“We are tired of it” – Vehicle break-ins adding up in Angeleno Heights

Vehicle break-ins reported since December | Courtesy Angeleno Heights resident

ANGELENO HEIGHTS –– The Eastsider  reported last week on a vehicle break-in spree in this 19th-Century enclave, with eight break-ins taking place within a matter of days. But some Angeleno Heights resident says the problem is much worse than that and have asked the LAPD for help. “We are tired of it,” said one resident.

The resident, named Natalie,  wants to raise awareness of the problem and shared a map of the break-ins  plotted by neighbors since December. In some cases the crimes have not been reported to police, she said, and don’t show up on CrimeMapping.com, which relies on information from the LAPD. Some of the figures collected by neighbors include break-ins posted on NextDoor.com, Natalie said.

“My neighbors and I have documented 31 break-ins since December around the neighborhood,” she said. “We’re having an epidemic that the Rampart station is well aware of.”

Natalie said police have expanded their presence. The pace of break-ins seems to  have eased but the continue. During the past week, a vehicle break in was reported in the 1400 block of Wallace Street and a vehicle was stolen from the 600 block of Laveta Terrace.

The Eastsider has contacted the LAPD Rampart Division for more information.

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  1. These thefts have been coming in waves over the last few years. Just two days ago my neighbor’s car was robbed of it’s catalytic converter on Scott Ave and Laveta Terrace. This is very frustrating. We need cameras, “Big Brother” status, on all corners so that we can survey who drives in and out of our streets with in the time span of these crimes.

    Wait . . . that’s probably a bad idea.

    • Actually I would start installing security cameras that cover the street. That’s a devastating series of break-ins. It costs a bundle to replace car windows – not to mention the half day off work or whatever when you suddenly have to deal with it.

    • I would like to join NextDoor.com but have read conflicting reports on whether or not posts can be made with users initials rather than their full name, once a person has signed up and provided complete information. I’m very leery of having my name and address so readily available to anyone who joins.

      Could someone please give feedback on this? Thanks

      • You need to use your complete name – no trolls that way. You do not have to show your address number, only the street name.

  2. TheEntireCountryisGentrifying

    I live above Northwest of Sunset and Alvarado and got hit too. It’s becoming an epidemic as homeless start Parkin in the neighborhoods and wander around

  3. Could a member of NextDoor post encouragement to report these crimes to LAPD?

    I have a feeling that people may not report to police because it may require trip to station…we called regarding a theft from our yard and was told we had to go in to submit report.

    What is reason for LAPD not taking phone reports or allowing reports of theft, etc., to be reported online? Why is that different from the process of submitting anonymous reports via their online system?

    Mail and package thefts in our neighborhood East of Alvarado, South of Sunset, prompted us to keep gates locked at all times and to place a mailbox that locks from our side and needs key to open, but is in reach of USPS carrier. I spoke to our carrier and he agreed to drop packages over gate unless too big, and other carriers do the same. Our theft occurred in a very short window of time before gate was re-locked and we think it was a case of thief following delivery truck.

    • because anyone can report bogus info via phone/online..sure it’s convenient..but they’d receive so much garbage.. i mean..i would report my stupid neighbor who feeds 98238923 stray cats that shit in my yard..if it’s super serious..go down to the pig factory

    • “What is reason for LAPD not taking phone reports or allowing reports of theft, etc., to be reported online?”

      Is this true? Could someone answer this – preferably, someone from LAPD?

      Requiring people to come to the station to make reports would effectively DISCOURAGE people from reporting property crimes.

  4. If it gets any worse, people might ditch their cars and embrace 21st century city life!

    • Not if you work in the valley and live in the city with a family to tend to. Your are wrong bro. How do you like your Prius?

  5. This is getting ridiculous. This happened to me last night 3/10. I live on ridge way and my window was smashed out. I go to work early so it must have happened between 3-4 am. I also noticed more broken glass up the street.

  6. i live in angeleno heights. i also happen to be somewhat of an insomniac. when i am up at 3am and look out my window, i can sometimes see people – who are clearly using crystal meth – roving around with their bags of spoils. you can tell they are on crystal because they move so quickly and are rail thin and look a fright. i feel bad for them, being addicted to that drug, but i also feel bad for us who have to deal with their insanity and thievery and destructive actions.

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