City will pay $4.5 million over deadly Eagle Rock bike crash

Crash took place on Colorado Boulevard east of Figueroa Street

EAGLE ROCK — L.A.’s uneven pavement apparently cost a cyclist his life, and will now cost the city $4.5 million dollars, according to the L.A. Times.

The City Council agreed Wednesday to pay a settlement to the family of Edgardo Gabat, 56, who died in August 2014 after hitting a a 2-inch ridge in the concrete pavement along Colorado Boulevard, east of Figueroa Street. The Times said Gabat was thrown from his bicycle and landed on his neck. He was wearing a helmet.

Gabat’s family sued the city the following year, saying it had not properly maintained the pavement or posted warning signs for bumps in the road. Arash Homampour, the attorney for his family, told the Times that other cyclists have reportedly been injured nearby.

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  1. I once fell in a similar fashion (while going much slower, I’m sure) in Portland. I broken my elbow and wrist. Ever since then I’ve been hyper alert of the small length-wise cracks in roadways. This stretch of Colorado is very sketchy. In order not to get caught in those cracks, you must cross them at a more obtuse angle – but doing so means you must sharply cut into the next lane (not safe when the cars are bombing down the hill behind you!). It’s very sad to hear about Edgardo.

  2. People ask me all the time if I’m scared of the drivers on the road when I bike and I always tell them YES…but both of my accidents were caused entirely by our shitty roads and never involved any cars. One of my accidents was on the Ballona Creek bike path because of a ridiculous inch-wide length-wise gap in the concrete only visible after going downhill.

    Screw you, LA. And screw drivers who double-park in the bike lane who clearly never bike.

    (Mind you, I bike about once every two weeks and I own a car, so I’m hardly the stereotype of a renegade cyclist that everyone likes to cling onto here.)

    • I say the same thing about biking in LA – sure, the drivers are awful, but the scariest part is having to maneuver around all the deep cracks and potholes. You can’t ever take your eyes off the road even if there are no cars or people around, because you’ll end up hitting a crack that will either give you a flat or mess up your frames completely. In particular, Griffith Park Blvd in Silver Lake has some of the worst bike lanes in the city – it’s impossible to go straight or gain any considerable speed on those roads. I got a flat two days in a row just last week going through there, and decided to buy wider tires because of it. It’s been in that awful condition for years…how can we get it fixed???

  3. I hope that money comes from the pensions of city officials and not from tax payers

  4. LA was not created to ride bikes guys!!!
    You didn’t know????
    You want to be safe riding your bike go to a park
    The worst mistake the city ever did was create a bike line without educating people about it!!!
    So be safe and bike on the park and don’t try to get a penny from regular drivers trying to sue everybody
    Give us a break

    • I agree! People need to be educated!!! Especially on sharing the road on both sides of the wheel.
      However, LA was not created for a lot of things we use it for (like our giant population). The improvement of roads was first lobbied for – and paid for – by cycling organisations. Car lobbiests have done a great job, mostly here in Los Angeles, to demonize bicyclists and even pedestrians from using roads which were originally theirs.

      Patience is a virtue and a lot of people in this town need practice with it.

    • This poor guy died on one of the most notoriously cracked major streets in this area of Los Angeles. Have some respect for the loss and go trolling another time.

  5. It’s sad someone has lost their life due to the city’s incompetence…..Having said that, lets look at the title of this article and most headlines in the media. “City will pay $4.5 million”.. NO…. not the city….US! Every time we need a road repaired, more police hired homeless shelters etc. These are all these things that all of you constantly wine about and the city says that there is no money for. This is where it goes. This city council constantly gives it away by settling lawsuits like this one and Because of every jerk who gets beating by police with another jerk with a video/cellphone camera recording it. Stop these so called servants of the people from giving away our money… Not the city’s money. OUR TAX DOLLARS!

    • Oh and by the way Governor Moonbeam and his high speed train just signed his 5.2 billion dollar Bill on the back of us the car driver with higher taxes and fees using what.. guess… DMV fees and gas taxes. I don’t see bike riders standing in line at the DMV. or paying any taxes to ride. I guess we get to pay for the roads that you use at the cost of new bike lanes and loss of traffic lanes due to road diets and traffic calming measures that the city seems to have plenty of money for.

  6. To think, every time I tripped on a cracked curb there could have been a monetary reward…

    I wonder if the money would have healed by swollen toe?

  7. I imagine the 3 highway engineered lanes weren’t helping matters. Motorists routinely hit 50mph coming down that hill. Dangerous by design if you ask me,

  8. The city continues to pay out huge settlements, not to mention court costs, instead of fixing the sidewalks and roads! Yet, the mayor and city council have time to travel, use city owned cars, etc. And if you watch any David Goldstein investigations on CBS, there are city workers who are stealing taxpayers money by goofing off while on the clock!

  9. Mark Snelgrove

    I am going to guess that the city was notified that the street was a mess prior to this unfortunate accident. They chose not to fix or prioritize it. If that is the case, they are at fault. You are hardly doing your civic duty by bashing the family of the deceased, or anyone else that is harmed.

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