Echo Park gets new blacktop and bike lanes

Fresh blacktop and bike lane

ECHO PARK —  Many residents were surprised to find a stretch of Glendale Boulevard closed this past weekend as crews resurfaced the busy road and applied a new layer of blacktop.  There was another surprise when the street was restriped, revealing the addition of new bike lanes on both sides of the street. But don’t get too excited — the new bike lanes are only three blocks long, and there’s no plan to add more.

Tim Fremaux, a transportation engineer with the L.A. Department of Transportation, said the standard practice is to add bike lanes when streets are resurfaced —  if the roadway is wide enough and traffic and parking lanes don’t have to be removed. That was the case for an approximately 1,000-foot-long stretch of Glendale between Reservoir Street on the south and the junction of Berkeley and Alvarado on the north.

Why not extend bike lanes further south on Glendale to Downtown and north to Silver Lake? Apparently that would involve far more than restriping the road.

“Extending bike lanes north would require Caltrans involvement as [Glendale Boulevard] becomes a State Highway (Route 2) north of Berkeley,” Fremaux explained. “On either end, the existing width would not allow for the extension without removing lanes and/or parking. Exploring such an effort is not in our near-term workplan.”

The bike lane markings have not been added to the pavement yet but some cyclists are already taking advantage of the new lanes. But so are a few motorists. It will take some time – and more signage – before everyone gets used to the new lanes.

Mercedes in the bike lane

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  2. I wish there were tons more bike lanes all interconnecting. I’m not a biker. I’m a driver and subway rider, but I’m all for moving forward with a more car free city even if it means I’m sitting in traffic as bikers whizzzz by!

  3. A very small step in the right direction, but a three block long bike lane that doesn’t connect to any other bike infrastructure is not of any great use. As much as I ride around this part of town, I pretty much avoid Glendale Blvd out of a healthy concern for my own well-being.

    • Agree that this is not the greatest thing ever, but it does connect to the Montana lanes, which connect to Echo Park Ave which is already a bikeway and is slated to get its own lanes or sharrows soon. Furthermore, Berkeley is often suggested by googlemaps as a way to get from EP to Silver Lake Blvd. My guess is that in the near to medium term these will actually be extended south past the park as more and more people seem to be using Glendale/2nd to get from downtown to EP/SL and there is more activity happening around southern edge of Echo Park, e.g. Temple etc.

  4. Paint is not infrastructure what a joke

  5. I love me some bike lanes too. But three blocks? Look at the cars driving over those lanes. This is is just creating a safety hazard for the bikers. I do bike around this neighborhood, and we desperately need a connection on Glendale Boulevard to 2nd street that keeps bikes out of the 101-bound traffic. (And, while I’m at it, a lane on Silver Lake between Sunset and Vermont.)

  6. Seems like LA paints these random bike lane stubs from nowhere-to-nowhere so at the end of the year they can say “look, we painted 50 miles of bike lanes in 2017… we’re really giving Portland a run for their money!”

    Just seems like a total waste of time and resources… and gives cranky motorists an excuse to say “look, nobody uses the bike lanes!”

    No sh*t Sherlock! Glendale Blvd. is basically a surface highway with stop lights. Reengineer urban streets so they’re safe enough for children and seniors to get around outside a car, and we can lay claim to being a progressive/green city. Otherwise, this is just political theatre.

  7. To clarify, I’m excited that they repaved the roads. That stretch of Glendale had some of THE WORST potholes in Echo Park.

  8. Nice to see strong support for cycling in the comments.

    The route from Glendale > Atwater > Glendale Bl > 2nd > DTLA is an obvious place for a bike lane connecting commuters from home to work. And with DTLA expanding so rapidly, traffic along that route is only going to worsen.

  9. And City”planners” wonder why traffic is hitting the residential roads. Glendale Blvd is how motorists leave the city. They might as well put bike Lanes and the 101 and 110 too and see how that affects quality of life.

  10. Why not explore alternate routs for bike lanes Glendale to Dtwn? How about routing along San Fernando or thru Elysian park? Glendale blvd. is such a complete mess thru that stretch. They need to time the lights better.

  11. They also need to make the left turn lane on Glendale Blvd at Allesandro into a u-turn lane for people traveling south on Glendale who want to get to the 2 freeway north. Everyone does it illegally, and they even put up barricades recently (which have been partially torn down by cars running over them). This would be so helpful if they would just make it a left/u-turn lane!

    • Yes! I often drive past there and think to myself why the hell they wont allow cars to pull uturns there to enter the freeway. Makes NO SENSE. What is the reasoning behind not allowing it??

  12. Nice that they are blacktopping and fixing the streets, seems to always involve another seldom used bike lane that only allows confusion for the people who mainly use the road, that would be cars. Seems to me that same stretch of Alvarado Blvd. is more like a dirt road with the cracks and potholes, might want to be the next street on the agenda.

    And I just have to say this area is a nightmare travel anytime of day especially during rush-hour from Sunset Blvd. to Alvarado Blvd. why not make the stop lights and the traffic lanes work more intelligently with the traffic, restriping is nice but not it your main direction is to put in a useless bile lane.

    And save your anti car pro bike/metro, too many people, too many cars, too much pollution too many pedestrian and bike accidents rhetoric. People in L.A. use their cars, all those other solutions are second best and unpractical for most of us, so get over it cars are here to stay. All this could have been avoided by finishing the Glendale Fwy (2) connection to the (101) decades ago.

    • The signals are all synced (google ATSAC, LA has one of the more sophisticated traffic syncing systems in the world)… there’s just way too many cars on the road.

    • In 10 years cars will be outlawed and everyone will be taking self driving ubers everywhere. Screenshot this post I predicted the future.

    • Echo Park rising

      Not to be anti car pro bike/metro but the current mode of transportation (mainly cars) is unsustainable, Unless you are ok with sending your kids to die in some horrible war to secure oil interest AND have figured out a way to stop CO2 emissions. So using your words: get over it, you will soon have to hop on the metro/bike/bus

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