Prepare To Stop: Traffic signals await drivers at the end of the 2 Freeway

New signal lights on the 2 Freeway | Kevin Kuzma

SILVER LAKE — Traffic is frequently at a near standstill on the southern end of the  2 Freeway where it narrows and dumps southbound traffic onto Glendale Boulevard.  But sometime later this year, new signal lights will force southbound drivers to stop when they might have been able to speed (or crawl) through in the past.

Some of the signals and signage have been installed in recent weeks. But the lights won’t begun operating until additional overhead warning lights and  electrical wiring is in place and working, said CalTrans spokesman Peter Jones.

It’s not clear yet how long drivers would have to wait before getting a green light or if the signals will be operating around the clock.  They are some of the final elements of the first phase of the project to improve conditions at the southern end of the 2 Freeway.

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  1. how is this supposed to work ? so people coming south are going to gridlock all Lanes and getting off on Fletcher exit and congesting small streets not smart drivers will loose it having road rage ?

  2. I don’t drive this stretch of road every day, so in some sense I have no standing to comment. But as a once-every-couple-of-weeks driver: this has been a long time coming. The situation on this stretch of road has been a travesty for way too long. Cars are going way, way too fast, with very little care for basic rules like the speed limit. It’s been like that for years, and it’s the people who live nearby who pay the price for the pervasive disregard of car drivers for the community there.

  3. As a bicyclist, heading south on this strech of road is very very scary, and I often find myself just avoiding the area (and its businesses) completely rather than putting my life in real danger. Anything to bring some sanity to the situation is much appreciated.

    I can’t stress it enough, this area is one of the scariest places in LA on a bike.

    • That’s really saying something… I find most of LA to be pretty terrifying on a bike. It ain’t no picnic on foot either. It’s amazing what people are willing to sacrifice to shave a few minutes off their commute.

    • Why ride on that stretch of road? Are there not alternate routes? It’s a nightmare in a car, but one of the few ways to get from NELA, across the 5/river and below Sunset. It kinda has to be a freeway for morning/evening commutes.

    • Why not take Silver Lake Blvd. south, it has a dedicated bike lane. Glendale’s not well suited to bike riding and will not be for the foreseeable future.

  4. I never see Highway Patrol or LAPD enforcing the speed limit on the 2. Enforcing the speed limit would solve many issues.

  5. Best idea is still to end the 2 Freeway at the 5 interchange. The dangerous extension of the 2 freeway could become a park that connects to the river. Glendale would see less traffic and you could walk between Silver Lake and Echo Park.

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