Runoff growing more likely in First District council race

Joe Bray-Ali (left) and Gil Cedillo | Courtesy candidate campaigns

Incumbent First District Councilman Gil Cedillo appears to be less likely to avoid a runoff based on today’s update of the results from the March 7 election.

Cedillo’s share of the vote now stands 49.37%, according to updated figures released this afternoon by the L.A. County Registrar/Recorder-County Clerk. That’s just a smidge lower than where Cedillo was after the most recent update. However, he needs at least 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff against second place vote getter Joe Bray-Ali.

Cedillo, who at one point looked to have narrowly avoided a runoff based on preliminary results, has seen his share fall during the last two updates by the county-clerk. More unaccounted votes still need to be tabulated.

If Cedillo remains below 50% after all ballots are processed, then he and Bray-Ali would face off in the May 16 general election.

The First Council District   includes all or portions of Angeleno Heights, Cypress Park, Echo Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights and  Mount Washington.

Update: The county clerk said the final 9,000 outstanding ballots from across the county will be counted and the voting results updated one final time on Monday, March 20. The results are expected to be certified – or made official – the following day.

Voting results based on March 17 update

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  1. Experience matters! Of course, fixing things for my developer and oil-company donors is my most valuable experience.

  2. This is great. It isn’t easy to unseat an incumbent and the fact that Gil Cedillo might face a runoff shows that people in his district recognize that he just isn’t the right fit for their district and doesn’t understand the needs of an urban neighborhood.. Cedillo really should consider moving to the far suburbs where his general take on things is more suited.

    • Are you kidding? I’m perfect for the graft-riddled LA city council, and my racially gerrymandered district. Shout out to my billboard company homies!

    • Margarito Martinez

      By Far Suburbs you mean East Los?
      You sound like the typical Newcomer. All ready to tell us what suits us best. And all about hipster change. Gentrification is what you’re talking about. And Bike Lanes Joe is all about Gentrification. CD1 was specifically created through redistricting to compensate for lack of Latino representation on the City Council. Bray-Ali would take it away and give it to the very ones who are transforming our area into Hipster Havens.

      • @Margarito. Seriously? Think about it for a second, and you might consider you have it backwards. If there’s one person who’s a catalyst for “transforming our area into Hipster Havens,” it’s Gil Cedillo, any developer’s best friend. If you like monstrosities like Geoff Palmer’s Orsini and Da Vinci and Visconti and on and on and on (Palmer’s a big donor), and think out-of-scale development should be granted zoning variances and pushed thru, then by all means, vote for Gil!

        • Ex-Councilmember Ed Reyes put in those developments, NOT Councilmember cedillo. Ed Reyes put in 400 rental units on Taylor yard!! Councilmember Cedillo stopped the “road diet” that Joe the bike guy wanted and the community did NOT want.

  3. The racial prejudices of the newcomers have now surfaced. Gil Cedillo has always fought for our community he is a man of integrity.

    • Name one meeting where you’ve seen cedillo attend that was not campaign oriented. I haven’t.

      • Margarito Martinez

        Everything Bike Lanes Joe has ever done hass campaign oriented even before he announced for CD1. Tricycle Joe insults that one bill. (He has authored nearly 30 bills.) Which meant driver’s licenses for the undocumented. You insult Chicanos, the Chicano Movement, and our representatives. That is the real story here.

        • I’m a little confused as to why “bike lanes” are being painted as a thing only for white people. So the assumption here is that Chicanos don’t deserve or want bike lanes? So you speak for the entire Chicano movement? Because I have many younger Chicano friends who love to stay healthy and ride bikes. Maybe this is the older generation trying to impose their opinions and will upon the younger generation again.

          America is fat as hell, 1/3rd of us have diabetes. Bike lanes are not a bad thing. Get off your fat butt, ride a bike, and stop trying to oppress young people and shame us for not wanting to die of heart failure when we’re 45 like so many others.

    • Tribute-Procopio above. Otherwise, not even my district.

    • Thank you for standing up for OUR community! There’s an extra potholder in the mail for you courtesy of Chevron and Lamar billboards.

    • If you want to talk racial prejudices, look no further than Gil Cedillo, who outed himself in his racially-coded “trendy, hippy, hipster proposal and agenda” remarks condemning his opponent. The disdain for his constituents is palpable.

      • The hipsters bikers do NOT live in the area. They are outsiders coming in.

      • OK no, racism against whites is nonexistent, that was not racially coded… Though I don’t agree with Gil and I think he is a money hungry devil. I believe he made that remark to make him seem like he is a man for the people. He is nothing but a liar

  4. Lets go Joe!

    Bye Gil

  5. Cedillo is totally in the pockets of the developers…see who is funding his campaign…He cares nothing about our neighborhood…Hopefully we don’t get conned twice. Once was enough.

  6. From now on all the free billboards contributed to my campaign will say “Gil Cedillo, Man of Integrity”

  7. It’s so nice to read GOOD news for a change!

    GO JOE!

  8. This is our chance for change. There’s hope we can finally get rid of Gil. Bye Gil, BYE!

    GO JOE!

  9. Since I dislike them both and don’t believe either of them has the chops to do what needs to be done, I’m going with the guy with the better ears. Bray-Ali hands down.

  10. Joe’s dad was chief of staff to Richard Alarcon , infamous for being convicted of voter fraud among other things. Wonder what kind of advise he’s giving him?

  11. The related post on LA Observed contained this fact:

    “Cedillo, a longtime state legislator, had to get through a runoff when he won the seat in 2013. In that year’s runoff against Jose Gardea, Cedillo only got 51.95 percent of the vote. So he has never run strong in the 1st district.”

    Cedillo has never been a compelling candidate. Casting him as a favorite of long-time residents (versus “newcomers”) doesn’t really hold water, according to these numbers.

  12. I’m newly impressed with Cedillo following yesterday’s PLUM meeting where he made the right call for not just his district but for all of Los Angeles by standing up against the Bel-Air and Cheviot Hills NIMBY’s by pushing to take away barriers against people building accessory units/granny flats in their backyards.

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