Glassell Park Target store to open this fall

Rendering of Glassell Park Target

GLASSELL PARK — Work is currently underway to transform a former Fresh & Easy market on Eagle Rock Boulevard  into a “small-format” Target store, which is scheduled to open in October, according to a company spokeswoman.

Residents have spotted work crews and their trucks in the parking lot of the now vacant Fresh & Easy, which closed at the end of 2015.

“We will be making enhancements to the building to improve the façade and upgrade the parking lot with significant tree plantings and landscaping,” said Kristy Welker in an email. “We will also be applying for a liquor license to offer wine, beer & spirits within our grocery selection for a one-stop shopping experience.”

The 32,000-square-foot store is one of the smaller versions of a traditional Target the discount chain is rolling out across the country. About 20% of the store will be devoted to groceries and foods, including prepared meals, sandwiches and soups and salads. The store will also include a Starbucks Coffee and a CVS Pharmacy.

The store’s smaller size is designed for a “quick-trip shopping experience.” In some cases, shoppers may find fewer sizes of the same item to save shelf space.

At a meeting earlier this year, some Glassell Park residents said they would have preferred a full-service supermarket at the location and pointed out that Target operates stores in nearby Eagle Rock and Glendale.

By the end of 2017, Target will have nine small-format locations in the greater Los Angeles area.

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  1. Ugh. Why Target? Why not Aldi?

  2. NeighborhoodSniper

    Target? There’s one already in Eagle Rock…. Maybe another store like Trader Joe’s would’ve been better given the amount of parking spaces.

  3. Why not a Wal-Mart neighborhood market.

  4. I would call this Eagle Rock

    • You would but only because you don’t know better.
      It is Glassell Park. The demarcation point is York blvd.

      • Not according to the LA Times neighborhood map, Google and the Eagle Rock school district map. But hey, those are all imprecise best guesses.

        I’m still going to call this Eagle Rock, like I have for the past 17 years of living in Eagle Rock, but I’m OK with you being convinced that it’s Glassell Park.

      • Hmm. As @NELA points out, the store is in the ER side of the LA Times map – but across the street to the south, according to that map, is Glassell Park.

        OTOH, the USPS zip code finder puts the 90041/90065 boundary one block north, so if you take 90041 as the definition, then the store is in Glassell Park by 1 block.

        On most of these maps, there is an appendage of ER that follows ER Blvd. south of York by a few blocks. You may want to back down a bit on the “don’t know better” verbiage.

  5. J. Carlos Zavala

    Am I the only one who is actually thrilled for the new Target? In my opinion I like to argue that it’s conveniently located for GP residents.

    • Please stop being thrilled and find something in this to complain about. For instance, that sign looks too red.

    • I too am thrilled. You don’t get to select your favourite store from a list and tell them to put it there. I’m just glad someone is doing something with this space. And I’m really glad it’s Target.

  6. I for one am very happy that a) there is SOMETHING opening in that location, and b) that it’s a city-focused design from a retailer that may actually survive. Yes there are other nearby Targets nearby – and yes, the CVS department inside Target is pretty lousy compared to their old health & beauty depts, forcing you to the real CVS just down the street for anything non-basic. But honestly, getting in and out of a store and lot that size is going to be much easier than either Eagle Rock Plaza or Glendale Galleria – and the grocery section is likely to be the perfect supplement to fill in what Sprouts and Super A don’t carry or price higher. So maybe it will hurt business at the Eagle Rock Plaza location – but since I live just up the hill from the new store, it’s going to save me time and gas and money.

  7. I wouldn’t mind a Target right there. It’s handy.

  8. In light of the report out today that 25% of retail stores will be closing due to the increase of online shopping, it makes sense that the only brick and mortar stores people patronize are one-stop retailers like Target. Believe me, no one is interested in investing a venture that will fail for lack of sales. People will always run to the nearest CVS or Target if if they run out of toilet paper or hair gel – everything else can be bought online. It takes guts to open a business to compete with the likes of Target, but few are that optimistic or that stupid, especially in business unfriendly L.A.

  9. 1.9 miles from Eagle Rock Target. ONE POINT NINE MILES.

    • I imagine there are many shoppers who will go to the Eagle Rock Target but would be fearful to go to the Glassell Park location so even though the distance is only 1.9 miles the two locations will probably end up serving very different customer bases.

      • What do you mean by fearful? I have lived in area for 30 years and feel safe. I’m glad to see something open in that spot. It’s better than more big blocks of boring apartments being built everywhere.

  10. Pastor Al "Mighty" Dollar

    Don’t worry about losing a potential grocery store that’s badly needed in this increasingly dense, food-starved community. If we all just buy enough shoddy clothing, lamps, and disposable electronics, and eat enough of the faux food this new Target sells, we can show God that we are worthy. And then God will shutter the Target and replace it with yet another church complex. And then the church people will come to our homes and cook us lasagna. Hallelujah!

  11. I believe the Target off Colorado will eventually be closed along with the Macy’s. I’ve seen the bids come thru my work for renovations of that “Mall/Hallway”

  12. SUPER KING would of been nice too!!! tho im just saying 🙂

  13. Surely, everyone has noticed how many huge apartments/single family units, have been built, and are currently under construction, just a stones throw from the new Target! I think it is in an ideal location, perhaps some local patrons will choose to walk over, rather than drive. And it will be a blessing for those that do not drive and have to depend on public transportation to get to the Target that is 1.9 miles away, which doesn’t seem very far for those of us who drive.
    I would have also been thrilled to see another market come in, but thankful that we now have a Sprouts is just up the street. And at least this Target will have a CVS, and will be carrying some food items.

    I went to the meeting when Target was announcing that they were coming into the old Fresh and Easy location, and one of the best and most positive questions in my opinion was, weather or not Target would hire employees from within are local area. Their answer was, if they are qualified, absolutely yes! My hope is that they will keep their word, and that some of our local friends and family will get a job!

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