoming closure of El Arco Iris finds the Highland Park restaurant busy with customers savoring their final platters of enchiladas and glasses of margaritas.  “It’s been unreal,” co-owner Angie Montes told KCET.  “I take it as a show of real love and appreciation, but it’s beyond what I expected.”  Montes and her son are selling the York Boulevard restaurant and property so she can spend more time taking care of her mother.
  • City offices, including libraries, will be closed Monday, March 27 in honor of the Cesar Chavez holiday.  However, many state agencies, including the DMV, and courthouses will be closed on Friday, March 31 for the holiday.

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  1. I was at a Highland Park bar the other day and a young (drunk) Hispanic guy shoulder checked this white guy for no particular reason. There was a bit of a scuffle and then he turned to my friend and I and started rattling off about being in the Avenues gang and how we are not welcome in HIS neighborhood, bla bla bla. Luckily, we just ignored him and he left in a fit of anger, but not after creating a scene.

    I put a lot of hard earned money into the purchase of my home and I don’t need to feel threatened because I don’t share the same skin color. Why should I have to feel insecure being in MY neighborhood? I have NEVER been a Trump supporter or even a supporter of any form of mass deportation, but this type of event makes me second-guess my position. I’m not interested in being the naive turn-the-other idealist fool if I’m going to be surrounded by people that don’t want equality, but superiority.

    • Haha this is sus on so many levels. Homie tried every trigger move in the book. We seriously gotta vote instead of waste our time on these petty, never ending internet arguments that just fatigue us from getting involved.

    • Meh not really caring much about this. You shouldn’t expect every single person in your neighborhood to agree with you, or to like you. Living in LA is like living in a war torn country sometimes. If you want a nice calm safe environment, the Eastside may not be for you. I however enjoy chaos so I fit right in.

      • Great suggestion…where in LA can someone move that is “nice calm safe” and equally affordable? Although, I still don’t think you should defend a physical assault against another person regardless of the neighborhood – race related or not, assault is illegal in the this country.

    • Don’t let an Ahole like that keep you from enjoying your neighborhood. I doubt he’s even from the Ave’s because gangbangers don’t generally patronize bars. they just buy booze and hangout somewhere. How pathetic that he would brag about being in a gang though. Seriously, what a loser if that’s all he’s got.

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