City Hall reviews short-term rental restrictions; pushback against Boyle Heights beer tasting room

Echo Park Lake ducks and runner

Eastside Scene: Ducks & Runner, Echo Park Lake | Andy House

Morning Report

  • Hundreds of people attended a City Council hearing over proposed new restrictions on short-term rentals. One of the provisions that has generated the most heat would limit landlords to offer short-term rentals for no more than 180 days per year. KPCC
  • Union de Vecinos, a Boyle Heights community group involved in anti-gentrification efforts, is seeking to overturn approval of a beer tasting room in the Dry River brewery in the 600 block of Anderson Street, saying its proposed use would increase land speculation. The East L.A. Area Planning Commission is scheduled to review the appeal today.
  • Newly elected 34th District Congressman Jimmy Gomez gets the keys to his new Capitol Hill office. L.A. Times

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  1. Beer tasting room? Get that crap out of here. We need something that reflects the beautiful and unique culture of Boyle Heights. I was thinking a Gang Shooting Room. You can go in and get some of that authentic, non yuppie, shooting culture where everyone is allowed to murder each other freely.

  2. Yea, Union de Vecinos doesn’t speak for the neighborhood. I’d like to go grab a beer at this spot. Maybe we should gather some folks and show up to appeal the appeal so they stop bullying small business owners and telling them what they can and can’t do. That’s not the American dream. Supply and demand will decide if they succeed or fail, not some self-righteous crusader in a small echo chamber.

  3. The very first page of Union de Vecinos’ justifications for appeal cites Measure S.

    Are they not aware that Measure S failed?

  4. All these comments are spot on! Why can’t these people just sit back and let their neighborhood get gentrified?!

  5. Hmm, a look at the street view does not seem to support restricting the use of this parcel. It’s an industrial/warehouse area, with no homes within a block. It doesn’t seem reasonable to restrict development on this “it might contribute to changing land values” argument. You could shut anything down on that basis. If the parcel were even one more block east, maybe…then it would be across the street from Pico Gardens public housing. But even that argument seems weak, because that is *already* low-income housing. You then have to go much, much farther to get to any housing whose value might potentially change.

  6. Thanks to Andy House for great photo of ducks enjoying sprinklers!

  7. Live free or die

    One of the arguments against the beer tasting room is that it will “… increase land speculation.” Land speculation is not illegal. People have the freedom to invest in private property, start businesses and make a profit.

    I will go and have a beer there because I have the right to in a free country.

  8. Could be a bargaining chip to get a more firm commitment on hiring locals from the neighborhood… you can’t stop gentrification, but you can certainly shape it.

  9. apennyadaymakessense

    Boyle Heights is sooooo far from being gentrified specially east of Soto. Theses racist punks should chill out on who does business in the neighborhood and let it evolve on how the market dictates. Doesn’t matter if they are latino, black, white, asian, or whatever… I love latinos but they can play the race card pretty well. At the moment Boyle Heights is such a dump, if the people in the current neighborhood can’t keep it clean, at least don’t get in the way of others who are willing to make it better.

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