Echo Park traffic signal gives the green light to vegans

Photos courtesy Noel Rogers

ECHO PARK —  Thanks to Noel Rogers for sending in these photos of the vegan-friendly traffic signal at Echo Park and Scott avenues.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. Hipster vandalism

  2. Carne McMeatowitz

    So clever. I’m a Vegan now! Going to veeg so hard.

  3. Oh Geezez Cryst WTF is this world really coming to……simply and utterly ridiculous the measures a Klan of people will go through to make themselves feel empowered by their living styles.

  4. Yeahhhhhhh that’s taking things too far. Like religion, please keep your insufferable opinions and personal choices to yourself k thx bai… ugh.

  5. What does it say when it’s yellow? (please, no wise ass comments from meat eaters, I just want to know the answer).

  6. I hope no one runs the light, thats really covered. By idiots.

  7. Ugh , gross … ruined my steak dinner

  8. Surely these will not be allowed to stay? How soon will hey be removed?

  9. Since when does being compassionate pertain only to hipsters? As for religion there’s no comparison, it is forced down our throats on a daily basis with no proof there’s a “god”, we on the other hand have proof animals feel pain just as we do!

  10. BTW, the yellow light means bacon–the only sanctioned exception!

  11. People move through the world as if their actions aren’t causing any harm, as if it’s normal and natural to consume and use other beings as a means to our end. It has nothing to do with religion, race, status or gender. Meat is an injustice, just as enslaving and using people for cruel purposes. Mass-breeding living, feeling beings for the sole purpose of mass-killing them is an atrocity. Any sane person with basic common sense should be able to make that connection. People need to stop ignoring what harm their actions cause and take responsibility… for the animals, the earth and ourselves.

    • Thank you! I always chose plant based due to animal suffering. Better health is a benefit. And now with all the science out about how it is wreaking havoc on our environment, with the current administration denying humans cause climate change, and considering the huge science march yesterday, I am surprised so many would still have this antiquated knee jerk reaction.

      • Fine. You can graze like a cow and that is your right, but shoving your lifestyle choices down those of us who prefer a little more protein in our diets is annoying and I don’t necessarily appreciate being lectured by stop signs. They have a function: tell us when to stop, slow and go – not to finger wag about what I should be eating.

        • The fallacy of “needing more protein ” ( which in fact just leads to fat and cancer and many other diseases ) is the tired old why most people think they need to eat animals.

          • I didn’t say I “need” more protein – I said I “prefer” a little more protein, meaning it’s a conscience choice on my part to clamp down on prime rib now and again (yeah – I’m evil that way). Tofu au jus just doesn’t do it for some people and no matter how much judgy, finger wagging vegans try to impose their will on the rest of us, there will be resistance. In fact, there’s a fire hydrant outside my front door. Since city equipment has apparently become blank slates on which to project your believes and politics upon, I’m slapping my own protest statement on top of that hydrant: “Honk if you eat meat”. My neighbors will be so pleased with all the honking going on.

  12. Tampering with a traffic signal must be a pretty serious violation.

    • When the law is wrong, the only right thing to do is break it.

      • Ummmmm, no this is a public safety issue. Tampering/altering traffic signals could endanger people. If one wants to promote veganism, surely there are ways to do so that don’t jeopardize safety or coast the public to repair. Sanctimonious behavior seems to go hand in hand with vegans, so maybe it all makes sense.

  13. The amount of people upset by this is HILARIOUS. Trolling level = 9000

  14. I tried to be a vegan. The food was fine but the restaurants were always filled with these self congratulating ignorant people. Plus the fart stink was unbearable.

  15. Love it or hate it, the guerrilla art works. The number of vegans in the United States have tripled in the last decade.

    If you really love meat, that’s fine, but consider eating less of it. It will be good for the animals, the planet, and your body. 🙂

    • @ Veg:

      Then go target some other nuisance object like an Outfront Media billboard — but let’s all agree messing with public safety is an infantile, stupid, selfish and hazardous way to sell your pious opinions.

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