Daily Archives: May 3, 2017

Mh zH brings Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine to Silver Lake

SILVER LAKE — Diners  may well ask “What is this?” when they see the new restaurant at the southeast corner of  Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Street, previously occupied by Purgatory Pizza and before that Madam Matisse.  There’s no sign out front – just a large window with an open kitchen, and menus written on paper bags. The name of the ... Read More »

Market Watch: What are houses and condos selling for in Elysian Valley?

ELYSIAN VALLEY — During the last three months, the average sales price of all  homes and condos sold in Elysian Valley — aka Frogtown –was $614,824, according to Redfin.com. The average home that was sold had 2.3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,269-square-feet of space. The average home lasted 37.1 days on the market before it was sold.  More than half of ... Read More »

Echo Park Lake fountain fixed

ECHO PARK ––  After suffering from “pump problems” for several months, the fountain in the middle of Echo Park Lake is back to its old self, firing three jets of water high into the sky. Last December, The Eastsider reported that the fountain  had  been running only half as high as normal, with one the geysers resembling water gushing out ... Read More »

Councilman seeks rules to slow dense development in Echo Park and Silver Lake

Given how development has become a huge issue in Los Angeles, how can the city discourage dense development in some older and historic neighborhoods? That’s the question facing the city Planning Department after the 13th District Councilman Mitch O’Farrell asked planners on Tuesday to prepare reports on potential zoning and land use strategies that would eventually slow the pace of dense ... Read More »

For Sale: Sunsets & Privacy in Mt Washington 2/2

3018 Tillie St | $619,000 | Property Website You’ll come for the price and the pictures and you’ll stay for the privacy, style and the pure pleasure of loving every inch of your hillside retreat. What’s not to love about the living with views that evoke those movie vistas of romantic French villages, sipping morning coffee on the sunrise deck ... Read More »