Silver Lake liquor store turns into a boutique bottle shop

The interior of Big Spirits | Courtesy Big Spirits

SILVER LAKE — Has your neighborhood liquor store gone upscale yet? In Highland Park, the once utilitarian Highland Park Liquor (home to the “Coldest Beer in Town” sign) has been reborn as Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery after a Hollywood nightclub owner turned part of the shop into a “secret deli” and amped up the beer, wine and spirits selection. Now, the former PM Market in Silver Lake has undergone a similar change after being transformed into a ” boutique craft bottle shop.”

PM Market  is now known as Big Spirits.   Located next to Floyd’s barbershop on Sunset Boulevard near Parkman Avenue, the interior of Big Spirits features dark wood cabinets and shelving stocked with craft beers, wine, bourbons, ryes and other liquors.

The change came after Jay Batten, owner of Garage Pizza and Jay’s Bar, purchased the store. The goal, he said, is to create a well-stocked bottle shop with a general store vibe.

“I will be selling fine spirits, wine, beer, snacks, vintage candy, healthy snacks, chips, cigarettes and Lotto tickets,” he told Good Taste.

Big Spirits, which is open from 11 am to 11 pm, is located at 2856 W. Sunset Blvd.

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  1. Looks nice!

  2. Wack i miss the old pm liq silversun overpriced now this hipster liq ugh

    • You can buy 40’s at 7/11, what else do you even need? lol

    • wtf_is_a_hispter_anymore


    • gentrification at it’s finest. 1st they took the barber, made it a CHAIN barbershop (couldn’t get more insulting). 2nd they took the Asian owned liquor – made it a “bottle shop”. I liked it when they had more cheap snacks on the go, milk, paper towels, water jugs, beers of all sorts, wine, etc. The owner was so sweet and he was sad to go, when I told him I would buy it from him jokingly, he asked me if I did, If he could work 4 hours a day….just 4 because he would be bored otherwise.

      now it’s just another beardo trying to sell you on a expensive, special kind whiskey. completely ignored me when I came in, talking it up to the guy buying the $$$ whiskey because everyone in silver lake can afford a $$$ bottle of Whiskey on a Tuesday night or that’s what him and his cronies imagine. there goes the neighborhood (again)

  3. Some competition for Silversun Liquors, which is just across the street.

    • guru (silversun owner) is retiring soon and is in the process of selling his business to another entity,…or at least that’s what one of his kids told me a few weeks ago.

  4. Craft bottle shop? I’m confused. Do these bottles contain alcohol? If they do, this is just an overpriced liquor store.

  5. Bottle shop? This dude must be a transplant from New York.

  6. Can you still get some Funyons and a Snapple though?

  7. PM Market is now defunct?
    That means we have lost another pillar of the incredible Sunset/Parkman vortex – once a thriving 3 corner liquor store intersection(PM Market, SilverSun Liquor. Dallas Liquor) powered by the dual drive economic engine of Flores Recycling and ElYucateca market(at Sunset/Vendome).
    Flores Recycling once served as the main commodity broker and payroll agent of last resort essential to maintaining high-performance scavenging teams and single shopping cart operators.
    These once blanketed the residential streets of Silver Lake 24 hrs/day constantly scouring the Blue Bins and excavating deep into the black bins in never ending pursuit of CRV Gold..

    El Yucateca offered a comprehensive reverse buyer’s service – allowing previously retailed items which had been separated from their owner to be sold back into wholesale status. The goods were hot and ElYucateca stood ready to put ‘them on ice for anyone who dared venture inside.

    PM Market offered a level of personalized customer service unmatched by any competitor.
    The kind of customer service which enables residents of wino heights or inhabitants of under-the-bridge village to coalesce as community by providing access to essential items of daily need which enhance stability.
    Check cashing, personal lines of credit, a wide selection of loosies (single cigarettes) for sale.
    These are the kind of things which made PM Market a good place for the little guy.
    And their no membership, no strings attached EBT for Liquor purchase program made PM a truly great place to shop.

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