Daily Archives: April 11, 2017

Lost in Highland Park: Shy and non-aggressive Chihuahua

STILL MISSING MY Chihuahua Bernice ran off in Highland Park at 11:30 Saturday night 04/08 near Ave. 52 and Figueroa. She never leaves the yard. I walked away from my yard for 5 minutes to check out an accident on the street, and when I returned the neighbors told me she bolted behind the house. People have seen her running ... Read More »

Spireworks now serving custom kebabs in Eagle Rock

EAGLE ROCK — Spireworks has opened its second restaurant featuring roasted döner kebabs and sandwiches that can be customized to taste, Eater LA reports. The chef behind some of the sandwich toppings is Kuniko Yagi, a veteran of Top Chef whose background also includes serving as executive chef at Comme Ça. Yagi originally worked in finance back in Japan before ... Read More »