Online remarks come back to haunt City Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali — again

Joe Bray-Ali (left) and Gil Cedllo

Last week City Council District 1 candidate Joe Bray-Ali apologized for a nine-year-old YouTube video clip in which he posed a question to the “¡Ask A Mexican!” column. Today, Bray-Ali, who faces incumbent Gil Cedillo in next month’s runoff election,  said he was sorry for several comments he posted on controversial online forums, reports LAist.com.

Bray-Ali made the comments on such online forums as “v/Niggers” and also those devoted to making fun of overweight persons, according to the story.

When contacted by The Eastsider, Bray-Ali confirmed his remarks in the story as well as the apology published in LAist:

“This is an election about important issues. I have put the fight for a better future in jeopardy because of my personal mistakes  …. Looking back on the comments, I’m embarrassed and ashamed. I apologize to my wife, daughter, family, and community for putting them in this situation. My commitment to being accountable and of service to the community continues.”

Bray-Ali, a Lincoln Heights resident and cycling advocate, will issue a video statement addressing the matter later today, said his communications  manager (the video is posted below).

The Cedillo campaign has scheduled a Thursday morning press conference to denounce Bray-Ali’s comments.

The runoff election is scheduled for May 16. The First Council District includes all or portions of Angeleno Heights, Cypress Park, Echo Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights and Mount Washington. Don’t Know What District You Are In? Go Here


My online comment history.

Posted by Joe Bray-Ali for City Council on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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  1. Please include the link to the Bray-Ali story so folks can see for themselves what a creep he is

  2. Ugh. The “Ask a Mexican” video wasn’t a big deal, but some of these comments are very off-putting.

    Looks like CD1 is in for 4 more years of do-nothing Cedillo.

  3. That sounds like the comment of a man who doesn’t grasp the actual problem with his documented behavior. He feels bad about getting caught, but I see no understanding of how shitty it is to contribute to the culture of dehumanizing already marginalized groups.

    I really don’t like Cedillo, but I’m going to need more from a candidate who is down with cracking jokes in threads with titles like “Fat fuck holds down her daughter so her boyfriend could rape her. Absolutely disgusting.” than feeling bad about his dehumanizing thoughts being more fully public.

  4. Disturbing. comments

  5. Bray-Ali isn’t making it easy for people to want to vote for him. What kind of person even visits not to mention contributes though comments to hateful forums like these? While some of his comments are indeed benign, the context certainly isn’t, and there is no excuse for using the n word.

  6. Memo to future candidate: before even thinking of filing for office, do some oppo research on yourself. Be prepared to deal with whatever you can’t clean up. And think about what crap you said and how you got to the place of saying it. Sad as it may be, that’s more important to the electorate than whatever sleazy deals you made along the way or even what you really believe. That this was dug up shows a lack of attention to a basic detail of political campaigning.

  7. I’d still vote for Joe over Gil.

    Neither are angels, but Joe has an authentic motivation to improve the lives of his fellow Angelenos.

  8. WTF Joe. This is where I cry over the fact that Jose Gardea didn’t come out of hiding to rematch with Cedillo, whom he could have crushed.

  9. Seconding all the disappointed would be Ali voters. My ballot was ready to go in the mail and now I’m gonna have to go to the polls to tear mine up and submit a new one.

    The weird campaign pledge and the Ask a Mexican thing I could write off as mistakes made by a normal human who isn’t thinking of politics. But this ain’t that. Reddit’s a shitty place full of sexists/racists/neo nazi trump trolls. Voat came about when the worst of that group cried censorship after forums like “coon town” were shut down.

    In other words, you have a voat account: fuck ya. I’m out this one.

  10. Definitely creeper forums to be posting on. But to play devil’s advocate for a second, it doesn’t seem like he wrote anything straight up racist or vile like the LAist article implies… politically incorrect? Absolutely! But I’ve heard Bill Maher say far worse on live television.

    He’s probably toast, and it’s hard to feel too bad for the guy after reading about this. But let’s not pretend he was dropping racial slurs like Dick Nixon on a bender with a reel-to-reel. IMHO, Cedillo is much more dangerous for taking large sums of money from the likes of Geoff Palmer and Chevron (can you say quid-pro-quo?) Big oil companies have notoriously polluting CD1 for decades. And Palmer is like our very own Donald Trump.

    I no longer live in CD1, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight… but if its a choice between a dude with a good grasp of the issues but a penchant for late night creepy interneting vs. a totally inept (possibly corrupt) council creature that has stood by while his constituents have been poisoned, priced out of their homes and mowed down in the street like animals… well, I’d probably still vote for Joe, warts and all.

    P.S. No offense to anyone personally offended by the man’s comments… I certainly don’t agree or condone 🙂

    • Corner soul is on target. Who the hell cares what he said while trolling, people often take on an antagonistic persona while doing so just for kicks. It doesn’t mean anything!
      Sleazy Cedillo is working around the clock on a Joe smear campaign and its working because social media is the new linchmob!
      We need to stay on target, and focus on real issues!
      Dont forget, over reactionary Americans and fake news got Trump elected! Hows that working out for you?

  11. This guy was a jerk at his shop. Maybe he doesn’t like gay people or maybe he’s just a bad businessman. Either way, why vote for such a prick

  12. To feel pity for Joe would be like feeling pity for myself…..for the things I have said throughout my life to family, friends, online, so fourth and so on, and of course that makes up for somewhat of who I am because naturally to say things describes the way you feel, and of course sometimes we say things we don’t mean outta anger or disappointment or for whatever reason but it does not necessarily make up for my whole being…..there are many people I know I laughed about, made fun about, and I don’t have to reach deep down through my inner to know that I myself regardless to what I’ve said would still lend a hand to those I have spoken ill about if they needed it, that is if they chose to take my hand knowing of the things I’ve said, anyway I’m not defending Joe bray in any way or form…..we all must accept, own up to and deal with the consequences of our own personal lives, and I just feel it’s stupid to apologize and try to back track for who you are or what you were, no – matter what you are running for, be true to yourself.

  13. Enough of this circus already!

  14. Perhaps you’re correct Joe. Who are we to cast stones? But, we are not running for office, you are. Worse, however, you really don’t seem genuine. Your excuse that you were on those sites to engage with racist is suspect and poor reasoning, at best. In a political climate where distrust of political figures is high, your past comments contradict an important message you are providing, namely that you are somehow different. You don’t seem passionate at lifting people and communities up, you seem passionate about becoming an elected political figure. I don’t really know if you are a bad guy because of these recently surfaced comments. I do feel strongly, however, that you don’t seem like a person that had a long history of commitment and passion toward genuinely lifting up a community–and no I am not just talking about bike lanes.

  15. How stupid do you have to be to use the same, easily-identified username that is a variation on your own name in comment sections in the darkest corners of the internet? Go ahead and spout off about whoever and whatever late at night online, but for the love of god, at least come up with a different name for that stuff. And then delete it when you dsecide to run for city council.

    Dismay aside, I will still reluctantly vote for him because my level of disdain for Gil Cedillo is equal to the level of disdain Gil Cedillo has for his constituents.

  16. ugh.

    “i should have deleted these comments before i ran” is not an apology.

    running for office does bring up a lot of things in your past, but hiding them does not absolve you from responsibility.

    • Neither is “I apologize to my wife, daughter, family, and community for putting them in this situation” an apology for the comments. He definitely hasn’t “said he was sorry for several comments…”

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