Let It Pour: Water gushes back into the Silver Lake reservoirs

SILVER LAKE — The refilling of the Silver Lake reservoirs began late this afternoon after city officials turned a large valve a few times and then waited a few minutes for the water to start flowing.

After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs will be completed much sooner than expected because the L.A. Department of Water & Power was able to use water from the above-average Eastern Sierra snowpack.

Today, as TV news helicopters hovered overhead, water began pouring into the smaller Ivanhoe Reservoir. Within a few weeks it will spill over into the larger, adjacent Silver Lake Reservoir. The process of refilling Silver Lake to its historic level of 440 feet in elevation, will take up to two months, said the L.A. DWP.

Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and David Ryu turn a valve to begin the flow of water.

The water began to flow in slowly at first as the councilmen looked on.

A few minutes later water began to gush in, fanning across the concrete bed of the Ivanhoe Reservoir.

Water is expected to start spilling over into the larger Silver Lake Reservoir in about two weeks.


The refilling of the Silver Lake reservoirs will begin after officials turn a valve and water begins to flow.

Posted by The Eastsider LA on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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  1. Nice photos, Eastsider! This is great news for all of us in Silver Lake who have waited for the water (and wildlife/migratory birds) to come back! This even made the national AP news.

  2. Weirdly enough, the water had slowed to a trickle by this morning, with engineers working at the ‘spigot’. I wonder what happened?

  3. KTLA’s newscast said many residents would like to see it turned into a wildlife sanctuary. I think that’s a cool idea! Looks like a petition was just started recently too:

  4. Well, what a lovely sight. And all thanks to Mother Nature, God, Buda, pagan spirits, positive thought and good karma, whatever outer-power you may believe, for the abundance of snow and water this winter. Although I’ll continue catching kitchen and bathroom sink water in a bucket, slowly replacing my more water- dependent landscaping with succulents, and not washing my car at home… I love seeing this. While I was walking around the reservoir during the event, I heard some Canada Geese flying over head and saw two ducks waddling along the waters edge. And yes yes yes to some kind of wildlife designation. What a terrific idea and useful re-purposing of this DWP owned land. Low cost and easy to maintain and little negative impact to the infrastructure or surrounding residential streets. I hate to burst anybodies bubble but Silver Lake and Los Feliz are not “park poor”. We have an abundance of riches when it comes to public park land. I’d much rather see any kind of city park funds go to other areas of this great city that are in need for more full recreational parks. Not just these public-pressure-appeasing park-lets.
    I can see some nice strolling paths added to the reservoir but none that could disturb any nesting areas of the Blue Heron or to disturb the coyotes who live in the wooded knoll area or provide peeping toms or just curious lookie loo’s with fantastic vantage points into residents’ bedrooms or living rooms.. And my goodness, that fence HAS to remain intact. All it’ll take is for one idiot to fall in and drown. Or an irresponsible parent too engrossed in looking at their smart phone and not their toddler who slips in and floats away…. the lawsuits would shut down everything for the rest of us.
    Thanks Sl’er for providing the link to the petition. I’ll sign it and pass in on. A sanctuary should satisfy all points of views. Water,.limited public access. quiet recreation. protection of the wildlife. And while you’re at it, can we do something to help protect and encourage more butterflies and honey bees in Silver Lake? And maybe a small community garden near the Meadows. And better ground cover in the dog park. That place is so filthy. Good lord, dog owners rude, selfish and messy people. Pick UP and Throw away your dog’s stinky poop. people!!

  5. I wish they would remove the fence since we aren’t using this for drinking water anymore.

  6. Stop the refillling now! Silver Lake deserves a Th Grove to be built there with lots of SUV and Audi parking only.

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