Hexit? Herxit? Whatever you call it, Hermon wins vote to break away and form its own neighborhood council

HERMON — The 3,500 residents of this tiny neighborhood will be allowed to exit the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council and form their own, according to the unofficial preliminary results of today’s election.

The measure to leave and establish a Hermon Neighborhood  Council  garnered 360 votes in favor and 186 against, according to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, which oversees the city’s neighborhood councils. The official results of this election will be available once any provisional ballots and challenges are resolved, said Ann-Marie Holman with the department.

Since 2002, Hermon has been one of several neighborhoods — including Montecito Heights, Monterey Hills and Mount Washington — that form the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council. It’s one of the scores of councils across the city that serve as advisory bodies on topics ranging from development to community cleanups.

The arrangement has left many Hermon community leaders dissatisfied. “Hermon has too often witnessed its demands vetoed by the rest of the neighborhood council,” community activist Joseph Riser told EGP News last year.

Riser and other Hermon community leaders worked for several years to get the city to change the rules to make it easier for residents to break away from existing councils and form their own.

Today’s vote was open to the residents and stakeholders of the entire Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council – not just Hermon. This past week, voters Downtown rejected the establishment of a separate Skid Row neighborhood council.

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  1. Hermon adjacent

    Huge waste of our tax dollars. These neighborhood council funds should be divided more equitably

    • It wouldn’t be a waste if the budget were assigned to each neighborhood in proportion to its population. Hermon’s Neighborhood Council will get the same yearly budget as councils in communities with 10 times the population or more.

  2. The voters have spoken , we chart our own course. Hermon is a wonderful neighborhood and prides itself on cleanliness and having your neighbors back. Being a distinct neighborhood council is a consolidation of all these factors and I am excited for our future.

  3. Check out my exploration of Hermon, if you’re so inclined… it’s a few years old so not all of the information is up to date.


  4. Bye Hermon, bye.

  5. I don’t blame the people of Hermon at all. Someone with ASNC used to keep the Yahoo Group page updated regularly (other NCs do so, predating Patch and other sites.
    Echo/Elysian Park has an active site and they stay on top of local issues.
    I also see so many of the Eastside NCs posting on The Eastsider….I don’t know why NCAS doesn’t arrange with Jesus to have something advertised here as well. Come on, we know this is where we’ve been coming for a long time to find out what’s happening in our areas…Facebook is good (Glassell Park posts there also) but if you want to reach your target audience then you need to put your message out where you’ll find those people. I’m not in advertising or newspapers or anything like that but I do know where I go to get information.
    Did I know that I could have voted on the Hermon election? No.
    I do know that the NCAS Board is going to look for someone to handle their publicity. And they keep voting money to buy giveaways with the NCAS logo on it for various community events…but what are they really doing?
    I used to rely on the Mount Washington Association for updates too, but something happened and the person who ran their website didn’t pass the info along and the site was hacked from overseas.
    There’s a FB page but it’s not official and has no info.
    I went to a meeting up at the school to sign up for a membership at a monthly meeting but the person who handles membership wasn’t there and no one else had any forms or anything. I was promised I would be contacted. That was a couple years ago. On the Mt Washington Realty website there’s a link to the old website which is dead…
    fortunately there’s still Mt Washington Homeowner’s Alliance (also have a FB page, a very useful one)…

    So I think Hermon will do well enough on their own. They can visit other NCs and see what works for them, develop what works for them and decide what their funding pays for…and what it doesn’t.

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