L.A. traffic fatalities jump 46%; what’s new for bus riders and pedestrians at Dodger Stadium; firefighters put out Mt. Washington blaze

Eastside Scene: Parked outside Giamela’s, Atwater Village | Ryan Schude

Morning Report

  • The number of people killed in traffic collisions last year in the city jumped by nearly 43% to 260 despite a high-profile campaign to prevent such deaths.  Traffic-related fatalities have continued to rise this year. L.A. Times
  • The Dodgers have made some improvements for fans who arrive by public transportation and also took some measures to improve pedestrian safety as baseball season gets underway starting today, April 3. KPCC
  • Firefighters prevented an early morning blaze that began in a patio area from spreading to a home in the 3500 block of Tacoma Avenue in Mount Washington. No injuries were reported. LAFD

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  1. But what the thousands ++ rentals built along all major transportation hubs. Everyone is taking public transportation…right?

    • My guess is there’s just a lot more people out walking, cycling, riding the bus, train, driving, etc. with an improved economy and revitalized city center.

      However, 99% of our main thoroughfares are still designed as high speed, suburban commuter corridors, instead of pedestrian-oriented urban spaces. If LA streets were more forgiving of human error (behind the wheel, on bike, foot, etc.) than we’d have fewer accidents and fewer deaths.

      Just a question of priorities really: safe/charming urban neighborhoods where car speeds top out at about 25mph… or high speed commuter corridors where traffic approaches highway speeds between red lights, and residents, commuters and small businesses literally die.

      Anyone who thinks we’re just going to stop building and growing our population is fooling themselves. The toothpaste is out of the tube… no going back to the good ole days of easy motoring and free parking.

  2. The Times story was one of those throwing around statistics either ignorantly or at lest incompetently — but who knows if it was knowingly and intentionally misleading.

    One thing I notice that they did not mention: Those higher pedestrian traffic injuries resulted at the height of the idiotic Pokemon craze, where there were lots of reports of pedestrians playing Pokemon and paying no attention to anything around them, just walking out into traffic without ever looking, even against the signals.

    But people here always immediately jump to the conclusion that the drivers are automatically at fault, without giving any consideration to whether they have any information at all about what the circumstances really are..

    Another problem with those statistics is they were not put in any sort of context – they were single statistics from a single year, did not tell whether the year they were matched to, the previous year, was the blip, had been unusually low pedestrian injuries that year. We have no information in that story to indicate whether there is a trend here or not. Maybe, maybe not, but the story failed to give any information to help to properly understand the statistics — so any conclusions formed from the story are unfounded.

    The statistics reported do not tell us anything — unless there are in the full context and a longer trend. Be very wary of anyone throwing around statics, they can be one of the most manipulative things out there because people just do not understand how to properly use them.

  3. Giamela’s was mentioned in one of the Harry Bosch series of books by Michael Connelly.
    Someone actually made a map of the locations in those books. I know I’d read that Connelly used to eat at Eastside Deli but didn’t write about because the people he knew in law enforcement wouldn’t want it made famous. It’s still a great place to get good food at fair prices…haven’t tried Giamela’s yet, but I will.
    Here’s the link for those who like to explore:

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