City Council District 1 debate turns ugly

Joe Bray-Ali (left) and Gil Cedillo | Courtesy candidate campaigns

Monday night’s City Council District 1 debate between candidates Joe Bray-Ali and Gil Cedillo was supposed to be about housing policy. But that was all but forgotten during what became a rowdy affair with screaming audience members and ethnic taunts directed at one of the candidates. The police were even called in.

“It was a riotous event that felt more like an Eastern European soccer match than a forum on municipal politics,” writes L.A. Weekly reporter Hillel Aron.

The Bray-Ali campaign posted a Facebook Live video of the debate in which Bray-Ali was branded a “gentrifier” by Cedillo, the incumbent, and told to “Go back to India” by an audience member (Bray-Ali’s father, Saeed Ali,  is an Indian immigrant who has worked as a top aide to several Latino politicians.)

The debate comes after last month’s primary election in which Cedillo was the top vote-getter by far but failed to win at least 50% of the votes needed to avoid a runoff with Bray-Ali, who came in second. The runoff election is scheduled for May 16.

The First Council District includes all or portions of Angeleno Heights, Cypress Park, Echo Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights and Mount Washington. Don’t Know What District You Are In? Go Here


#LACD1 Debate April 17 hosted at CARECEN.

Posted by Joe Bray-Ali for City Council on Monday, April 17, 2017


  1. It’s time for new blood in our city council. Cedillo is lining his pockets with the developer gold, while pandering to us long time residents. The veil has been lifted time to resist.

    • Joe Bray-Ali’s brother is a developer. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      • Bill, don’t be fooled. Swing by the Ethics site & take a look at just a few of Cedillo’s Developer Donors:

        $5,600 from 8 New York employees of Atlas Capital Group, a full service real estate investment, development and management firm.

        $700 from 1230 Ingraham LLC, Beverly Hills developer who gentrified Historic Filipinotown & call their apartments “a new boutique apartment community in Silver Lake”.

        $700 from Mark Sanders, Florida resident & co-founder of Fifteen Group is a real estate-focused private investment firm.

        $700 from Rick Caruso, big developer who gave $250K to Trump’s Campaign.

      • He’s a real estate agent! Do you even know what you are talking about?

      • so his brother makes a living making houses… there are good developers you know… without them there would be no houses….

  2. Oh man, now I want to vote for that guy just cuz stupid haters are for the other guy! Was this some sort of genius reverse psychology tactic? Go Bray-Ali!

  3. This is depressing. Please people, we’re better than this.

  4. This is getting uglier than the Huizar/ Martinez race a few years back. There should be a reality show about Northeast politics.

  5. Watching the debate shows why there is a run-off in city council district one. Pretty shocking to see to see that Cedillo did not denounce the xenophobia comment of “Go Back to India” from one of his supporters. Even the moderator Pilar from La Opinion denounced it, then Cedillo looked at his notes and went on to attack his dad who is an immigrant. What a Tone-deaf career politician.

    Second why did Cedillo receive questions of the debate beforehand and Joe did not? This should have given time for Cedillo to have answers with substance but he kept doing ad-hoc attacks instead. All the preparation went out the window for him, poor choice of time and even several tenants were asking him to stay on topic more than the other candidate.

  6. First, Cedillo supporters are vandalizing the homes of Joe supporters and now they’re being racist and disrespectful…


  7. Bottom line is that the council is too small for the constituents in the districts. Everybody would be better served if we had 2X the representation. These districts are diverse in more ways than just ethnicity with different needs and priorities and visions. That said these folks yelling and screaming spewing xenophobia and using troll-like rhetorical hyperbole is not the best way to practice democracy. For my money Cedillo is as crooked as it gets in the council but Bray-Ali is a sanctimonious elitist with utopian tendencies.

  8. Both Cedillo an Bray Ali should have walkout. By staying the encourage the poor behavior of the crowd on BOTH SIDES. They both disappoint me. Nothing but lies coming out of both camps lately. Shameful. CD 1 is better than this. I thought

  9. Wasn’t Cedillo caught as the person behind a hateful twitter account disparaging Bray-Ali with straight up lies? Yeah, the immature incumbent has got to go.

  10. Literally every meeting / discussion in LA where NIMBYs are present turns into this… EVERY TIME:

    Person 1: *Thoughtful intelligent argument*


    Person 2: “Yes but you see this is a complex socio-economic issue, let’s look at some of the data and research here-”


    Sadly, most of the successful / smart people in LA are too busy with their life and jobs to attend these meetings, and most NIMBYs tend to be retired thus they literally have nothing to do except show up to these meetings and start spouting off nonsense, they tend to totally out number everyone else.

  11. I’ve come around to think it is good to have Cedillo in the city council as he is seemingly the only council member willing to stand up to council member Paul Koretz. For some strange reason (is it simply because Koretz represents the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the wealthy always get what they want….?) all the other council members just say yes to whatever Koretz wants.

  12. I’m voting for the guy that had long hair and use to ride his bike up and down local streets with his son sitting in a make-shift wheel barrel cart attached to the front frame of the bike…..I remember always thinking how dangerous that was each time we’d cross paths and I also remember thinking that even though it was dangerous I got the feeling he was a great dad……I believe he deserves a chance as we all do to experience something new, even if it is infact being lied to, which is nothing new and to repeat what has already be written ” out with the old and in with the new.”

  13. The real question which low thinkers avoid like a high school diploma is: ” how has Cedillo done? and does he deserve another chance?” . The answer would be a resounding “he has done shitty job and and NO he does not need to be around anymore.”
    Three murders in or around Sycamore Park in the last year.

    3 in the homeless camps around the Arroyo the year before.

    Piled up trash in the parks (except for the one day that Cedillo has Poncho Sanchez play jazz in the park).

    Divisive rhetoric aimed at anyone outside his voter pool which preys off pandering to the Mexican immigrant community. example “the bike lanes are for the 1%” ? who are you kidding? There is not one person in all of Highland Park that could even be considered in the 1%.

    Saying he is for responsible growth and not gentrification but then allows a freaking Walmart to open in China town?

    Total lack of responsive action to the community, answers to problem only with contempt .

    Closed park facilities, pools, and misuse of parks and recreation funds for parking lots that are not needed on much needed open park space.
    here’s some insight on his character:
    And his son who he continually supported despite federal investigations:
    and the nepotism that got him there:
    So Gil also arranges for tax payers to pay 22K for his son to get a bachelors degree required for the job he already had? In what universe is this OK.
    You can go on and on about the lack of respect Cedillo has for the greater community at large “but hey at least he is on the council of LaRaza “so you will have sheep follow his vote to the detriment of their own community.
    There is an orange headed POTUS who used the same divisive rhetoric to achieve where he is at and the contempt in the USA is palpable , question is do want someone running D1 that continues drawing lines and bifurcating the public or do you want inclusive honest dialogue about how best to move forward together as a community?

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