More city trash cans headed to a sidewalk near you

Well used Echo Park trash can


You may have noticed more public trash cans around the city. If all goes according to plan, you’re supposed to see even more.

It was only a few years ago that the city’s inventory of sidewalk trash cans — or “trash receptacles’ — had dwindled from about 6,000 to 1,000 as neglect and recession-related budget cuts took their toll.

Then in 2015, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a directive  to add 5,000 additional bins citywide over the course of four years, according to Paul Gomez, Public Information Officer at Public Works. Now, as part of that directive, Councilman Gil Cedillo has requested that about half a million dollars be appropriated from the “Trash Receptacle Program Expansion” fund to keep increasing the number of trash cans during the current fiscal year. According to Cedillo’s motion, there are now 2,450 public trash cans serviced by the city. That would rise that to 3,700 under the motion.

The number of cans would continue to increase under the mayor’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. If that budget item is approved,  the city would spend $1.8 million to add 1,750 receptacles — bringing the total to 5,500 — and pay the salaries for 16 additional workers to empty the cans.

Expansion would add more  60-gallon black trash bins and 60-gallon blue recycling bins as well as more automated litter bins, Gomez said.

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  1. They are not emptied quick enough and fill up very fast. If you walk to the corner of Sunset and Echo Park Ave at the corner of the Bike Shop you will see those Cedillo sponsored solar/energy-efficient trash cans stuffed for days at a time.

    • I remember those solar trash cans lined up along Temple, always overfilled and disgusting. Looks like they’ve been replaced probably due to not working out? Is there a follow up to why it failed? Seems like it had good intentions. Curious to know valid reasons before assuming it all had to do with political corruption.

      • I have a business and requested the solar recycle bins. I was told by O’Farrell’s office that the city will install but the businesses in which it is in front of, who requested it is responsible for emptying it, not the city. They must sign a contract to get them and that they will empty them. I am not sure why the city will not collect recyclables from those when they already
        collect from the blue bins.

  2. Ugliest trash cans in the country. As far as street furniture goes, LA should look to NYC. These things are hideous and terribly designed.

  3. We need trash cans. Encourage businesses to keep store fronts and nearby common places free of trash.
    Next, trash cans must be collected on a regular basis. Finally, trash cans need to be graffiti-free.

  4. Add more cans but for crying out loud empty the damn things and not let them sit for days stuffed with garbage and overflowing.

    Those belly buster solar powered cans on Sunset were only a good idea with regular maintenance and disposal. Without that they are just expensive garbage cans filled with garbage.

    What nitwit propsed and spent funds on that with no plan for maintenance. Ugh.

    • The plan for maintenance falls on the owners of the business it is in front of. The problem is that they were counting on people knowing how to recycle. People are using them as trash cans because they are not aware of how recycling works. The city needs to do some training via a task force about recycling and contamination since so many really do not know how or what can be recycled if we are to be placing recycle bins around.

  5. Really? Even south of 7th Street, where the local business owners rejected any attempts at a BID?

  6. In HLP on Figeroua I always seem them over stuffed too while walking my ferocious pit bull at night. I often get emotional for the little Cesar’s pizza box left on top or tossed on the floor. Empty pizza boxes deserve to be included in the overflow of refuse. Be inclusive.
    One love.

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