Silver Lake restaurateur bringing new “affordable” Italian cuisine to Eagle Rock

The planned location for Blair’s new project.

Storefront ReportEAGLE ROCK —  Italian eats are heading to Colorado Boulevard by way of two key players in Silver Lake’s dining scene: Marshall Blair, who has owned Blair’s in Silver Lake for nearly 15 years, and Blair’s chef Christopher Washburn, Eater LA reports.

While the menu isn’t available yet, it’s expected to be “Italian with affordable pricing,” according to Eater LA. Blair’s present location in Silver Lake currently offers Italian fare in the range of around $20 for an entree.

Washburn and Blair’s as-of-yet unnamed restaurant would move into the vacant space once occupied by Halong Bay French & Vietnamese Cuisine a few years back on the same block as The Coffee Table and Veggie Pho restaurants.

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  1. This is good news and affordable is always welcome provided the quality is there. But I’m not sure why people think ER needs more “affordable” options. We’ve already got plenty of great cheap eats like sandwiches, tacos and pizza. What ER really needs is more higher end chef-driven food along the lines of Red Herring and Little Beast. A place like Alimento would kick ass in ER. That said, I’m looking forward to this place and hope it can compare to Knead and Co. in DTLA.

  2. This is fantastic news. The only thing I will say is that I am sure my friends who live in Eagle Rock, as well as I as I happen to dine with them frequently, will appreciate something approaching the true Blair’s experience. In other words I hope they don’t go too “affordable.”

  3. $20 for an entree is affordable? Lol

    • Twenty $$ for a entree that’s a true one: protein, veg and carb/starch on a composed plate is affordable. $20 for a la carte chicken breast with a quarter cup of some veg is a rip off.

  4. “Affordable” is bad marketing for a neighborhood like ER. I’ve seen the build out and this is going to be a hipster spot.
    The people who want affordable aren’t going to places like this, and the people who go to places like this are turned off by the word affordable, bec it’s synonymous with ordinary and low quality. ER is a very nice neighborhood, on par with Silver Lake at this point, and the people who live there want a higher end experience.

  5. Someone posted in the comments section on a different blog that the marketing of this as “affordable Italian” made them think of Olive Garden. That is going to be a tough association to shake if they stick with the “affordable” label.

    Maximiliano in Highland Park has the better approach I think in that they actually are affordable but they don’t telegraph that fact. They let people figure out the value for themselves

  6. “Affordable” Italian is something like Folliero’s. Maximilliano’s is priced a bit higher but has entrees starting around $12. $20 isn’t exactly ‘affordable’ unless you’re used to eating $60 per plate meals.

    • At Maximiliano all of the “main dishes”, i.e. entrées, are $20 and above:

      pumpkin risotto, sautéed spinach, cherry tomato, lemon-butter sauce, sage, capers $22.00

      For a full plate of food I believe that’s affordable. Every night? No, but who eats out every night?

      Plate of pasta plus a salad: over $20


      • Pasta at Max starts at $12. For a vegetarian that’s an entree. That’s considerably cheaper than $20 and if you are going to arbitrarily add on more food other than an entree such as the salad you suggested then you’re going to be throwing down closer to $35-40 at the “affordable” Blair’s.

      • Apparently all the blue bloods that populate Eagle Rock, didn’t you know darling?

  7. Cypress Park Roaster

    Casa Bianca has always been our go to place for italian dining. Was just there last night, 2 entrees a la carte and a side order of their house salad came out to $35.

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